Tuesday, August 13, 2019

July and August Books

I didn't read a lot at the end of June an into July so I skipped the last Show Us Your Books link up with Steph and Jana, but I wanted to pop in (late) today to share the last couple of months of reads! You can also follow along on my Bookstagram  where I show how many unread books I have on my new shelf and what I'm actually reading in semi real time!

Since there's quite a few this month, I won't go into full details on every single one or you'd be here way too long when you should be reading ;)

Little Girls Sleeping // Jennifer Chase 
NetGalley eARC 
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Fiction/Mystery
Challenge: N/A 

I enjoyed this book! It's definitely more of a police procedural than a thriller but it's well written and I can't wait to find out more about Katie in the coming books!

44424465. sy475

The Swallows // Lisa Lutz 
NetGalley eARC Rating: 4/5
Genre: Fiction
Challenge: N/A

It took me a little bit to get into this book during the story set up, but once I did, I was hooked! The story is a little far fetched in the premise because there are about 5 adults and hundreds of students in a boarding school, but I liked the story being told about the toxic culture that is still pervasive and needs to be stopped. I kept waiting to figure out what the big twist was going to be - I didn't guess it and I thought it was really well done and truly made sense for story being told. I will definitely recommend this book!


Once a Liar // A.F. BradyPhysical copy from publisher Rating: 4/5
Genre: Mystery/Fictin 
Challenge: N/A 

When I first started this book, I was nervous because holy, wow, what a terrible, unlikeable narrator! Typically, if the narrator is super unlikeable, I struggle to enjoy the book but that was NOT the case with this book!A.F. Brady created a great story around Peter Caine, a defense attorney in Manhattan who is just terrible to everyone in his life. Peter is not a great person, but does that mean he's a murderer?! That's the question laid out in Once a Liar. I loved playing "who dunnit" and trying to figure out if Peter was just terrible enough to have murdered his mistress who is also the daughter of his professional rival.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone // JK Rowling 
Duh, I own this. Illustrated version. 
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Fantasy
Challenge: Popsugar - a book that makes you nostalgic

I mean, what is there to say? Ha. I am rereading the series right now!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets // JK Rowling 
Duh, I own this. Illustrated version. 
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Fantasy
Challenge: Popsugar - a book inspired by myth/legend/folklore 

29241319. sx318

One Little Secret // Cate Holanan
Physical ARC 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Mystery 
Challenge: N/A 

This was a page turner! I thought the premise was kind of weird -- because who goes on vacation with people you don't really know but it really set up a fun "who dunnit" that I couldn't put down and they ended up knowing each other more than you first realize. There were a few characters that I really hated and just kept hoping they would get what was coming to them and I wasn't disappointed. This is a fast paced, great summer thriller!

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine // Gail Honeyman
Own - used book store find 
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Fiction
Challenge: July Book Club

I know this book is so adored and I liked the second half of the book but the first part was so hard for me to get into it. The plot felt so slow at times and I was dragging myself to finish in time for book club and barely finished it! I can see how others really enjoy it so don't let my lukewarm review dissuade  you if its on your list!

The Wedding Party // Jasmine Guillory 
Rating: 3.5/4
Genre: Contemporary romance
Challenge: N/A

This was my least favorite out of all of Jasmine's books but I still enjoyed it! There were some parts that seemed a little less believable than some of her other books (like, the couple orders more pizza that I've ever seen in my life.. all of which are "specialty" pizzas and definitely not the 7.99 take out deal at Pizza Hut). It was also fun to see events of the other books portrayed through the eyes of what are the main characters here but were side characters in the other books!

Everything, Everything // Nicola Yoon 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Young Adult
Challenge: August Book Club

Oh, gosh I loved this! I read The Sun is Also a Star earlier this year so when we were picking August's book club I quickly suggested this one! I really liked this one, too, and I kind of guessed the twist but was still shocked when I was right! I really want to watch both of these movies this weekend!

Ask Again, Yes // Mary Beth Keane 
BOTM pick for June 
Rating: 3.5/5
Genre: Fiction
Challenge: Erin's - a book with a picture of a building

I really did enjoy this book and it's a wonderful look at life and the challenges it brings as you grow up. I liked the way it flipped between perspectives and years but I found some years/perspectives to be a little slower. Maybe if it wasn't so hyped on Instagram, I would have had lower expectations and therefore given it a higher rating! 
Currently Reading: 

The Year I Left //Christine Brae
The Two Lila Bennetts // Liz Fenton 
The Island of Sea Women // Lisa See (when will I throw in the towel on this audio book...) 

Currently Checked Out from the Library: 

Dare to Lead// Brene Brown
Little Lovely Things / / Maureen Joyce Connolly
One True Loves // Taylor Jenkins Reid 

August's Book Club: 

Everything, Everything

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

June Books: A Little Underwhelming

I feel like I'm in a little bit of a reading slump because I have been busy with life and haven't been able to read as much. Then, this weekend, I had almost a whole day to read and I just wanted to veg in front of the TV which I never do. But, I caught up on a lot of shows, obsessed over the new Jonas Brothers documentary and watched some romcoms on Netflix and ended the weekend feeling refreshed so I'm cool with it! 

NetGalley eARC 
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Fiction
Challenge: N/A 

Honestly, I can barely remember what this book was about and I read it less than a month ago. So, that tells you how I feel about it, I guess. I felt like the main character was too unbelievable that it was hard to root for her throughout the story. 


Physical Copy - Thrift Store
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Thriller
Challenge: N/A 

I picked this one up at the used book store and realized it was part of a larger series and I had bought the first and last one of the "mini series" within the larger series. So I read this and then checked out the middle one (review below) so I could read them all in order. This one introduces you to Flora Dane and delves into her back story. I really enjoyed this and devoured it so quickly. 


Audiobook - Scribd
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Thriller
Challenge: N/A 

Bookstagram has been loving this book so I decided to listen to it via Scribd. Sadly, that is the glitchy-est app ever and I've had to end my membership since I haven't even been able to listen to the books I download but I was able to finally make it through this one and it was good! 

I had really figured out one of the book's twists, but the second one (and the last line!!) did really surprise me. When the last line was read I literally shouted "WHAT"to my Google home. Definitely recommend this one and I enjoyed the audiobook version if that's your thing! 


Library Book
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Fiction
Challenge: N/A 

This was the second Flora Dane story from Lisa Gardner and I really enjoyed this one, too! I loved getting to read more about Flora and how she is continuing to grow and heal from her past. I will say I liked Find Her a little more, but that doesn't mean I disliked this one. Look for Me tells the story of Roxy and her family. Except her whole family has been murdered and she's on the run. Did she do it? Or is she running from someone? I literally never guessed who it was which means it's a good book. 


Library Book
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Suspense?
Challenge: N/A 

Again, Bookstagram really wanted me to love this book and I did not. I thought the "twist" wasn't really a twist and there were plentyyyy of clues that you told you the truth. But, it was a well written story and I liked the author's style. So all in all, if you don't read many thrillers, you'll enjoy this one. But if you're like me, you'll be rushing through it so you can get to the next book. 


NetGalley eARC 
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Fiction
Challenge: N/A 

It took me a few tries to get into this book, but once I did, I really wanted to know where it was going to go. I liked that when it switched perspectives, we got a look at what the other character was thinking in key moments without having to fully rehash them from their perspective so that was very refreshing! I had a lot of ideas around the "twist" but I didn't really see it coming until the last two chapters so overall, it kept me guessing which I really like! Overall, not my most favorite thriller ever, but definitely glad I read it and I would recommend it for those who don't read a lot of thrillers!


NetGalley eARC 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Fiction
Challenge: N/A 

I was originally declined this ARC when I first requested it but was SO excited to get a follow up email with a copy a week ago! I dove right in. 

I LOVED Riley Sager's other two books - with Final Girls being my favorite thriller that I am constantly recommending - so I had really built this book up in my head and was so excited to read it. It didn't necessarily let me down, but it was my least favorite out of his three books. I definitely wanted to know what was going on and did not at all guess the truth - but I think that's because it felt a little out of left field when it was first introduced. I really enjoyed the way the story was told alternating between "now" with Jules in a hospital to the last 5 days leading up to her accident. Overall, it's a good book and I will absolutely suggest people read it, but don't except the same level of intensity as Final Girls. Rated a 3.5 so rounding up to 4!


Currently Checked Out from the Library: 

Nothing! I've bought so many books recently from used book stores and I've got a couple of physical ARCs that just arrived!

June's Book Club: 

As always, linking up with Jana and Steph!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

May Exhaustion Leads to June Napping

Whew. I won't lie, I LOVE May but I am exhausted at the end of it. So much so that we're 6 days into June and I just now had the energy to recap May and plan out June goals!

There were so many good things in May:
- Barre teacher training
- I got to celebrate my birthday with friends in between trainings
- Taught my first 5 barre classes!
- Hosted our housewarming party and finally hung all our pictures
- Spent 3 very full, fun days with my best friend in Chicago!
- Had a perfect, very relaxing Memorial Day weekend in Cville

I also did a pretty good job of reaching May's goals!

Read 6 books. I read 10! You can see this post on Instagram for a list and see a few reviews on this post with the rest to come next week!
Read all current ARCs on NetGalley. Nope. I did try on this one, but also others books called to me. I got 3 read and my favorite was Red, White and Royal Blue which is now published and I sung praises for on Instagram and in my last book post. I have now received a couple real books as ARCs that will need to get read and reviewed soon!

Host housewarming party. Done! And it was so well. It was so fun to have barre friends, BumbleBFF friends, internet friends and of course, my best friend there to hang out together. Thankfully everyone liked it each other and the rain didn't stop us from having a great time. So much so, I don't have a single picture from it.

Gain 75 more #bookstagram followers. Done! I'm currently sitting 130 higher than I was on May 1 and have received some "real" ARCs as a result!

Complete barre teacher training. Done!! I am officially on the schedule for 6 AM on Wednesday and 8 AM on Saturday through the summer (schedules change seasonally)!

Now onward to June. I'm looking forward to June because we don't have a lot scheduled as of right now and I want to just play in Cville, hang out with friends, teach barre, eat a lot of watermelon, kayak and lay by the pool.

Read 6 books.You know, the standing goal that I always blow past. 

Start Harry Potter Christmas Tree. In our basement, I'm turning our "bonus room" area into our nerd room and that includes a Harry Potter Christmas tree. Just wait til you see it! 

Finish current ARCs for NetGalley. I've got 6 as of right now and I really need to finish and review them to get my score up so I can keep requesting! 

75 more Bookstagram followers. Slowly but surely chugging along over there. I LOVE Bookstagram so much and I LOVE getting to read new books for free. 

Go kayaking at least once. We tried to go last weekend and shockingly, it rained. Like it has since the middle of September. So fingers crossed for us, please. 

Set up office at home. My work office is moving downtown in two weeks, so I am going to be utilizing my home office a little bit more. And, it's a total eyesore right now because its the only room still full of crap! 

Plan a weekend to go to Charlotte. We are looking to go back for a weekend in July to see our besties and our parents/grandparents since we haven't seen them in awhile. We also have some stuff in my grandparent's garage we need to get. 

Hang pictures. We need some new frames to hang the last 5 pictures! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

May Reading: The Best Love Story Ever

Wow, I have somehow read 12 books since the last linkup and that time has included my birthday, barre instructor training and a housewarming party. I am shocked. If you get nothing from these reviews today except read Red, White and Royal Blue immediately, I'll be happy.

Also, feel free to follow along on Bookstagram where I post everything I'm reading in real-ish time with reviews :) All links are to Goodreads so you can read others' reviews and add to that ever growing TBR pile!

Verity // Colleen Hoover
Amazon Ebook 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Thriller 
Challenge: N/A

I kept hearing about how twisted this book was and I just really needed to read it. I had a free trial of Kindle Unlimited and since this book is self published, you can only get it through Amazon but it was totally worth the read! Definitely dark and twisted and I stayed up way too late reading it! Highly recommend if you like thrillers.
The Evidence of the Affair // Taylor Jenkins Reid
Amazon Ebook
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Short Story 
Challenge: Popsugar - a book with no chapters/ unusual chapter headings/ unconventionally numbered chapters

I also kept hearing about this one and I just wasn't blown away? It's told solely as letters between two individuals who find out their significant others are having an affair with each other. It just didn't end up going the way I thought and we spent a lot of time in the weeds. That's the best way to put it so as not to spoil it! It's a super quick read, though, since it's a short story and is also on Kindle Unlimited!
The Proposal // Jasmine Guillory
Library Ebook 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Romance
Challenge: Popsugar - book with a two-word title (I had another book here that I'm still planning to read but it fit, so why not check it off?) 

I loved The Wedding Date so I had high hopes for this one, too! If you've read The Wedding Date, you'll definitely recognize Carlos in this book. I loved Carlos so I was happy to join him on his love journey, too. If you want to be totally surprised when reading The Wedding Date, read that one first, because this one isn't a sequel, but you do find out how the other ends. Her next book, The Wedding Party, comes out this summer and I'm sure it'll be great, too. These are such feel good books! 
Book of the Month Club 
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Thriller
Challenge: N/A

Not really my cup of tea. I waffled between a 2 and a 3 and ended up with a 3 star because there were some twists right at the end but overall, the book was slow. It's told in alternating points of view - which I do really enjoy, especially in thrillers - but you find out the "truth" pretty early in the book and the twist didn't do enough to save that, in my opinion.
Scribd Ebook and Library Book 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Nonfiction
Challenge: Erin's - book that was a Newberry Award winner (medal winner or honor book)

I ended up listening to most of this book via audiobook because I was short on time so maybe that was the reason I got a little lost on the names, but overall the story was heartbreaking. I am fascinated by WWII and Nazi Germany (I also HIGHLY recommend the Holocaust museum in DC) so this was heartbreaking to read about children who were used to carry out awful things for Hitler. 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Literary Fiction
Challenge: N/A

All of the cry face emojis for this book. I just cannot explain how great this book was. It tells the story of Annika and Jonathon who meet in college and then again 10 years later. The story alternates between them now in Chicago and meeting in college. Annika is on the spectrum but doesn't know or understand that so it's a brilliant story of her learning to thrive in life and also have this beautiful relationship with Jonathon. I cried a couple of times. Read it!
Rating: 4/5
Genre: YA
Challenge: N/A

I read To All the Boys I've Loved Before after watching the Netflix movie (twice...) and finally got to finish these because the hold was so long at the library! They're just so dang cute and I relate to Lara Jean a lot. I was very over the top romantic and day dreamy in high school. But, I didn't get the hot guy until college LOL.
Rating: 4/5
Genre: YA
Challenge: N/A

Again, so cute and adorable. I read the last one in less than two days. They're easy to read! They're also set in Charlottesville. And though they talked a lot about a SoulCycle that we for sure do not have, they did talk about my favorite bagel spot, Bodos so all is forgiven.
Book of the Month Club 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Thriller(ish)
Challenge: N/A

I put thriller(ish) because I thought it was a full blown thriller, but it also ended up being a story of growing up after trauma, rebuilding relationships and moving on. Yes, there's the whodunnit aspect of the murder but I was surprised by how much I liked this book even though it didn't focus on the twisty, gory aspects!
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Thriller
Challenge: N/A

I have read a few Karin Slaughter books (and I googled her and it seems like this really is her name?!) and enjoyed them. They are GORY though, so you've been warned. This one wasn't the worst of hers I've read but the serial killer's signature is rough. I really enjoyed this kick off to her Will Trent series and while reading it, I even went to a used book store and bought the next two in the series. I'm not sure if they need to be read in order, but I'm doing it. I'm also from Georgia and all her stories so far have been set there, so it's kind of cool.
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Mystery?

People on the internet love this book. I am on the fence. While I, again, thought it was more of a thriller, it was not. It's a story about a family and how they grow and relate to each other told in alternating perspectives and times. It switches between the daughter in law and mother in law from the moment they met, until the mother in law was possibly murdered. So yes, there's a mystery, but it focuses much more on relationships. Which is totally fine but I feel like there were so many "things" in this book (highlight if you don't care about seeing what they were) - ALS, infertility, refugees, money troubles, suicide, murder, infidelity and more. It was just a lot of "hot topic" issues thrown at one family that just seemed too far fetched for this type of story. 
NetGalley eARC 
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Romance 
Challenge: Booksparks SRC 2019

YAY FOR THIS BOOK! It's being published today and you absolutely must read it! I can't believe I'm rating a romance book 5 stars but here. we. are. This book has it all - politics, scandal, and most of all, a beautiful love story between the First Son of the United States (his mom is the president) and the Prince of England.

I have never read an LGBTQIA love story and I regret that choice immensely but I am trying hard to read more books and not just thrillers so this was high on my list and I'm so glad I was able to get it early! This book warmed my soul, made me laugh, cry and get chill bumps in the final chapters. I just... I want this to be the real America (it's set in the 2019/2020 election cycle) - so warm, welcoming, diverse and a freaking badass woman president who still has the same challenges of a mom! 

Ugh, just read this. Please. 

Currently Reading: 

Find Her // Lisa Gardner
The Women // S.E. Lynes (eARC) 

Currently Checked Out from the Library: 

Find Her // Lisa Gardner
The Other Woman // Sandie Jones 

May's Book Club: 

Educated // Tara Westover

As always, linking up with Jana and Steph!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April Showers Bring May Birthdays

My fourth favorite month is here! I say fourth because I love October - December the most but May is my birthday month so I LOVE MAY! Maybe it's tied for favorite month?

Before I recap my April goals and share some for May, I wanted to share a few April highlights!

My mom visited Cville for the first time! Sadly the weather wasn't the best but she got to see a little bit of town and we took her to our favorite brewery.
Ellie turned 4! How is this real life?
My SIL came to visit and we had a nice Easter brunch at a new spot downtown. 
Christian's best friend visited from DC and we got to have lunch with his mom. 
Lots of trips to the Farmer's Market! 
I started a Bookstagram
Avengers: Endgame! And then I was even on my friend Maggie's podcast to talk about it. Check that out here.

So how did I do with my goals with everything going on and having ALL the visitors?

Read 6 books. Yes! I finished the tenth one last night before bed :)

Book my trip to Chicago. DONE! I am headed back to the Windy City on May 18 to see Katherine and I cannot wait. It will be my first trip not in the winter.
Image may contain: Leslie Dice and Katherine Meade Stephens, people smiling

Complete Erin's book challenge. DONE! Wow, I really squeaked by on this one and finished the last book via audiobook while working yesterday. 

No boxes left in the house. Hahahahaha. I crack me up. But we are hosting a housewarming in 11 days, so they have to be out/moved by then! Our basement is a disaster. 

Pick (and hopefully buy) outside furniture. Yes! Well, we have our rooftop furniture purchased and it has arrived! We can't decide exactly what we want on the deck off the kitchen. Probably something picnic table sized? Anyways, pictures to come on the rooftop very soon! 

Go to the Farmer's Market! Yes! I went 2 official times but strolled through another time. The market is right beside my barre studio, so it's easy to wind through. Unforunately, there isn't a lot of produce yet since it's still chilly but hopefully soon! 

3 new recipes. Maybe? I felt like I did, but I didn't keep track so I'm not sure. I know that I made a new banana bread recipe and a new gnocchi recipe but that's all I remember!

What's on the docket for May?

My birthday!!! I mean, of course I have to be excited about that - it's this Saturday :)
Barre teacher training. Yes, I'm just sneakily sliding this in here but I'm training to be a barre instructor this weekend! Happy birthday to me!
Housewarming party. 
Trip to Chicago! 
And some sort of plans that are still being determined for Memorial Day!

My goals this month are little smaller because I will be spending A LOT of time traveling, making plans and at the studio so wish me luck!

Read 6 books. 

Read all current ARCs on NetGalley. 

Host housewarming party. We are doing this the second weekend of May - I've already got a menu idea in my head, but we've got a few house things to do before then (boxes, hang pictures,  lay rugs, set up my office, etc.) so this is probably the biggest one to knock out.

Gain 75 more #bookstagram followers. There seems to be a certain number that gets you more ARCs and there's one book I'm really wanting early so I'd like to increase my followers in time for that!

Complete barre teacher training. 

What does your May look like? Lots of stuff or taking it easy?

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April Reads

Somehow, even though we moved mid March, I still knocked out a slew of books. I didn't used to enjoy audiobooks, but the library here seems to have a longer waitlist on many of the books I want AND I drive a lot around central VA for work, so I have the time to mix in. I'm still really into my podcasts, but it's nice to have a good book, too. Since I'm doing audiobooks, I think that's why I've been able to keep my count up through the move!
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Adult Fiction 
Challenge: Erin's - Freebie and Popsugar - book author from Asia, Africa, or South America

This series was recommended so much over the last few years, that of course I caved last year and read the first two, but it took longer for the third to be available at the library and I ended up reading it as an ebook. Honestly, this was my least favorite of the three and I felt that there didn't need to be 3 books. They're meant to be "fluffy" but you just spend so much time dragging through designer labels that I skimmed a lot! 

Rating: 2.5/5
Genre: I thought it was a thriller but... nah. 
Challenge: Popsugar - book  with a plant in the title or on the cover

I mean... what was this book, even? I thought it was some sort of thriller but it was really just a really terrible, snooty narrator whining and then you're supposed to feel bad for her at a certain point, but I just couldn't. And there wasn't a "secret" or "reveal" like the synopsis made it sound like.

On The Come Up // Angie Thomas
Rating: 5/5
Genre: YA
Challenge: Popsugar - book published in 2019

Angie Thomas can do no wrong in my eyes. She's working on her 3rd and 4th books and I already can't wait. I read this and THUG from the library, but am considering buying because they're that good and I want to support Angie Thomas. This is not a sequel to THUG, but it does also take place in Garden Heights (as will her next book) so there are references to the story but you wouldn't have needed to read that first.

Beyond the Pill // Dr. Jolene Brighten
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Wellness
Challenge: None

Surprise! I'm officially off birth control. I've been really open about this in real life so why not on the internet, too? And no, we are not trying for kids, either. We are still rocking that 3-5 year plan. But, there are some things I've been dealing with that I think could be tied to hormonal birth control and I've been on it for a decade which is a really long time to be pumping synthetic shit into your body.

I don't even like to take Advil when I can stand it, so why have I been taking BC for so long? I may find that this doesn't work for me, but I want to at least try going off it so wish me luck as my body tries to figure out WTF is going on.

I picked up this book for some guidance and I will say she is BIG on supplements and I know I won't be doing that much. But, she has some great information around what BC does to our bodies (she is not anti birth control, though, she does give advice on  how to safely stay on it if that's what works for you!) and how to combat the side effects coming off and how to balance out the issues that so many people take it for (acne, cramps, irregularity, etc.).

An Anonymous Girl // Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
Rating: 3.5/5
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Challenge: Popsugar - book by two female authors 

You know, I had really high hopes for this book, but it didn't quite live up to them. Maybe it was because the book was so hyped and I should have managed expectations, but it just wasn't as "thriller-y" as I thought it was. Maybe I need to manage expectations about all thrillers? Worth the read, but it won't blow you away with twists.

The Sun is Also a Star // Nicola Yoon
Rating: 4/5
Genre: YA
Challenge: Popsugar - book with a zodiac sign or astrology term in title

I listened to this on audiobook and it was SO GOOD. I mean, what a story. If you haven't heard of this book, it takes place all in one day. Daniel is headed to Yale for his admission interview and Natasha's family is being deported that night at 8 pm. They meet and have a very special day and it just gave me all the chills, cries, laughs, and just all the emotions.

Where the Crawdads Sing // Delia Owens 
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Challenge: Popsugar - book recommended by a celebrity you admire; March Book Club 

Okay, I did give this four stars upon finishing, but I keep waffling on maybe its 3 or 3.5? Maybe I let the opinions of my book club sway me a bit. I thought the story was so powerful and I definitely felt for the main character in this book so I understand why it is hyped so much. But, my one issue (and the book club's too) is that it gets really bogged down in descriptions of things that aren't fully relevant. It's a slow start but definitely worth the read, too!

The Silent Patient // Alex Michaelides
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Challenge: None

I learned about this book through Book of the Month Club (aff) and though I'm glad I didn't buy it, I am glad I got it through the library but it was good!  I saw some reviews saying the twist was obvious, but not for this girl. I reread it like 3 times and said "WHAT" out loud much to my sleeping husband's dismay. The only reason it didn't have a 4 star from me is that it was a little slow to get going in my opinion.

Rating: 4/5
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Challenge: None - it fits a few, but I've already read books for those categories!

I just finished this Sunday night and oh my gosh, it's so good. If you've read American Marriage, you may spot some similarities, but this one does have a little bit better ending. It's focused on a family and the challenges they go through when both parents are put in jail. I can't say much more because it will spoil it. But, please read this! Also another find from Book of the Month (aff).

Currently Reading: 
The Killer in Me // Olivia Kiernan (ARC from FirsttoRead)
My Ex-Best Friend's Wedding // Wendy Wax (ARC from FirsttoRead)
Queenie // Candice Carty-Williams

Currently Checked Out from the Library: 
Queenie // Candice Carty-Williams
Hitler Youth // Susan Campbell Bartolli

April's Book Club: 
One Day in December // Josie Silver
* Yes, I've already read this but I wanted them to read it so badly and my TBR list is long enough!

As always, linking up with Jana and Steph!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Fun April Ahead

Well, we are officially in the second quarter of the year! Very weirdly, my new company doesn't use traditional quarters and it's really messing with me. Another month has come and gone and it was a good one!

March Highlights:

Quick trip to Charlotte to visit my SIL who lives in Honolulu!
We closed on our house! 
We had our best friends in town and saw Mumford and Sons!
We moved into our house! 
We had our first Spring hike of the season! 

Now onward to the goals of March...

Read 6 books. YEP. It's weird, but somehow I knocked through 10 books! 3 of these were audiobooks and the rest were real books! Come back on Tuesday to see my full reviews :)

Be completely moved out of the apartment. NOPE. We are super close to this goal and will hopefully be done by Sunday! Moving weekend got a little dramatic so we didn't get as much done as we wanted. Originally, I had planned for April's goal to be completely get out of the storage unit, but that's already done!

Try 5 new recipes this month. YES. But, I forgot what the fifth one was... But I made Mediterranean Shrimp Couscous and Spinach Tortellini Soup from Skinnytaste's One and Done cookbook, Cauliflower Gnocchi and Sausage from Fed+Fit (I've already made this twice!) and Fit Foodie Find's pork carnita bowls.

The clear winner was the carnitas! Christian had three tacos the night I made them and the next night, while enjoying the gnocchi, he was talking about the pork again and said it was "restaurant quality" so I suggest making that ASAP! It was an easy one, too.

Take 4 cardio classes. CLOSE. I made it to 3! Two cardio barre classes and a megaformer class. I am signed up for spin on Friday morning, so let's see if I make it.

So what will April look like?

Taking over social media for my studio. 
Friends in town this weekend for a race. 
My mom is coming to visit for the first time since we moved!
Christian's sister is coming down from DC. 
Ellie's birthday. 
I'm finally getting my hair done!!! 
Seeing Avengers!

Needless to say, it's going to be a crazy month. I was also going to add a Chicago trip in but it looks like that will be a little later in the Spring!

April Goals:

Read 6 books. Already done with the first :)


Book my trip to Chicago. 

Complete Erin's book challenge. I have the last book, I just don't want to read it yet. So I'm being lazy.

No boxes left in the house. I want all the boxes that need to be unpacked (i.e., not Christmas decor), empty and out of my house! Boxes make me anxious.

Pick (and hopefully buy) outside furniture. We have two decks and I want to be on them ASAP! So the goal is to have furniture on at least one of them.

Go to the Farmer's Market! Charlottesville has an amazing Farmer's Market that opens this weekend and I am pumped to spend some Saturday mornings there!

3 new recipes. 

So let's do this, April! I need a nap already...

Friday, March 29, 2019

A Hodge Podge of Friday Things

I have so many things I want to discuss on the blog, yet no time to do write them. I want to set aside some time Sunday evening to write up some of those lingering post ideas. You know, in between unpacking boxes. But, today, I just had a few random things to share and none really warrant their own posts (yet). 

one // Happiness. I honestly don't know if I've ever been happier or more content in where my life is right now. I love my job. I love our (very messy) house. I love our town. It's finally stopped raining every single day like it has for 7 months now. I have quite a few exciting changes coming at the studio. I've made wonderful friends already. I don't have to sit traffic for an hour to go 8 miles down the road anymore. 

Even on cranky days - because, let's be real, we all have them - I'm still SO happy. This move was the best thing we could have done for ourselves and I'm glad we weren't too scared and made the leap. 

two // Book club. A few months ago, someone posted in our neighborhood asking if there was a book club in the neighborhood she could join. There wasn't and somehow I became the point person of setting one up? I'm not totally sure how this worked out... But we've had about 10 ladies show up each month and it's been fun getting to know some new neighbors. And in a silly turn of events, the person who originally asked hasn't come to any of them!

So far, we've read The Girl Who Lived, Before We Were Yours and Where the Crawdads Sing and chose our next 3 books last night: One Day in December, Educated and The Island of Sea Women. 

three // Barre. I think I've mentioned here before that I "work" at a local barre studio in exchange for free classes. Every Monday, you can find me behind the desk checking clients in, cleaning up after class and assisting as needed. It's been SO fun getting to know so many people this way and I just love how welcoming it is. 

Starting Monday, I'll be helping out with their social media account for the next couple of months and I am SO excited and a little bit nervous. I plan to spend a little time this weekend plotting out the week! I can't wait to have some fun with stories! 

Oh, and I also got to be a part of the most recent photo shoot :) 

four // Jane the Virgin! If you're not watching JTV, what are you doing with your life?! Seriously one of the best shows on television and it is sadly ending this season. Thursday was the season premiere and I haven't been able to watch it yet but tonight is the night! 

I'm headed to hot yoga after work and then on to Annaliese's to watch it with her! She's making some delicious sounding cupcakes and I can't wait! 

five // Moving. One of my March goals was to have the entire apartment emptied but we still have a few car loads left. The storage unit is completely empty, but unfortunately we didn't get as much done over the weekend as we had hoped. Over the weekend, our goal is to finally get the last odds and ends out of the apartment. It's mostly decorating stuff so we haven't needed it yet - hence, why we haven't been ultra motivated all week. 

Also, our washer/dryer was supposed to be delivered the day after we closed, but if you saw my instastory, that didn't happen. Christian was at home waiting and they never showed. So he called, only to be told that they hadn't even arrived at the warehouse, let alone the store to be loaded into the truck for delivery and it will be AT LEAST two weeks. We still have the apartment so we can do laundry there, but it's annoying because we have all our stair railings off so they can maneuver up the stairs and there no sense putting them up until they are delivered... 

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