Monday, March 11, 2019

February Showers Bring March Flowers?

Y'all. I swear it has not stopped raining since we moved to Charlottesville. But, it definitely rained most of February. I looked it up and we got 3.21 inches of rain last month and the average is .21 inches... needless to say we are wet mops over here!

At least one round of precipitation was snow and we got a snow day at least, but I am so ready for some sunny days and it looks like most of this week will be dry!

I had rough month in terms of goals, but it's not because I was being lazy - just the opposite, really. So, let's recap March:

Read 6 books. YES. I read 7 books actually. Some were recapped here and the rest will come next week!

Eat something green everyday. NOPE.  I won't even pretend I tried hard on this one. There were many days that I had spinach in my smoothie so this worked, but some days where I didn't even attempt. It's terrible, I know!

Go to spin class at least 4 times this month. NOPE. I did go twice, though! I found the class I like, so I plan to get some more in this month.

Go for a hike. NOPE. Not without trying though! We did get some long walks in, but as I said, it hasn't stopped raining in a month so all the trails were disgusting and most weekends it was raining. We also had Christian's best friend in town for two weekends and my brother for one.

Let's see if March goes any better...

I will go ahead and say that we close on our house this month and the second half of the month will be heavily focused on moving so I haven't set any really big goals since I know we will be busy. We also have a best friend's weekend planned next weekend!

Read 6 books. I had originally planned on my goal being 4 this month, but I've already finished 3 so... 6 is the goal and I feel like I should up it.

Be completely moved out of the apartment. We have the bare essentials in the apartment and I'm so ready for a normal kitchen with counter space so this is first on the list the week we close! I even joked last night that even if we aren't in the house the first week, I'll be cooking dinner there because I can't take it anymore!

I want to have the apartment empty by the end of the month but the storage unit may not be quite empty.

Try 5 new recipes this month. My original goal was 3 but I've already made two last week, so I decided to really challenge myself and increase it a bit. I'll be sure to share what I make!

Take 4 cardio classes. Our barre studio has two types of cardio classes that I've slacked on taking the last month so I need to get back to it. The yoga studio I go to also has the spin class I like so I plan on doing a few more of those!

11 days into the month is a good time to share goals, right? Oops! It's been a crazy March already and I know it's just going to get more crazy and I can't wait!

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