Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April Showers Bring May Birthdays

My fourth favorite month is here! I say fourth because I love October - December the most but May is my birthday month so I LOVE MAY! Maybe it's tied for favorite month?

Before I recap my April goals and share some for May, I wanted to share a few April highlights!

My mom visited Cville for the first time! Sadly the weather wasn't the best but she got to see a little bit of town and we took her to our favorite brewery.
Ellie turned 4! How is this real life?
My SIL came to visit and we had a nice Easter brunch at a new spot downtown. 
Christian's best friend visited from DC and we got to have lunch with his mom. 
Lots of trips to the Farmer's Market! 
I started a Bookstagram
Avengers: Endgame! And then I was even on my friend Maggie's podcast to talk about it. Check that out here.

So how did I do with my goals with everything going on and having ALL the visitors?

Read 6 books. Yes! I finished the tenth one last night before bed :)

Book my trip to Chicago. DONE! I am headed back to the Windy City on May 18 to see Katherine and I cannot wait. It will be my first trip not in the winter.
Image may contain: Leslie Dice and Katherine Meade Stephens, people smiling

Complete Erin's book challenge. DONE! Wow, I really squeaked by on this one and finished the last book via audiobook while working yesterday.

No boxes left in the house. Hahahahaha. I crack me up. But we are hosting a housewarming in 11 days, so they have to be out/moved by then! Our basement is a disaster.

Pick (and hopefully buy) outside furniture. Yes! Well, we have our rooftop furniture purchased and it has arrived! We can't decide exactly what we want on the deck off the kitchen. Probably something picnic table sized? Anyways, pictures to come on the rooftop very soon!

Go to the Farmer's Market! Yes! I went 2 official times but strolled through another time. The market is right beside my barre studio, so it's easy to wind through. Unforunately, there isn't a lot of produce yet since it's still chilly but hopefully soon!

3 new recipes. Maybe? I felt like I did, but I didn't keep track so I'm not sure. I know that I made a new banana bread recipe and a new gnocchi recipe but that's all I remember!

What's on the docket for May?

My birthday!!! I mean, of course I have to be excited about that - it's this Saturday :)
Barre teacher training. Yes, I'm just sneakily sliding this in here but I'm training to be a barre instructor this weekend! Happy birthday to me!
Housewarming party. 
Trip to Chicago! 
And some sort of plans that are still being determined for Memorial Day!

My goals this month are little smaller because I will be spending A LOT of time traveling, making plans and at the studio so wish me luck!

Read 6 books. 

Read all current ARCs on NetGalley. 

Host housewarming party. We are doing this the second weekend of May - I've already got a menu idea in my head, but we've got a few house things to do before then (boxes, hang pictures,  lay rugs, set up my office, etc.) so this is probably the biggest one to knock out.

Gain 75 more #bookstagram followers. There seems to be a certain number that gets you more ARCs and there's one book I'm really wanting early so I'd like to increase my followers in time for that!

Complete barre teacher training. 

What does your May look like? Lots of stuff or taking it easy?

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