Friday, January 4, 2019

From Thrive to... {My 2019 Word of the Year}

Ah, a new year.  A time to set a bunch of resolutions about getting skinny and completely changing everything about your life... If you're listening to the media. But that's not how it works. You can't just wake up on January 1st and be a new person.

Over the last two years, I've worked on bettering myself slowly and have really built some solid habits and grown as a person. I've made fitness a solid part of my life since 2015 and I LOVE to workout - except for cardio LOL but I will find creative ways to do it that I enjoy because I know its good for me (hiking, long walks, megaformer). I know how to eat healthy and have things I enjoy to eat that are good for me. I've embraced who I am and if people don't like it, cool.

So, yes, it's a new year, a new "book", a fresh start, etc. But, you're also still you so just be you and give yourself grace to embrace that. And then make small changes throughout the year to keep bettering yourself or reaching new goals.

This is why I like the idea of a word of the year and keep doing it. I'm able to make smaller goals fit into a larger vision for the year without feeling the pressure to lose 20 pounds, get 7 promotions, and have a perfect Pinterest house. 

I struggled to decide on my word this year because I had so many great words that would fit my current stage of life. To finally make a decision, I did a little exercise that I decided to put into this post.

What I'm leaving in 2018: 

Guilt. I touched briefly in my last two yearly recaps that my parents are divorcing (who knew it took this long...). Unfortunately, it hasn't been amicable and my brother and I have really been put through the ringer from our dad. 2017, I let it completely control me and wreck my year. In 2018, I started setting boundaries but then would try to open the door back up, only to be upset again. I kept opening the door because I feel guilty that he is "alone" (he's not) but it's not my job to fix anyone else. I have to prioritize healthy relationships so GUILT is staying in 2018.

Fad dieting. I mentioned yesterday that I tried a few diets this year: 21 Day Fix and keto being the big ones. Did I lose weight on keto? 10 pounds. Guess what 10 pound came right back over the holidays? But, as a result of trying them, I did learn how my body reacts to certain foods AND what I can mentally do. Keto was so mentally hard that I could never live that way but I did learn that my body responds to less carbs. 

What I'm taking with me into 2019:

Confidence to be me. This year, I really embraced who I am. I am pretty basic in my love of Fall and all things pumpkin decor. I'm over the top crazy about Christmas. I'm way too obsessed with Harry Potter. I love to read thrillers but won't watch scary movies. I genuinely love Zaxby's and won't turn down a McDonald's Coke and french fries. My beer taste is embarrassing and I'm drunk after 2 drinks. I love cold weather but also love complaining about being cold. I am an introvert who likes to be the center of attention and talks way too much. I like to watch all The Bachelor shows even though I usually read spoilers and think they're all crazy.

Taking care of my mental health. For me, this is setting boundaries and spending time alone or at least in silence in the same room as my husband. This is also reading a lot of books that help me disconnect. And working out.
Great friends. I feel like I really honed in on who my great friends were last year and I've started building some great foundations here in Charlottesville as well. Distance doesn't matter when you've got great friends. I haven't lived in the same city as two of my most favorite friends since I was 18 but here we are still being friends and going on vacations together because those two just get me and I couldn't be without them!

Big goals for 2019: 

Read 70 books. 

Buy our second house. 


Explore Charlottesville. 

Build my Harry Potter Christmas tree ( just WAIT until you see it!!!) 

Prioritize friendships.

Secret fitness goal. 

Secret goal in case Christian reads this post ;) 

I promise I'll update when those two secret goals are completed.

But there are my big few goals - if you can even call some of them "goals". Nothing earth shattering - just some things that make my heart happy. I also have a few smaller goals that I'm working on each month (January's will go live Monday!) but all in all, they all get me to the same place.

And that is to my word for 2018:


You've heard the saying "bloom where you're planted". Well, last year we planted ourselves somewhere really great and now I'm ready to bloom here.

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Audrey Louise said...

You've overcome a lot in the past two years! I wish I loved exercising... lol. I don't mind yoga, barre, and rowing, though. I'm going to try to do more of those classes in 2019. Within the last three years I've fully embraced the nerd I am. I love reading and Harry Potter. I prefer to have a coffee in my hand. I'm ok with turning down plans, even if I have nothing going on, simply because I want to be alone :) I definitely prefer silence or music over a loud, crowded party.