Friday, February 8, 2019

January + This Week's Favorites

I started this post last week to be a January favorites post but since I'm a slacker, I added the first week of February in, too ;)

I know a lot people keep saying January felt long, which I can sort of relate to, but I had so much going on that I feel like it zoomed on by. I'm hoping February zooms by, too, because we close on our house in March!

Some things I did:

I joined a new hot yoga/spin/HIIT studio. I visiting a few times through Classpass and they offered a great deal I couldn't turn down. I'm still doing barre 3-4 times per week and have been doing hot yoga 2-3 times per week. I haven't tried their other classes yet to be perfectly honest.

Started a Bachelor Tuesdays tradition. Two new friends in Cville are also into the Bachelor but we all like to be in bed early and skip commercials. So, since the second week, we've been watching them at my apartment on Tuesday with wine and cheese and plenty of Ellie trying to steal the cheese off our tray.

Had our first walk through of the townhouse! The company we're building with does a pre-construction meeting, pre-drywall meeting and then a "new home orientation" meeting 2 days before we close. Midway through January, we had our pre-drywall meeting and we've been walking over every few days to sneak peaks at it. We plan to schedule an additional walk through next weekend to show my brother!

Lots of "family dinners" and dog walking. As you probably know, some of our best friends live here,too. And we do an almost weekly dinner with them where we alternate cooking at each other's apartments. We then spend most of the weekends together walking the dogs and playing games. Yes, we're super cool, we know.
Some of my favorite things: 

Favorite book: One Day in December by Josie Silver (full review on Tuesday!)
Favorite meal: Superbowl Sunday!
We had a buffalo chicken dip recipe I made up by combining two recipes that ended up being SO good, grilled wings, potato wedges, pretzel bites, and peanut butter pie. I was SO stuffed and plan to make the dip again next week :)

Favorite new show: The Masked Singer.
I won't lie, I thought this show looked dumb but then after the first episode, so many people were talking about it that we decided to watch one episode and now we are HOOKED. We've also successfully guessed a few of the masks!

Image result for the masked singer

Favorite clothing item: My new jean jacket that I got at Annaliese's swap party! I can't stop wearing it!
Favorite makeup: This lipstick. Every time I wore it in my outfit pics, I got tons of comments about it. Fair warning, you need lipliner with it - I picked up a clear liner from Target. This picture was taken after work the first day I wore it after putting it on at 8:30 AM.


Audrey Louise said...

I love that lip color! And the jacket!
We've been watching The Masked Singer, too. So dumb but so addicting! I also watch The Bachelor. I used to have a text-date with my bff but she watches on Tuesday (for the same reason as you, I think). Lol
Your house is so gorgeous!!! Can't wait until you're in and settled!
I love your weekend plans with friends and the weekly dinners. I think that's awesome!

Joey Hodges said...

Uhmmm...that lip color is gorgeous on you! And I can't believe how perfect it still looks after an entire day. I definitely need to pick up a clear lipliner. One of my favorite lipsticks feathers on me pretty badly. I'm so excited for all the progress on your house! Yay!!

Annaliese said...

That jean jacket is so cute! I definitely need to host a spring/summer swap too! :)

xoxo A