Thursday, January 10, 2019

Shopping My Closet {Week 1}

One of my goals this month is to not a repeat an outfit or wear workout clothes if I'm outside the apartment and not working out. I had gotten in a really bad rut of only wearing "athleisure" on the weekends when I have a FULL closet I should be taking advantage of.

Today I'm sharing last week's outfits starting on New Year's Day and skipping Sunday thanks to staying in my leggings all day going from barre, to the muddy dog park, to washing Ellie and the cooking dinner. I say that all counts as a workout.

I didn't think about sharing these as a blog post until a few days in so the first few pictures are the worst. I'll also say that our apartment is super tiny and dark and it's dark outside when I get home from work so many of these are going to be taken in the bathroom at work so if you hate looking at bathroom stall doors, maybe skip these? Christian has been a trooper and has snapped a few for me when he's around.

And finally, I'm sharing them all on Instagram, too with the posts linked so you can shop the blogger's I'm "copying" if you want. I'll also tell you where my clothes are from in this post!

Well, without further ado, the outfits from the first week of this challenge!

Day 1

My Look: 

I got dressed super late in the day so the lighting was terrible. I tried it in our apartment and out on a walk. I swear in person these tops are the same color, but I haven't edited/brightened my photo at all.

Leggings: Zella from Nordstrom // Thermal: Thrifted // Striped Tee: Old Navy // Necklace: Anthropologie // Boots: Literally no clue


Day 2 

My Look: 

Jeggings: Old Navy (similar)  // Sweater: Old Navy // Boots: Steve Madden, super old 


Day 3 

My Look: 

Sweater: No idea // Jeggings: Old Navy ( I love these pants so much) // Flats: Target 

Day 4 

My Look: 

Sweater: Target // T-shirt: Old Navy // Pants: Old Navy // Booties: Old Target // Necklace: Anthropologie // Dog: Australian Shepard Lab 


Day 5 

My Look: 
Long Sleeve: Old Target // Scarf: Old // Jeans: Old Navy // Booties: Old Target


Week one, complete. Do you have any cute bloggers I should follow for inspo?

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