Wednesday, April 22, 2020

My Self Isolation Routine

We've all been in our houses for weeks now (unless you're an essential worker and in that case, THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping us all moving and taking care of patients) and I know we've all read plenty of posts about different routines. I love these types of posts so I decided to write one myself!

A few things about my routine:

1) It's not rigid. If other things come up, or I need to sleep in one day because of *all this*, I do.
2) Things I prioritize: barre, reading, Scandal reruns (LOL)
3) I'm still working remotely full time.

So, without further ado, my most days of the week schedule.

6:15 AM: On days I'm teaching a morning barre class, this is when the alarm goes off. I snooze a minute, brush my teeth, throw my hair up, throw on my leggings and make the long commute up a flight of stairs to set up the Zoom stream. (also, another shameless plug for my small business - ANYONE can join so feel free to shoot me an email and I can send you the link for your first online class free and two weeks of unlimited virtual classes for $19!)
7:30 AM: If I'm not teaching or taking class, this is when the first alarm goes off. I do a little snuggling with whichever pet is in the bed before "getting dressed". You can see this post for a little insight on what I'm wearing these days!

7:50ish - 8:30ish AM: I make my coffee and curl up on the couch in the living room or day bed on the fourth floor room to read my current book. (currently reading Before We Were Yours and Darling Rose Gold)

8:30 AM: Twice a week, I have a morning call that starts at 8:30 so I'm usually posted up in my office by this point.

9 AM - 12 PM: Work, work, work. I'll be honest, I don't have a full workload every single day due to a lot of my projects being postponed. I work for a physician's group within a health system so things are really busy these days. Everything has been halted that is deemed nonessential so we can put all our resources towards patient care. As a result, many of my projects have shifted to focus on our front line, patient care positions.

All that to say, I work during this time but I also check blogs, Marco Polo with my friends and listen to podcasts!
12 PM - 1 PM: Lots of things happen during my "lunch break". On Mondays, I teach a 30 minute Express barre class. Other days, I take a spin class (more on how I'm doing this very soon!), or just read while eating my lunch.
1 PM - 5ish PM: Back to work. During the afternoon, I've gotten into the habit of watching Beverly Hills 90210 reruns on Hulu on my tablet in my office. But again, with the workload, some days it's more personal and other days it's a lot of meetings.

5 - 6:30 PM: I like to call this my "lost hour" for most days. Some times I stare at the wall, sometimes I sit on the deck and read, sometimes I record a barre class, sometimes I pet the dog and something I write blog posts (as I'm doing right now!).
6:30 PM: I typically start dinner around this time. We started Home Chef about a week or so before everything shut down because I was tired of planning dinners LOL and it has come in so handy with all of this. All we have to do is narrow it down between four, already mostly prepped meals! I plan to share more about this soon, too.
7 PM: Dinner time! We are the worst about eating on the couch in front of the TV but this is the time we eat, typically watch something fluffy and hang out for a bit. One of our favorites is Nailed It on Netflix and just all of HGTV. We usually walk the dog after dinner, too!
8 - 10 PM: We spend this time in a myriad of ways, but mostly, I spend it watching Scandal reruns (I'm already on season 4) and Christian either plays video games or watches weird/gory shows that I don't want to.

10 PM: Take the vitamins, wash the face, read the book, do the meditation, go to sleep.

So there you have, my most of the time schedule that I'm trying to adhere to so life doesn't feel so out of control!

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