Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm a Brat.

This totally turned into a rant of sorts. It started with a few "fads" that I'm over and turned into a rant. I've been pretty cranky this week (hence the lack of blog posts) so I apologize in advance if I sound bratty. And these may be very unpopular opinions.

one // Snapchat. This is probably a very unpopular opinion, but I'm basically over it. I still use it occasionally but mostly, I just open them and move on. I have a few friends that send 2 million a day and I don't have a lot of time at work to just sit and look at snap videos. I also hate notifications on my phone so I stress about it until I can finally open it.

This could just be me being a brat, but in my opinion, it's fading out. Or at least I hope it is.

two // Uggs.  I didn't realize this was still a "thing" until last Monday afternoon when Christian and I were sitting at the Southpark mall eating some lunch and I was watching so many people walk by wearing the exact. same. outfit...

T-shirt. Leggings. Uggs.

Uggs were popular when I was in middle school and we all figured out that they weren't cute and we moved on. It looks like everyone hasn't realized that yet. I understand that they're warm and plenty of people wore them for playing in the snow in Boone and that's not what annoys me.

I think what bothers me the most is that every single person is wearing the exact same outfit and I don't think it flatters anyone.

three // Inappropriate use of #tbt. It's not a throwback if it was last week. Or two weeks ago. Or even last month. I've participated in Throwback Thursday 2, maybe 3 times and every single one was a few years old and usually coincided with something I was doing that day or about to do that weekend.

3 year old  trip where she visiting my school and was in honor of me traveling to visit her school!
I try not to follow a lot of young children on on social media, but there are a few because of my little brother, and they all post a million pictures every single Thursday. Sadly, though, they're not the only ones who do this. There are multiple people I graduated from high school with that do that.

So basically, all I'm saying is limit it to one picture, at least a year or so old, and maybe I won't hate Thursday on social media quite as much.

four // Southerners and snow. I fully understand that my main experiences with snow were in a town that was fully prepared for the snow and it was a normal occurrence. I also completely understand that the majority of the south isn't prepared for the snow and prefer the "better safe than sorry" route. I completely agree that this is how it should be handled.

Then, people don't follow directions. When your governor or other state officials tell you to go home, stay home and try again tomorrow, DO IT. No, the roads may not look "that bad", but for your Southern self, it is. STAY PUT.

I left work a few hours early on Tuesday because I was definitely nervous about black ice forming when I was set to leave work at midnight. I'm cool as a cucumber driving in actual snow, but black ice is no joke for anyone. And I was almost hit twice by idiots who thought they could drive in it and they couldn't.

I'm not referencing the situations in Atlanta, Birmingham and the other issues that took place with this, but I do think everyone should have been sent home much earlier than they were. And I understand everyone has to wait until the "orders to leave" are given, but that whole situation definitely could have been prevented with better planning by city/state officials and I hate it for every single person that was stuck out there with no way to get home.

And I'm done being a cranky pants now.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Am I Weird?

I'm going to confess another secret to you guys. Last Tuesday, I admitted I'm a cry baby and apparently this Tuesday I'm back to do it again. Let's hope this doesn't become a pattern or things could get quite embarrassing around here.

Anyways, this Tuesday's confession is that I miss school.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I miss school.

I miss studying. I miss library days. I miss being crazy busy with so many different things going on. I miss random coffee dates and drinks on the weekends and having a relatively steady schedule. I miss spending time sitting outside and reading. I miss sitting in class and feeling like I was learning something. I miss only working 4 hour shifts (granted they were almost every day, but still). I miss group study sessions with friends where you really just ate and laughed and pretended to work.

I honestly don't know the real root of these feeling, either.

Sometimes I think it may be just because I feel stuck in my job doing something I don't like where I feel useless, pushy and it's the same thing over and over all day long. I never feel challenged or as if I'm helping anyone. I never feel challenged and I definitely don't feel like I'm learning and growing. I see friends (and other bloggers) doing jobs they love where they feel challenged and love what they're doing.

Christian came home last night with an e-mail from the CMO of the hospital he works for telling him how grateful they are for him and how some of the "higher ups" had a meeting where they discussed people who are excelling and his name came up. He's an entry level (as low as it goes) IT application specialist whose turned into a major project manager and his overseeing TWO major projects even though he's been there a little over a year.

I couldn't even contain my excitement for him. I've watched him slave away over these programs he works on and stay up all hours of the night to fix problems when he's on call 4 weeks of the year. He works so hard, but he likes what he's doing. Of course he still gets tired and annoyed but it is WAY less than I do.

I feel stressed, tired, upset and useless every. single. day. when I'm at work. Or thinking about work. Or on my way to work. You get the point.

This could very honestly be the reason I miss school. But, it could also just be how much miss Boone and Appalachian in general. I always felt at home there. From the second I moved to Boone, I felt happy and content. I knew it's where I was supposed to go to school and I love everyone I met and everything I experienced during my time there.

We promised we would go up there every season, but we haven't been up there since we got engaged in October and although we keep wanting to make it up there, my weird schedule makes it difficult because I can't request PTO for a normal weekend because of other things I have coming up (you know, like a honeymoon)!

Maybe this is a feeling of homesickness for Boone that will fade once we get up there to visit. Or maybe this is a more serious situation where I'm feeling useless and bored in my job. Either way, I'm sad about it and I really need something to make it go away. 

I also really hope I'm not the only recent grad whose ever felt this way, because I always thought it would take a bit longer for me to miss school... instead, I'm dreaming of a Master's just so I can go to school again. 
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Friday, January 24, 2014

What a Grand Friday!

Today is a good, good Friday. I had a terrible Tuesday at work but it definitely picked up Wednesday and Thursday and made up for it! And we're in for a great Friday, too so let me jump in!

one // My numbers at work. This will mean nothing to you guys but at work, we're very focused on "our numbers". These are the numbers that track how well we're doing. They also determine how much moolah I will be making this month. There's one really big number that has a huge impact on everything and my goal is for it to be at a solid "1". The average for everyone yesterday was ".88". But MINE was "2.1"! I know that hardly makes sense but basically, I rocked it yesterday and it was a great feeling after having been so down on my job for awhile.

two // I'm getting my hairs did at Alchemy today! Whew it is definitely overdue! And I came back looking awesome last time, so I'm super pumped about it this time :) And I'm so thankful Alexa pointed me their direction!

My last visit at Alchemy!
three // Tonight's plans! I am making dinner for us and our close friends, Sam and Jeremy! After buying our table finally, we've wanted to have them over so we made it happen as soon as we could! I'm making a new recipe from Pinterest, so wish me luck!

four // Sleeping in tomorrow. I've been getting home later than normal this week because it's been crazy so it's been after 1:30a before I'm in bed. I'm in need of a great night's sleep and some cuddling with my man because I haven't seen him since Monday and he's working today even though he's supposed to of off :(

five // 268 days til the wedding!! And you guys were so so helpful with my questions on Wednesday! Thank you all so much! I'm feeling a little less overwhelmed and I have a better idea of where to go/what to do with those 3 things!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday {Seeking Advice}

Y'all. Wedding planning is stressful. According to my checklist that I made for myself, I'm ahead of schedule. I made it by combining as many of those checklists I could find on Pinterest and tailoring them to my own timeline and opinion as to when I wanted to have things done (earlier is better, always). I'm at the point where I need to start making some big decisions.

I've already picked our colors and I have a "theme". Not really like a theme for a party but we have a look that we're aiming for. I've picked my bridal party (and plan to introduce them next week!) and of course we set the date and location right after he popped the question.

 Now, I need to make decisions about exactly what the decor will look like in case I need to be crafting away. I need to pick the Save the Dates and with all those gorgeous engagement photos, I just can't. And next on the list is bridesmaids dresses. This is the part I need all of your help!

one // Where should I get Save the Dates?! We don't have the world's biggest budget when it comes to those so I would love to hear where you got yours! Or if you have a friend who had lovely Save the Dates? Any and all tips you guys have, lay it on me!

two // Bridesmaid dresses. I've always said I've wanted all the 'maids to match. All in the same dress, same color, same fabric. And I'm still standing by the last two. It's the same dress I'm considering changing my mind. It was actually Christian's idea. He said he likes it because it lets them pick what they like and everyone doesn't always look good in the exact same dress. I know it will be red and that's about all at this point.

I would love to hear your opinions on the matter and even see pictures if you've got them! We're going shopping either the second week of February or possible the beginning of March when I can get most of them together (they're all over the country!) and see if I can try it on both ways and see what I like the best with my girls?

three // What color should the boys wear? I thiiiiiink I've made this decision but I'd love a couple of opinions! Our colors are "fall colors" with the main one being red (my favorite). Then there will be some burnt orange, maybe a litttttttle yellow and then of course a beautiful chocolate brown!

Because brown is going to be a color, I don't think I want the boys in black. It's also outside in Charlotte and could be hot in October so I know Christian would like something a little lighter so I'm torn between a gray and a khaki type color. Like these:

Source // Source

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NC Belle In Boots
Wedding Wednesday

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm an Emotional Wreck

Sunday at work, while discussing how we like to spend extra money we win at work in the form of $10 gift cards with a coworker, I admitted something quite embarrassing. It's something I didn't realize was that embarrassing but he gave me a hard time the rest of the day about so I decided the only way to find out how embarrassing this really is would be to put it out here in blogland and see if I have anyone who does the same thing!

And we're all about being ourselves and all our little weird quirks so here we go!

I cry at action movies. 

Whew. So glad I got that out. What a relief. I'm now dying in a pool of embarrassment over here ;)

No, but, seriously. Christian is threatening to stop taking me to them if I don't cut it out. And he thinks its the weirdest thing ever and he usually elbows me when he knows its coming.

I guess I should explain.. Let me share a few of them that I've cried at and WHY.

Pacific Rim

This is your typical dude action flick. Aliens and all. Completely unrealistic, too. I thought it was a decent movie and didn't realize I was attached to it at all until they're gearing up for that final battle.

Quick plot: they fight of the aliens by having two people in ginormous robots who can basically read each others' minds. By the end of the movie there are two teams left: a male/female team and a father/son team. The father injures himself and can't go out for the final battle. The "commander" of this whole operation steps up to take the place of the father. He's sick and knows he won't make it back. Plot twist: he's the father figure to the female on the other team who was orphaned the last time the aliens attacked. He took her in and raised her after finding her alone in the street crying. 

Father/Son Team // Source
So basically, the son says goodbye to his father AND HIS DOG knowing he won't come home. And the commander says good bye to everyone he's been fighting with/for AND HIS SWEET DAUGHTER and I lost it. Absolutely could not handle it. HIS DOG. I just couldn't handle it. And on top of that, the commander guy gave such a great speech. I know, I'm weird.

And that's the best I could find on You Tube at this point...

The Avengers 

I'm not going to explain this one because I'm sure you've all seen it. And if you haven't, hit that little red X up in the corner, pull up Netflix and watch it. I honestly don't care what you're doing now, watch it. I'll even give you my Netflix log in if for some reason you don't have one yet.

Anyways, Little Ole Tony Stark has decided to sacrifice himself and takes off into the sky. On his way, he tries to call Pepper AND SHE DOESN'T ANSWER. Her phone is just ring ring ringing and nothing. No answer because she's watching this happen on TV. Better question, WHY DIDN'T SHE TRY TO CALL HIM. Seriously. I guess she thought he was busy, but I would've tried to call him.

I honestly thought he might not make it back. I'm way too emotionally attached to Tony Stark, I understand that. Regardless, I cried. Even after knowing he survives, I still tear up when I watch it now. I'm a sucker for love, okay?

And on top of that, they've all been working so hard all day and I'm sure they're really tired and THEY KEEP PUSHING to save the world. It's just all so emotional and heart warming.

Star Trek: Into Darkness 

And to finish the embarrassing emotional roller coaster, we have Star Trek. Let me give some back story here: Christian is obsessed with Star Trek. He grew up watching all the old ones with his dad and he knows way too much about them. He can tell what season/movie it is within about a minute of watching it. It's cute. And a little sad, but hey! I love him regardless.

As a show of love, I went to see the first remake with him and actually liked it and actually asked to see the second one without him having to beg me. And what a mistake that was.

All you need to know for this one is that Capt. Kirk and Spock are great friends (after hating each other in the first one) and they really rely on each other for everything. Well, Capt. Kirk sacrifices himself to save the ship at the end and there's nothing anyone can do to save him. Spock finds out and it was the most heartbreaking scene.

I just can't even handle that. Like, just no. WHY. I was bawling like a baby. And Christian of course thought I was ridiculous BUT he also knew (as a Star Trek nerd) that Kirk would (Spoiler Alert!) come back to life by the end of the movie so he wasn't as upset as I was. 

So there you have it. I'm weird, I know. I get way too worked up about these things, but hopefully I'm not alone out here. And if I am, just know that if we ever hang out, you shouldn't watch an action movie with me without a box of tissues. 

Oh and if you're a normal human being and you didn't get an emotional reaction from the above clips, try this one... 

Actually, don't watch that. I got sucked in to these last night and cried for a solid 30 minutes. 

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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things {Zuko Style}

Mom is quite busy today sleeping in running errands, watching Gilmore Girls cleaning the apartment, harassing hanging out with dad and applying for jobs in her pajamas cooking dinner; so, she said I could say hello to you guys again since it's been awhile since my last post.

We've settled in quite nicely to this apartment and I really love having Mom and Dad here every single day. Usually Mom is here in the morning and Dad is home at night and I get the middle of the day to myself. BUT THEN some days, they're both here all day and it's so annoying. They're constantly talking, using my blankets, stopping me from sleeping.. something about "keeping them up all night trying to play".. whatever.

So while mom is being a lazy bum busy today, I thought I would share some of my favorite past times in this apartment.

Hanging out in the shower. IT IS SO AWESOME IN HERE. Water drips sometimes and I can watch that forever. And if I get thirsty while I'm in there, I can go ahead and just drink some there. I just love when mom or dad takes a shower and I can watch the water flow for a solid 10 minutes. It's the best. They always tell me to stop being creepy but whatever.

Helping mom get ready. My counter, not hers. My sink, not hers. 

Stealing mom and dad's blanket the second they stand up from the couch. And then acting extremely annoyed when they want it back. 

Sleeping in the most comfortable positions in their laps. Seriously, look how comfortable this looks. I took a very nice nap here. 

Staring at mom while she blogs. I like to get as close as I can, sometimes I even get on the computer to make sure she's paying attention to me not you guys. 

Just hang out. It's always nice to just be close to mom and dad on the couch. 

Be a creep. Whenever mom and dad get ready for bed, I like to sit in awkward corners and stare at them. It's fun. 

Takeover mom and dad's sides at bedtime. On the left, I'm sleeping in between mom's legs and on the right I'm sleeping on dad's side and pushing him over. I don't know why they think they can take up the whole bed and not leave some room for me. Sometimes, I even sit directly on their chests with my face on theirs. It's quite comfy. 

Thanks for letting me take over for mom again! I always like showing off the pictures mom takes of me. I'm pretty sure she started a blog JUST so she had somewhere to post them all because he phone is reallyyyyy full of pictures. It's cute cuz now I'm famous. 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

5 on Friday!

I'm a little behind on the blogging train today, but hey, I'm here! That's what counts right?! I had a pretty rough work week (per usual) and I slept terribly last night so here I am, still in PJs wrapped up in a blanket and finally showing my face around here.

one // Let's talk about my last call of the night. This isn't a positive thing.. it's more of a WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU moment. (And it got a little longer than planned - I'm sorry but he made me want to punch myself!!) Last call of the night (at 11:42 pm) guy calls up interested in our service. He's also on the East Coast so it's midnight for him as well. As I go about my normal routine on a call he tells me to "hurry it up because it's late". Already annoyed from the day, I inform him I'm fully aware of what time it is because I'm also on the East Coast and it's late for me, too.

After being a jerk throughout the entire call and being extremely rude to the person HE CALLED (sir, you called me, I did not call you, be a good person), I was over it. I'm usually very pleasant and helpful on my phone calls because that's what works. But I was done and I stopped being my normal overly nice self. He asked me what was included in the package/how much it would cost and as I'm running through everything, he cuts me off, yells at me to "stop reading to him" and to answer his question - which is exactly what I was doing when he cut me off.

After informing him, I definitely wasn't reading and to be perfectly honest I was staring at the ceiling, spinning in my chair (hoping this would make him lighten up or at least prove he was an asshat), he proceeded to pelt me with more questions and the following took place:

"$105 for all three services?!? What if I take off the phone?"
"That saves you $5."
"So what would it come to?"
"It only saves me $5?!?"
"Yes, sir. As I just said, you save more with the phone because of the other perks you get."
"Well what about just internet??"
"That's $50."
"How did it go so low for all the services??"
"Sir, you asked me what internet by itself costs."
"Yes, so what does it cost?"
"Yes, you said that but what is internet with TV?"
"SIR, that's the $100 we were talking about before."
"But how?"

Needless to say we talked in circles for a few minutes before he decided it was "too much money" and I said "great, have a great night" and tried not to cuss him out.

two // Our table looks awesome! If not a little weird. After not having a table since August, we got used to the empty breakfast room and Zuko had been using it as his "play room" with all his toys. He's a little overwhelmed by the table but I'm sure he'll get over it.

three // Um. I peeled off my gel manicure. HOW does this happen?! As I mentioned last Friday, I'm trying not to bite my nails. I had been gnawing at them a little bit with all the stress from yesterday and ended up pulling the entire manicure off. I don't really know how that happened... And I did end up biting two off them. So now we're back to square one. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so let's see if I can do it!

Gone. It's all gone. And I had to paint them myself this morning so they look awful!
four // We can't stop watching HGTV. I don't know how this started last weekend, but it did. And now I'm itching for a house and have a million ideas of what I want. Sadly, we're a couple years away from a house but it's next on the list after the wedding!

five // You guys. I just love you guys. I'm always telling people about things you tell me or I read on your blogs and referring to you as my "friends" which I think is a legitimate way to describe you guys - as long as someone doesn't ask me where we met! ;)

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Word Vomit.

For some reason, Wednesdays are the hardest days for me to get a post cranked out. You'd think with a wedding to plan and having wanted to participate in Wedding Wednesday since I first learned this was a "thing" in blogland. Yet, I think I've done it two times. The main reason being that I am extremely overwhelmed and really don't know what I should be doing right now - if anything. I've got a huge wedding binder with a timeline in it and I'm actually ahead of schedule but it's nothing worthy of blogging about.

But, today, I really wanted to hit publish on somethinggg since I'm trying really hard to post more consistently so you're getting this random assortment of life tidbits.

I was supposed to get a new schedule at work this week. I didn't. As I've mentioned many times, I work Tuesday-Thursday 1p to midnight and Sunday 10am to 9 pm. Needless to say it doesn't leave much time for quality time with my fiancé and it doesn't leave any time for a nice home cooked meal at night like we both want so badly.

The way it's supposed to work is that as new people come in, they work the later shifts and people who've been there get bumped up to earlier shifts. This has never happened for me. Most of the people who started the same day I did are now working more normal hours (still with weird weekends), yet I'm still working until midnight...

I was told we are doing a "schedule draft" next week so it may get completely blown to hell and I will probably hate it. Since there's basically no chance of me getting a normal M-F schedule, I refuse to give up my Friday and Saturday weekend since that's when I spend the most time with Christian.

I'm sorry that was quite a rant but it's extremely frustrating to have put in all the time and being told you'd have a better, more manageable schedule and I'm still not getting home until 12:30 in the morning and I'm exhausted.

I'm considering starting Pure Barre. I hate running. As in, hate hate hate, double hate, loaaathe entirely. Can't stand it. After years of being a competitive cheerleader and coaches taking you outside in the Georgia summer heat and saying "run until I get tired", you get realll tired of it realll fast. Therefore, I'm not a runner. But, I'd like to do something that is fun and doesn't make me dread the gym as much. That's where Pure Barre comes in. Anyone tried it? Do you love it? Hate it?

I found the cutest picture of me on my mom's Facebook.  I will be using this on my wedding day!

Not the best quality, but it will be for the wedding! // Source 

WHY AREN'T MY SHOWS BACK ON?! NO, seriously. Where is Scandal, Once Upon a Time, and my others?? WHY would they have such a long break. I'm not okay with it. Especially. Scandal. We all know my obsession with Scandal. 

This has seriously been the most pointless post and I promise to be back with something of more substance tomorrow. I may even write it right now.. we'll see... 

Happy Humpday, friends!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The One Where I Ran Over My Little Brother

Contrary to what that title suggests, I do actually like my little brother. And I also really hope you understand where I got the title cough Friends cough But, we're 5 years apart so we had some challenges growing up. The main challenge being that Andrew thought it was a great idea to "tattle" on me all the time. Most of the things he was "tattling" about were usually things he did and was blaming on me or things he caused me to do by being annoying.

Regardless of if I actually did it or not, I definitely got in trouble for it. Especially with dad. Maybe it's because he's a boy. Or maybe it's because he's the youngest. Maybe both. But, there was on thing I actually did do and tried to get out of...

Let me set the scene.

Andrew was about 5 years old so I would've been 9 or 10. He had just gotten his first motorcycle and we were all at my grandparents house. I wish I had a picture but there was a huge field that we would ride four-wheelers and motorcycles. There were also some trails that circled the field and you could weave in and out between the woods and the field. My family was all up at the house while Andrew and I were riding together around the field and looping back up to the house so our parents could keep an eye on us.

This was probably a few months before he got the motorcycle but he was about this size.
Now, I have teeny tiny hands as an adult, so you can imagine how small they were at 9 years old. And I was riding a full size four-wheeler. Andrew was on the smallest motorcycle they make in front of me. I had let him get a little ahead of me and was coming around a corner where all of the trails kind of meet up at the mouth of the field...

And next thing I know I'm rolling back down Andrew's back.

He had stopped abruptly waiting for me to catch up and my little hands couldn't grab the brakes fast enough to stop before hitting him. Obviously, he was decked out in all of his gear: chest protector, teeny little boots, and a full face helmet; but, it didn't stop me from freaking out.

This bike is a size up from what he was on at the time. I can't seem to find a good picture of his actual first bike somehow, but you can get a feel of his size versus a full size four-wheeler.
I never actually stopped on top of him because I was attempting to stop so the four-wheeler just kind of rolled up to his helmet, and back down the bike. I immediately jumped off and ran to check on him. He was completely fine, not a scratch and he said he barely felt it. So I immediately start begging him not to tell dad and keep it a secret. He promised he wouldn't and we both got back on our vehicle of choice and headed up to the house.

Andrew beat me back. And before I had even stopped the four-wheeler, Dad was coming towards me yelling about running over my brother.

Needless to say, I didn't trust Andrew for the rest of the years I lived at home. Now, he's 17 and still not extremely trustworthy because he a teenager and teenagers are just suspicious.

See. He's grown up and suspicious. He's also a kick ass racer so I guess I didn't cause any permanent damage. 
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Monday, January 13, 2014

If I Won the Lottery

Oh I am so happy that I am most likely asleep while you're reading this. And that I scheduled this ahead of time Friday night because I knew I would be too tired after a long day at work Sunday to write it. Maybe today I'll actually schedule my posts for the week. Maybe. Anyways, I just wanted to brag about that for minute because I'm sure you're reading this from work ;) But if it helps, I'll be working until midnight (per usual) the rest of the week.

And we're moving on.

Oftentimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed about student loan payments, wedding planning and sometimes even if we can go out to eat or not, I ask Christian when we're going to win the lottery. Keep in mind, I've never actually played the lottery nor do I really have any plans to do so, BUT it's always nice to dream.

Anytime I do this, we immediately talk about exactly what we'd do with the money which then leads to talks about our real future and real things we plan on in this life together. Today, though, I want to focus on the dream version of it all.

I feel like most people jump immediately to a mansion, a yacht, 3 vacation homes,etc., but we actually don't ever say any of those things when we talk about it. So here's our "Lottery List" if we every decide to play it and then of course we'd win it ;)

one // Pay off our student loans. Christian was the youngest of three. I went to a private school for one year and out of state for three. So we're definitely in need of some help paying those suckers off. If anyone has a few thousand dollars to spare we wouldn't mind one bit..

At least it was gorgeous. 
two // Buy new cars. Do we need these right now? Not at all. But, Christian said he would give his new car he bought over the summer to his dad and my car is a 2009. We could easily trade up for our "dream cars" (mine is actually very doable later in life, I hope) and then we would probably get a "play car" to share on the weekends. Christian's a car guy so he would love to spend all his money on cars forever and ever.

three // Buy a house. Neither of us want a big, ginormous house because we don't want the upkeep. We'd get a pretty decent size house with enough bedrooms for the 3 kids I want. But we would fill it with really cool stuff - the newest appliances, a double oven, a huge fenced in back yard, a pool with a jacuzzi, a walk in pantry behind my fridge, a hidden staircase, a great play room, etc. You get the picture. And a swim up bar, obviouslyyyy.

four // Furnish said house. I would want an even bigger, more overstuffed red couch than I have now. A pretty dining room set. A lovely breakfast table with benches. A BIG king size bed for all our kiddos and pets.

five // A little shopping spree. I've been told I would be allowed to keep a few thousand for a new wardrobe that's full of classic staples. I'd probably just recreate my Pinterest closets.

six // A Greek isle cruise. This is what we want to do for our honeymoon but I just don't think it will happen this year. But we could definitely do it if we had lottery money! 

seven // Quit my job. Now before you think I mean for good, I mean just until I find one I love. I've mentioned a few times that I'm just not happy where I'm at. I'm job hunting but it's a process and not easy when your one and only job out of college was in sales when that's not what you want to do with your life. The lottery would let me take the time to find a job without having the pressure of not having a paycheck coming in.

eight // SAVE IT. We would put everything into a great savings account that build interest so we would have college funds for our kids (I think Christian would be more open to 3 if we had a cushion!). They would be taken care of - but trust me, if my kids aren't super dedicated and obsessed with a sport, they'll be working in high school. We would have money to help our parents if and when they need it.

nine // Donate it. I'm always complaining about celebs and they're money and stockpiling it, so I would definitely be donating some. I like the idea of putting it towards a lot of different charities as well - cancer research, ALS research, childrens' hospitals, women's shelters. I would do everything I could to do good things with this money. And hey, maybe I'd find out volunteering for these things is what I like and I wouldn't need to work and I could just constantly be giving back.

Andddd I'm stopping at nine. Oops. But, hey, I'm trying not to be too greedy here.

Excuse me while I go buy a lottery ticket...

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