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Wedding Wednesday {Seeking Advice}

Y'all. Wedding planning is stressful. According to my checklist that I made for myself, I'm ahead of schedule. I made it by combining as many of those checklists I could find on Pinterest and tailoring them to my own timeline and opinion as to when I wanted to have things done (earlier is better, always). I'm at the point where I need to start making some big decisions.

I've already picked our colors and I have a "theme". Not really like a theme for a party but we have a look that we're aiming for. I've picked my bridal party (and plan to introduce them next week!) and of course we set the date and location right after he popped the question.

 Now, I need to make decisions about exactly what the decor will look like in case I need to be crafting away. I need to pick the Save the Dates and with all those gorgeous engagement photos, I just can't. And next on the list is bridesmaids dresses. This is the part I need all of your help!

one // Where should I get Save the Dates?! We don't have the world's biggest budget when it comes to those so I would love to hear where you got yours! Or if you have a friend who had lovely Save the Dates? Any and all tips you guys have, lay it on me!

two // Bridesmaid dresses. I've always said I've wanted all the 'maids to match. All in the same dress, same color, same fabric. And I'm still standing by the last two. It's the same dress I'm considering changing my mind. It was actually Christian's idea. He said he likes it because it lets them pick what they like and everyone doesn't always look good in the exact same dress. I know it will be red and that's about all at this point.

I would love to hear your opinions on the matter and even see pictures if you've got them! We're going shopping either the second week of February or possible the beginning of March when I can get most of them together (they're all over the country!) and see if I can try it on both ways and see what I like the best with my girls?

three // What color should the boys wear? I thiiiiiink I've made this decision but I'd love a couple of opinions! Our colors are "fall colors" with the main one being red (my favorite). Then there will be some burnt orange, maybe a litttttttle yellow and then of course a beautiful chocolate brown!

Because brown is going to be a color, I don't think I want the boys in black. It's also outside in Charlotte and could be hot in October so I know Christian would like something a little lighter so I'm torn between a gray and a khaki type color. Like these:

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Wedding Wednesday


Alexa said...

For Save the Dates, I have two recommendations: Wedding Paper Divas + postcards! Wedding Paper Divas was one of the best companies I worked with during wedding planning, always shipping things timely and the items looked great (paper was not my top priority though, so it's nothing too "special" but got the job done!) and postcard postage is cheaper than enveloped mail. :)

For bridesmaid dresses, I only had three girls and, even though they were somewhat different body types, it was easy to go with the same dress. However, the dresses were also black, which flatters everyone! For anything colorful like red, letting them pick their own within your preferences (maybe narrow it down to five or so various ones?) will likely make everyone happy - your ladies will feel good in their choice and you'll feel good that you were easygoing and didn't stress about matchy-matchy.

Best of luck, pretty girl! Things will fall into place as the months pass, trust me. It's all going to be great!

Carly said...

That red is so gorgeous and almost makes me wish I had gone with red dresses! I was like you and wanted all to match but when it came down to it I let them pick the dress style-- and it was actually funny they ALL wanted the same one. One of them ended up getting a different one because her size wasn't in stock, but it was just funny I stressed about it so much and in the end they all wanted the same style anyway!

We used wedding paper divas and I'm pretty sure it ended up being REALLY affordable with the coupons and different offers they have.

Unknown said...

Different dresses for your maids and kacki for the boys! :)

Margaret said...

For our save the dates, I designed a post card and we printed them through Vista print, which ended up being super cheap.

Love the red! I like the look of different dresses- same color and fabric. It still looks cohesive, but lets the ladies pick what they are comfortable with.

Unknown said...

Love the gray suits for the boys! My cousin just used JCrew for her bridesmaids dresses - they have a great selection of styles all in the same color!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Love the gray suits! And in terms of bridesmaids dresses, I think letting them pick their own dresses in the same color and fabric sounds like a good idea! I think that's what I'm going to do for my wedding whenever that will be haha

The Lady Okie said...

Check out VistaPrint. I got my invited there, and they usually have good deals for cheap. (Check Groupon for deals.) For dresses... different is in right now. I have been in a few weddings where she had everyone pick their dress and just gave everyone paint swatches to match colors. It turned out looking really good! Gosh that is all so stressful, though. Try to enjoy it as much as you can!

Jordon said...

I used Wedding Paper Divas for our save the dates and they were AMAZING! I actually bought a credit off of Rue Lala and it saved me over 100 dollars. We did magnets and they turned out so cute.

I also think post cards are great! They are cheaper AND you save on postage!

Amanda said...

I custom ordered my graduation announcements from an Etsy shop (, and the design was around $15, then I ordered the prints from WalMart and it was very inexpensive. Under a dollar for quailty cards with envelopes, and you could always go with postcards or something instead! Michelle from MTipsy was wonderful to work with and I got so many compliments on my cards, so I am definitely thinking of going with her for save-the-dates when my day comes.

I think the khaki for the boys would look really great with your colors! :)