Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The One Where I Ran Over My Little Brother

Contrary to what that title suggests, I do actually like my little brother. And I also really hope you understand where I got the title cough Friends cough But, we're 5 years apart so we had some challenges growing up. The main challenge being that Andrew thought it was a great idea to "tattle" on me all the time. Most of the things he was "tattling" about were usually things he did and was blaming on me or things he caused me to do by being annoying.

Regardless of if I actually did it or not, I definitely got in trouble for it. Especially with dad. Maybe it's because he's a boy. Or maybe it's because he's the youngest. Maybe both. But, there was on thing I actually did do and tried to get out of...

Let me set the scene.

Andrew was about 5 years old so I would've been 9 or 10. He had just gotten his first motorcycle and we were all at my grandparents house. I wish I had a picture but there was a huge field that we would ride four-wheelers and motorcycles. There were also some trails that circled the field and you could weave in and out between the woods and the field. My family was all up at the house while Andrew and I were riding together around the field and looping back up to the house so our parents could keep an eye on us.

This was probably a few months before he got the motorcycle but he was about this size.
Now, I have teeny tiny hands as an adult, so you can imagine how small they were at 9 years old. And I was riding a full size four-wheeler. Andrew was on the smallest motorcycle they make in front of me. I had let him get a little ahead of me and was coming around a corner where all of the trails kind of meet up at the mouth of the field...

And next thing I know I'm rolling back down Andrew's back.

He had stopped abruptly waiting for me to catch up and my little hands couldn't grab the brakes fast enough to stop before hitting him. Obviously, he was decked out in all of his gear: chest protector, teeny little boots, and a full face helmet; but, it didn't stop me from freaking out.

This bike is a size up from what he was on at the time. I can't seem to find a good picture of his actual first bike somehow, but you can get a feel of his size versus a full size four-wheeler.
I never actually stopped on top of him because I was attempting to stop so the four-wheeler just kind of rolled up to his helmet, and back down the bike. I immediately jumped off and ran to check on him. He was completely fine, not a scratch and he said he barely felt it. So I immediately start begging him not to tell dad and keep it a secret. He promised he wouldn't and we both got back on our vehicle of choice and headed up to the house.

Andrew beat me back. And before I had even stopped the four-wheeler, Dad was coming towards me yelling about running over my brother.

Needless to say, I didn't trust Andrew for the rest of the years I lived at home. Now, he's 17 and still not extremely trustworthy because he a teenager and teenagers are just suspicious.

See. He's grown up and suspicious. He's also a kick ass racer so I guess I didn't cause any permanent damage. 
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Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

hahaha oh little brothers! Glad he was okay!

Carly said...

This is hilarious! My brother is four years younger than I am and it was the same thing growing up! He would always tattle on me-- even if I wasn't bothering him and my parents would always believe him :)

jackie jade said...

ah well at least he was ok. but of course he told on you - isn't that what all younger siblings do? haha. my sister is 8 years older and I know I annoyed her all the time. but if she ever told me to go away or shut up, i'd immediately go tell on her haha.
-- jackie @ jade and oak