Monday, January 13, 2014

If I Won the Lottery

Oh I am so happy that I am most likely asleep while you're reading this. And that I scheduled this ahead of time Friday night because I knew I would be too tired after a long day at work Sunday to write it. Maybe today I'll actually schedule my posts for the week. Maybe. Anyways, I just wanted to brag about that for minute because I'm sure you're reading this from work ;) But if it helps, I'll be working until midnight (per usual) the rest of the week.

And we're moving on.

Oftentimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed about student loan payments, wedding planning and sometimes even if we can go out to eat or not, I ask Christian when we're going to win the lottery. Keep in mind, I've never actually played the lottery nor do I really have any plans to do so, BUT it's always nice to dream.

Anytime I do this, we immediately talk about exactly what we'd do with the money which then leads to talks about our real future and real things we plan on in this life together. Today, though, I want to focus on the dream version of it all.

I feel like most people jump immediately to a mansion, a yacht, 3 vacation homes,etc., but we actually don't ever say any of those things when we talk about it. So here's our "Lottery List" if we every decide to play it and then of course we'd win it ;)

one // Pay off our student loans. Christian was the youngest of three. I went to a private school for one year and out of state for three. So we're definitely in need of some help paying those suckers off. If anyone has a few thousand dollars to spare we wouldn't mind one bit..

At least it was gorgeous. 
two // Buy new cars. Do we need these right now? Not at all. But, Christian said he would give his new car he bought over the summer to his dad and my car is a 2009. We could easily trade up for our "dream cars" (mine is actually very doable later in life, I hope) and then we would probably get a "play car" to share on the weekends. Christian's a car guy so he would love to spend all his money on cars forever and ever.

three // Buy a house. Neither of us want a big, ginormous house because we don't want the upkeep. We'd get a pretty decent size house with enough bedrooms for the 3 kids I want. But we would fill it with really cool stuff - the newest appliances, a double oven, a huge fenced in back yard, a pool with a jacuzzi, a walk in pantry behind my fridge, a hidden staircase, a great play room, etc. You get the picture. And a swim up bar, obviouslyyyy.

four // Furnish said house. I would want an even bigger, more overstuffed red couch than I have now. A pretty dining room set. A lovely breakfast table with benches. A BIG king size bed for all our kiddos and pets.

five // A little shopping spree. I've been told I would be allowed to keep a few thousand for a new wardrobe that's full of classic staples. I'd probably just recreate my Pinterest closets.

six // A Greek isle cruise. This is what we want to do for our honeymoon but I just don't think it will happen this year. But we could definitely do it if we had lottery money! 

seven // Quit my job. Now before you think I mean for good, I mean just until I find one I love. I've mentioned a few times that I'm just not happy where I'm at. I'm job hunting but it's a process and not easy when your one and only job out of college was in sales when that's not what you want to do with your life. The lottery would let me take the time to find a job without having the pressure of not having a paycheck coming in.

eight // SAVE IT. We would put everything into a great savings account that build interest so we would have college funds for our kids (I think Christian would be more open to 3 if we had a cushion!). They would be taken care of - but trust me, if my kids aren't super dedicated and obsessed with a sport, they'll be working in high school. We would have money to help our parents if and when they need it.

nine // Donate it. I'm always complaining about celebs and they're money and stockpiling it, so I would definitely be donating some. I like the idea of putting it towards a lot of different charities as well - cancer research, ALS research, childrens' hospitals, women's shelters. I would do everything I could to do good things with this money. And hey, maybe I'd find out volunteering for these things is what I like and I wouldn't need to work and I could just constantly be giving back.

Andddd I'm stopping at nine. Oops. But, hey, I'm trying not to be too greedy here.

Excuse me while I go buy a lottery ticket...

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Carly said...

One is at the top of my list too and I always feel so boring for it but it would be the biggest burden removed! Traveling would probably be next on my list!

Ps. Love Olivia Palermo!

Carly | CBH

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Your list is exactly the same as mine except I would probably go to London instead and I would just buy myself a new car (Brian just got one so I'd pay that off). I'd also pay off my parents' house and cars. It's fun to dream huh? hehe

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...
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Becky said...

Haha we have similar lottery wish lists! My mom got me a megamillions ticket for Christmas and I got excited thinking about to what to buy for one night haha :)

Leslie said...

It's always fun to think about what you would do if you won the lottery.. I never play it either, but I dream of winning! My list would be very similar to yours.. paying off student loans would be such a wonderful feeling. And having my pinterest closet in real life... :)