Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm a Brat.

This totally turned into a rant of sorts. It started with a few "fads" that I'm over and turned into a rant. I've been pretty cranky this week (hence the lack of blog posts) so I apologize in advance if I sound bratty. And these may be very unpopular opinions.

one // Snapchat. This is probably a very unpopular opinion, but I'm basically over it. I still use it occasionally but mostly, I just open them and move on. I have a few friends that send 2 million a day and I don't have a lot of time at work to just sit and look at snap videos. I also hate notifications on my phone so I stress about it until I can finally open it.

This could just be me being a brat, but in my opinion, it's fading out. Or at least I hope it is.

two // Uggs.  I didn't realize this was still a "thing" until last Monday afternoon when Christian and I were sitting at the Southpark mall eating some lunch and I was watching so many people walk by wearing the exact. same. outfit...

T-shirt. Leggings. Uggs.

Uggs were popular when I was in middle school and we all figured out that they weren't cute and we moved on. It looks like everyone hasn't realized that yet. I understand that they're warm and plenty of people wore them for playing in the snow in Boone and that's not what annoys me.

I think what bothers me the most is that every single person is wearing the exact same outfit and I don't think it flatters anyone.

three // Inappropriate use of #tbt. It's not a throwback if it was last week. Or two weeks ago. Or even last month. I've participated in Throwback Thursday 2, maybe 3 times and every single one was a few years old and usually coincided with something I was doing that day or about to do that weekend.

3 year old  trip where she visiting my school and was in honor of me traveling to visit her school!
I try not to follow a lot of young children on on social media, but there are a few because of my little brother, and they all post a million pictures every single Thursday. Sadly, though, they're not the only ones who do this. There are multiple people I graduated from high school with that do that.

So basically, all I'm saying is limit it to one picture, at least a year or so old, and maybe I won't hate Thursday on social media quite as much.

four // Southerners and snow. I fully understand that my main experiences with snow were in a town that was fully prepared for the snow and it was a normal occurrence. I also completely understand that the majority of the south isn't prepared for the snow and prefer the "better safe than sorry" route. I completely agree that this is how it should be handled.

Then, people don't follow directions. When your governor or other state officials tell you to go home, stay home and try again tomorrow, DO IT. No, the roads may not look "that bad", but for your Southern self, it is. STAY PUT.

I left work a few hours early on Tuesday because I was definitely nervous about black ice forming when I was set to leave work at midnight. I'm cool as a cucumber driving in actual snow, but black ice is no joke for anyone. And I was almost hit twice by idiots who thought they could drive in it and they couldn't.

I'm not referencing the situations in Atlanta, Birmingham and the other issues that took place with this, but I do think everyone should have been sent home much earlier than they were. And I understand everyone has to wait until the "orders to leave" are given, but that whole situation definitely could have been prevented with better planning by city/state officials and I hate it for every single person that was stuck out there with no way to get home.

And I'm done being a cranky pants now.

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Kelsey said...

oh i'm with you on about all of those! i admit i'm a snap freak but i cant help it! i love photography, i have a business so i'm constantly taking random pics! but the uggs, i'm pretty thankful i never bought the real deal and just settled for my cheapo ones, they're so NOT stylish! they're like lounge shoes to me!!

SimplyTeasing said...

No worries! I completely agree with you on all of those. I do get some entertaining snapchats but I barely use it myself. I gave up uggs a while ago. Yes, they are warm but not a fashion statement. I won't even go into TBT -you hit the nail on the head :)
Last, I almost got hit twice on Tuesday also when I went to the gym BEFORE there was any snow. The panic strikes early in the south because we aren't prepared.