Friday, February 3, 2017

5 on Friday: February Goals

I have set a few goals this month so I thought this would be a good place to write them in.. stone? The cloud? Google? Anyways, I want to put them somewhere just to hold myself a little more accountable.

If you missed it, my goal for 2017 is "Try More" thanks to my friend Lisa. So far, I already checked a few things off this list in January. I tried some new fitness classes and really committed to my new meal plan (outside of some REALLY stressful days where I just couldn't find the strength to cook). This month, I have quite a few "try more" on my list!

one // Read a new book. 

I keep forgetting that I have a library card and a library about 10 minutes from my office. It's so easy now to browse online, reserve my books and go pick them up. So, I've already got quite a few reserved so let's see how many I actually get through!

two // Try at least 4 new recipes. 

I did pretty good at this in January, so I want to keep the streak going! I got some new cookbooks for Christmas, too, so I want to use some things out of that! One a week - I can totally do this!

three // Try a cupcake decorating class. 

Okay, I'm cheating by putting this year because I am already signed up for one the last day of the month with a friend of mine. I have photographic evidence that I am TERRIBLE at any sort of cake decorating but maybe cupcakes will be easier since they're smaller? I'm even going to show it to you. But, remember this was in high school and early college so the picture quality is horrid.
Yes, that's a knife mark and some spilled Coke on it... 

four // Finish my office. 

I've been slowly working on it this month - mainly material gathering since we're doing it on the cheap. We invested a little more in Christian's office since he truly works from home 2-3 days a week so he needs the nice chair, two monitors, etc. Plus, my office will one day be a nursery so I don't want to do something expensive just to get rid of in 15 years when we have kids ;)

I've got almost the entire gallery wall complete - just a few DIY pieces I'd like to finish up and add to it. Christian is refinishing the legs and chair for me and I need some pillows for the couch and chair. Can't wait to show you guys once I'm done!

Here's a little of my inspiration from my Pinterest board. And yes, I call it "Princess Palace" because Christian said that was the opposite of a Man Cave so now it's our joke for it. These pictures have a lot of pink, but pink is not my accent color - I'll wait and let you see what it is!




five //
Pamper myself. 

I've been pretty upfront about how there are some things going on in my life right now that I may or may not share at some point. This last month has been absolutely exhausting - yesterday I was 2 hours late to work because I just needed to sleep. Luckily, my boss rocks and she was totally cool with it and has been so supportive in general.

But, with all the stuff going on and draining me emotionally, I've also been trying to keep up with the eating and the working out so my body is literally on fire constantly and work is just INSANE right now. So many really great things are happening, but they're also very important and stressful.

All of that rambling to say this introvert needs to introvert. I've got a massage booked for tonight and I'm booking another one mid-month. I'm getting my hair done in a couple weeks and I just bought some new bath bombs that I can't wait to use.

six // Plan our spring trip! 

Yeah, yeah. It's "5 on Friday" but I have six goals this month! We have a couple trips penciled in right now and I'd like to plan one out and be able to write it in pen in my planner officially! #paperplannernerd
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Lauren said...

I'm calling my office the princess palace, too! the rest of our house has to be mutually agreed upon but if I'm going to spend 40+ hours in there a week, I get absolute rule. I haven't bought much yet, but one of my coworker friends heard about this and gifted me cute things like a pink stapler! I love "try more." My 2016 outlook was "say yes" which was similar and I really enjoyed it!

Laura Darling said...

LOL I think I am going to start using princess palace too! It's perfect! I need to start reserving books before I go to the library. When I go I end up coming home with about ten books that I can never finish in just three weeks!! I am queen of the late fee haha!

Audrey Louise said...

Hehehehe... I can't help but giggle at your cakes :) I've had SO MANY TERRIBLE FAILS in the kitchen, though, so your cakes are a-ok compared to those moments... lol.
LOVE the office inspiration! Not my style but super cute!