Thursday, January 5, 2017


Last year, I sort of set some resolutions and I actually didn't do too bad at them. But, I don't really liek resolutions. This year, I'm setting a phrase. Not really a word, but sort basically the same idea.

First, I want to look back at 2016's "resolutions":

Drink more water. 

I don't know that this is very measurable, but I would say I've done this. I've definitely cut down my Coke drinking as well most of the time. But, it's really hard when you work for Coke and it's free to you all day, e'eryday at work. I've found that fruit infused water makes me drink more, so I try to do that whenever I can remember. 

Eat better. 

This took longer to get on track, but in the last few months I found Skinnytaste and it has changed my life. Most of her recipes are so easy to make and are pretty quick, too. Plus, I got her new cookbook (affiliate link) for Christmas and I already made one thing that was a total success last night! This year though, we're kicking it into high gear! 

Stay committed to barre. 

Done! Truly, Pure Barre is my favorite. I love everyone at my studio, and though it was hard to get there during the holidays, I'm so glad that I have my studio there on a hard day to help tuck away the stress. 

Add in some cardio. 

Okay, didn't do very well on this one. I did do some of the Platform classes at Pure Barre, but the times aren't usually convenient for me. I took one cycle class and almost died, I'm certain of it. 

ROCK this new position at work. 

I don't know that I can fully judge myself on this? But, I feel like I've done a great job. I've completed a lot of projects this year and tried a lot of new things, too, that I've loved getting involved in. I can't wait to keep learning at growing 

Recommit to With a Side of Chocolate. 

It did take me until.. October? Even though I tried to come back in August. But I did! And I'm SO committed right now and can't wait to really grow this space in 2017. I'm already loving finding new blogs that popped up in my semi hiatus. 

Play with make up more. 

Did this, too! I've really started wearing more lipstick (mostly red - red is my favorite color for everything: nails, dresses, scarves, pea coats, lips...). I've also started getting into some higher end makeup! My current obsession is this Tarte clay foundation and Smashbox Primer (affiliate links)!

All in all, I'd say I was pretty successful in 2016 despite a much crazier year than I was expecting. 

Now, what am I shooting for in 2017? If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this a few days ago but I'd like to expand upon it a little more. 
The idea actually came from my friend, Lisa. A few weeks ago, we tried a new activity and she suggested that we should make a point to try a new thing/place/activity every month this year and I LOVED that idea. 

Charlotte has so much to offer and I don't take enough advantage of that! So, this year, Lisa and I will be tackling something new every month. Although in May, she's tackling giving birth so I may have to go solo that month ;) 

But it's more than that to me. It's trying to blog more, trying to do more cardio, trying to eat healthier, trying to visit new places, trying to read more, and the list goes on and on. I just want to TRY MORE. 

The word "try" tripped me up at first, though. Sometimes it's easy to use "try" as an excuse to give up. For example, I stopped going to Platform classes because I could never get there on time even though I "tried" to get there. I stopped eating healthier around the holidays because I "tried" going to the store after work, but I left a few minutes late and traffic was bad so I just went home and ordered a pizza (#reallife). I "tried" to wake up early, but I accidentally hit snooze for 30 minutes. I "tried" to make new friends, but in reality I was terrible at following up to texts. 

It's so easy to say "oh well, I tried" and never try again. That's exactly what I want to stop. I want to stop the fake "trying" and really TRY something new, eating healthier, running, spin classes, hiking, kayaking more, blogging more, reading more and on and on and on. And as long as I'm truly trying and putting in 100% in everything I decide to do (and all relationships I intend to keep longterm), then I will have had a successful 2017. 

So this year, I'm telling myself to "just try it", what can it hurt?

I've even started a hashtag for myself to track all the new and more things I will be doing this year: #trymore2017

So, there you have it. My 2017 "resolution" or "word of the year" or whatever you want to call it. But, I'm turning 26 this year and I want to try being the best version of my that I can be. Stay tuned for what this looks like! I'm sure it'll give me lots of good blog material ;) 


Kristin said...

I think that trying new things willingly will let you know what you'd really like to focus on in the future. I like that idea. Adorable planner too!

Thanks for linking up!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love your phrase for the new year. I feel like I've been doing pretty well with trying new things the past few years, but it's still something I try and keep in mind. I want to explore my city even MORE and find things to do that I truly love. I really want to get back to a dance class. It gets me moving and it's fun, but I just haven't really had the money to do it.