Friday, February 10, 2017

5 on Friday!

Um, how did Friday get here so quickly? I'm not usually one to say that the week sped by but it really seemed to this week! All of a sudden, I was talking to my team at work and we realized it was 4:30pm on Thursday! Right around that time, I also realized I didn't blog at all this week. But, I have a good reason that I will be sharing today :)

one // I'm taking on a new volunteer venture!

Starting Monday, I will start as a coach for Girls on the Run.  I have a friend whose full time job is with GOTR and she's always posting about it and after the election, I was having the strongest desire to DO something and to help in some way. 

GOTR works with elementary and middle school girls to train for a 5K (I use train lightly here, because they are never required to run - they can run, walk, skip, hop - anything they want) and learn skills to become better women. There's focus on self-care, self esteem, being a good friend, not bullying, and giving back to the community. 
I'm still looking for other outlets as well that I can get involved with for some other causes near and dear to my heart, but women's rights are pretty high on my list. What better way to help other women than by helping develop this wonderful next generation to be strong, powerful women who lift other women up and can accomplish all their goals?! 

two // A night of relaxation. 

Christian was out of town at a conference Wednesday night, so I had a night to do whatever I wanted. I came home, took Ellie for a run and did a quick Kayla Itsines workout before heating up leftovers and parking it on the couch. I caught up on This Is Us and Scandal while knocking out some GOTR training modules while chowing down on some popcorn and it was glorious to not have to speak to anyone. I love Christian and I love talking to him, but I'm the biggest introvert and I haven't had real introvert time in awhile. 

three // Christian got a new car last week. 

So, the fact itself isn't over the top interesting. BUT I find the way that it happened to be pretty funny. He's a car guy and he's wanted a sports car for awhile. Last year I told him that he either had to get a car by the end of 2016 or wait until our future children were grown because I'm not putting a car seat in a sports car. 

He hates spending money so I thought I had this one in the bag. I did not. He ordered the car back in December but it needed to be built and shipped over............. Needless to say, we just pushed kids back a few more years. Or if you follow my mom's line of beliefs, we'll have kids within the year since he now bought a sports car. Oh, moms. 

four // I took a really fun Skill Pop class last week! 

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned Skill Pop before but it's an amazing company that hosts pop up classes all around Charlotte on a lot of different topics ranging from blogging (usually taught by Megan), photography, cookie decorating, hair styling and more! I took a painting class and it was SO much fun. I'm also not great at it, so I had to fully focus for two and a half hours and with life lately, I seriously needed that. 
five // Lady GaGa. 

I've been a fan of Lady GaGa since 2009. I've seen her in concert twice. Fun fact: Jason Derulo opened for her the first time. 
I just had to show what ridiculous outfits we wore.. this was tame compared to everyone else (not pictured: 4 inch navy heels). Also, motivation to hit the gym harder this week. 

Anyways, her halftime show was AMAZING and I was hoping so badly to get to see her again but the only shows that were feasible location-wise were not feasible date-wise. One is the weekend my best friend gets married and the other is the week we're planning to be in Europe. Hopefully, next time!

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