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GUYS. I wrote this entire post, hit publish and it was gone. GONE. Talk about frustrating. That is not a good omen for the goal I have written below... Oh, well. I'm back and I'm rewriting. So I hope you all enjoy it ;)

I'm not one for resolutions. In school, I set my resolutions with the school years and never followed through. After college, I've just set lose ideas in my head and never followed through with them like "lose weight" or something else random.

But, as the year ended and blogland was all in a tizzy with goals, I got caught up in it and started thinking about 2015 and everything I (and we as a family) accomplished.

Such as:

  • Starting and sticking to a workout. 
  • Changing my work situation for the better. 
  • Traveling more: DC, Charlottesville and Hawaii!
We did plenty of other things too: continued to decorate our house, got a puppy, made new friends, strengthened old friendships and more.

Since I actually got some of my goals accomplished last year, I devicided I might make some real ones this year and try to stick to them. What I've decided, though, is that I can't just jump in all at once. Just like smokers don't usually quit cold turkey (hey, this is a good example because my goals and quitting smoking are both good for you!), there's no need to jump into every goal hard core. I'm certain that I'd fail at them all if I did.

So here we go, 2016:

  • Drink more water. Duh. I think everyone has this goal at some point. But, I work for Coke and it's free to me all day, e'ry day and I love Coke. Needless to say, my water intake is ATROCIOUS. I think my body is 70% Coke, not water. So far, I've been adding lemons, limes, mint and cucumber to make my water tastier and the last few days, I've definitely drank more water and less Coke!
  • Eat better. Again, duh. But, I'm not jumping all in like I mentioned. I'm starting by making my breakfasts and lunches better and working my way up to dinner. Honestly, dinner is usually our healthiest meal, but I do like to cook with heavy creams so I want to cut those out and find ways to make our favorite meals in a healthier version!
  • Stay committed to barre. This will probably be the easiest of my goals, because I'm committed to a year package at my studio that starts February 6! So it's a total waste of money if I get lazy. But, I'd love to one day become a barre instructor, so I need to keep my classes up to 4-6 a week. I average 4 right now, but I'd like to average 5 instead! 
  • Add in some cardio. Hopefully this will be easier, too, because Pure Barre is adding a cardio class called Pure Platform and it looks INTENSE. But, it's built in to the package I have so I've got to go! But, I'd like to add in some hiking with the husband and pup when it warms back up a little. 
  • ROCK this new position at work. I haven't mentioned on the blog (proooobably because I haven't been here in a couple weeks), but I have a new position at work. It's a step up from what I was doing before and I'm SO excited. It's going to be a lot of work and there will be a lot of eyes on me but I'm so excited for the new responsibilities. 
  • Recommit to With a Side of Chocolate. I truly do miss this place. I know that's not obvious, but I do. Anytime I tell myself I want to post and I don't, I beat myself up a little bit. So this year, I'm pledging to post 3 times a week... I have so many ideas written down and they just haven't made it onto paper computer screen. 
  • Play with makeup more. This one is so silly, but I'm putting it out there. Make up can be so fun, yet I wear the same thing every day. The few times I throw on some lipstick or thicken up my eyeliner a bit, I get compliments. And who doesn't love compliments? Something so simple can give you a total mood boost and who doesn't want to have their mood boosted? Plus, it's a confidence builder and you feel infinitely more pulled together with a winged liner or red lip and this new position is going to require some confidence I may not actually have quite yet. 
So there you have it, my 2016 goals. There are some mini goals built into some of these bigger goals that will help my accomplish them, but I won't bore you with those. Hey, there's no pictures (blogging no no!) so who even knows how far you got? ;) If you did get this far, what are your goals for this year? Any advice on how I can accomplish mine?

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