Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Rock Your First Spin Class

Recently, a friend of mine dragged me to a cycle class at Cycle South in Uptown Charlotte. I have one word: ouch. 

I'd like to walk you through my thoughts during that 45 minutes... In full disclosure, I don't do much cardio at all. Occasionally I'll take a Pure Barre Platform class or go on a hike. So, I do really need more cardio in my life and this was the first step for me.

Okay, here we go. 

Hm. This bike seat isn't that comfortable. 

I wonder if it feels this uncomfortable the whole time. 

It's weird that my feet are buckled to the pedals... 

What if I fall off but my feet are still buckled in?

Oh, the instructor has so much energy. I'm scared. 

Why is he turning off the lights?

Well, I mean now I don't have to see myself in that giant mirror because this is going to be ugly. 

Okay, so this pedaling isn't that bad. 

Wait? I'm supposed to be on beat with this? This song has such a fast beat! 

So if this class is 45 minutes, that's like what? 10 songs? 12 songs? 

I can do that. 

Okay, standing. That's better on my tush. 

And still keep the beat while standing? How?

How is that girl moving so fast? How do her legs do that?

How are you lunging on a bike like that? I physically can't do that. 


He wants me to do pushups on this thing?

Whew! We're sitting down. 

Actually, my ass hurts so I think I'd rather stand. Can we stand?

No, seriously, can we stand?

NEVERMIND. I can't go this fast standing!!!

I think I'm going to pass out. 

Have I ever sweat this much in my life?

How is that instructor STILL full of so much energy.. he's been doing every exercise, running around AND singing Selena Gomez. 

Oh, finally. Two more songs. 

I can do this. 

He wants me to go all out for a whole song????

Never mind, I am going to die. Or faint. Or fall off this bike. 

Wait, no I got this. 

Don't have this. 

I don't remember Taylor Swift's songs being this long.

Is this an extended version?


Huh. That wasn't so bad. 

I really struggled walking the day after that class because my tush was so sore... But, somehow, my friend has convinced me to go again. 

Obviously, this was not a tutorial how to rock a spin class. My biggest advice is:
  • Prepare for your butt to hurt
  • Bring a water bottle or three
  • Bring a towel (this studio provided free ones so that was nice!) 
  • Stretch your legs afterwards!!
So there you have it: my experience in a spin class. Hopefully I didn't scare you away from it ;) 


Teh Megan said...

After my first spin class (of maybe 3-5 total), I announced to my 4 male coworkers that I felt like I'd been punched in the crotch. When it continued to feel that way after each class, I decided quickly that spin wasn't for me and I'd rather take the super awesome step aerobics class, where there was a disappointing lack of sweat bands. As a regular step aerobics attendant, I only twisted my ankle falling off the step twice. Better a twisted ankle than a crotch punch.

Amanda said...

I love spin! I used to do it at 5 am 😳😳😳 I remember how bad my butt hurt after my first class, lol. But it never hurt like that again so, hopefully, you won't have to deal with that again :)

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