Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Does anyone remember me saying I was going to recommit to this blog in 2016? Well, it's August and I haven't posted since January. So that went very well.

I still want to, though. I'm still reading blogs and very tuned in through social media, but I really miss sitting down, putting fingers to keyboard and jotting down some random thoughts. I have recently taken some steps to really get back over here, though, and I'm putting some plans and posts together so that  I can come back strong - not just sporadically posting (like I'm currently doing...).

But hey, while I'm here, why don't I give you a quick rundown of what life has looked like since January?


- Went on my first solo work trip to DC. I got to see my best friend and SIL for the weekend before and it was awesome! There was even snow on the ground which is my absolute favorite.

- Got my husband to take a Pure Barre class with me. I truly wish I had picture of him actually doing the workout and constantly telling me "but my body doesn't move like this!" "this isn't fair because you're more flexible".

- The Panthers made it to the Super Bowl! They lost, but it was SUCH a fun season in Charlotte. There was such a crazy energy everywhere you went.

This was the team being welcomed home after the Superbowl!
- Took a trip to Boone with Alyssa and our men! It truly just always feels like home.


- Bachelorette Party in Nashville for my dear friend, Maggie. Seriously SO much fun. (Also, she and her now husband started a blog - go read it!)

- Maggie's wedding! What a special couple. I'm so happy we were able to be there to celebrate them.


- Kristin came to visit for the weekend and we got to meet her new boyfriend. We approved.

- Ellie turned 1!

- My brother came to visit and we had an awesome Charlotte weekend. Carowinds and the Whitewater Center.

- We did some rooftop yoga at Fahrenheit. And I still found a way to do some Pure Barre.


- I had a birthday and my uncle got married at the beach. Three of my four uncles have gotten married in May at the beach over the last 3 years (one of which was on my actual birthday) so we've spent the time with family the last 3 years!

- We lost an amazing man. On May 13, my friend Sam's dad lost his battle with ALS. He truly was one of the strongest people I've ever known and he left this life on his own terms and we all took a Jagerbomb with him just a few hours before he passed. It was such a special moment to be a part of and to witness such an amazing group of friends and family.

- Zuko turned FOUR. Holy crap.

- My best friend came to visit! We've always talked about seeing Kenny Chesney together and when I told her he was coming to Charlotte we planned a trip immediately. It was so amazing to see Kenny together (no rain would stop us!) and then spend the weekend showing them Charlotte and why we love it here so much!


- We saw Miranda Lambert and Kip Moore! I am now obsessed with both of them.

- Kristin came back! 

- Christian and I took a vacation. The original plan was Punta Cana, but we weren't able to work it out for this year so we decided on half a week in DC with his best friend and his sister and the last few days of the week at the lake with my family!


- Spent July 4th weekend in Charlottesville with Kristin. I am seriously obsessed with Charlottesville. I would move there in a heartbeat. It's bigger than Boone but has all the charm. And it was in the 60s two of the days I was there which was much needed after all the days we've had around 100 here.

- Celebrated Queens Feast Restaurant Week in Charlotte. We enjoyed two fabulous dinners with awesome friends.


So far, nothing super crazy has been going on. We've had some fun nights with friends and my mom is coming in a couple weeks for a concert/mother daughter weekend. But I'm SO ready for Fall. Charlotte is so freakin' hot that I really can't take it much longer. Hot and muggy are not my friend. Any Northerners looking for roomies? We come bringing a cat who sleeps all day and a dog who is a shadow. Both very sweet and love to snuggle. Let us know!

Hopefully, you'll be seeing me around these parts again soon ;)

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Teh Megan said...

Welcome back :)

We have tickets for the Panthers vs Falcons game and I'm pumped. BF wanted to go to a live game, so we found tickets. Shit was 'spensive.

I feel like I need to go to Carowinds now. I've not been in YEARSSSS. I would also like to try the zipline course near CLT, I can't remember what it's called right now.

We did a trip to Grandfather Mtn in March and it was delightfully chilly and after practically melting my face off this summer (glad to see it's miserable in other places not Charleston), I'm ready to get back to the mountains ASAP.