Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Busy, Busy.

I don't have much for ya today because this week is CRAZY busy with school stuff. 

I've got two final exams, one huge paper, one smaller paper and one presentation by Thursday. 

Then it's birthday weekendddddddd!

Followed by two final exams and a presentation on Monday and Tuesday of next weekend. 

Then, I'm DONE with college. 

Tomorrow, I'll be back with a post about what I love/hate about Boone (I hope!). 

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekends in Charlotte.

Surprise. I was in Charlotte AGAIN this weekend. After all the traveling this semester, I am very ready to be in Charlotte for good and stop all this traveling every single weekend. It's really wearing on me!

But, as always, this weekend was fun!


I had another eye doctor appointment to try to find out why I am so freaking blind. Hopefully, we've got some solutions being figured out right now! After meeting with my professor, I packed up and headed back to Charlotte. About 15 exits from Christian's house, we stopped. Now, it was Friday at 4:00pm so some traffic was expected. Once I checked Google Maps, I discovered that there was a huge accident with a fuel spill and I do not know my way around Charlotte. So Christian received a frantic "HELP I'M STUCK" phone call where he gave me lovely directions and I skipped the whole accident :)


We were up early for the Walk to Defeat ALS for my friend Sam's dad. Our team was the second biggest and they raised the most money! Over $19,000 for ALS!!

Not even all of us!

After lunch and wandering around Southpark Mall, we headed over to Bank of America Stadium for the Panthers Draft Party. I'll be honest, I don't pay attention to NFL at all, whatsoever, but, it was still pretty cool!


Once the rain made us leave, we all headed home to nap and get ready for the night. Christian and I had dinner with his parents, grandmother and sister before we headed back over to Sam's house for shenanigans.

Not the biggest fan of cider but LOVE this.

The goal for Sunday was to go to Carowinds but the lovely weather shot that idea for us. So we were lazy for the morning and grabbed bagels. Once Christian and I got back to his house, we played with Emmy for awhile before watching a movie. He had been trying to nap all weekend and I never let him because I'm a brat and said he was taking away from "our time", and then I fell asleep during the movie. I'm probably going to hear about that all week...

Play time!

Nap time. 

Unfortunately, then I had to come back to Boone in the nasty weather and fog. I spent the night catching up on all the work I should have done this weekend and preparing for my last week of college classes. I cannot believe it's here. I have FOUR days of class and only 7 actual classes to sit through. I keep wanting to cry and celebrate all at the same time.


So, wish me luck on making it through the last week of college ever, I guess.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm failing... and Back That Azz Up Friday!

So I haven't mentioned this here yet, but last Tuesday I gave up Coke. I was drinking one in class and after I finished I just decided that was it for now. I have a serious addiction to Coke/caffeine. I have at least one Coke a day if not two. I know, I know. It's terrible for me but I can't help it, it's my vice.

So last week I "gave it up". Then on Friday, we went to Bojangles. Without even thinking about it, I got a a Dr. Pepper. After a few sips I freaked out because I had messed up my goal without even realizing it. The on Saturday, I had one on purpose. Then it was back to water and juice only and that's all I've had since the Dr. Pepper on Saturday. But, I still haven't had a Coke and that's what I love.

Yesterday, I was craving one SO bad. All day long I considered buying one. I even went to the grocery store with the intentions of buying one, but I didn't. But I still want one. So by failing, I mean I suck at giving them up and I'm considering making them weekend-only, or something like that.

I also decided last week I was finally going to stop biting my nails once and for all. They're currently so chewed on that they hurt (gross, right?!). I suck at this, too. I did really well for over a week by keeping them painted, but then I picked all the polish off and had two bad days. And there went what little nails I had grown out.

So this weekend, it's back to square one to attempt to have pretty nails for graduation, wish me luck!

I'm also linking up with Whitney for the first time for Back That Azz Up Friday!


Enjoy! And Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tough Questions

So with all the craziness in life right now, don't be surprised if I seem a little MIA the next couple of weeks. I'm really enjoying blogging and I love setting aside a few minutes at night to write a post. It gives me a little break from the constant schoolwork!

I was struggling with a topic for today (as I do on Wednesday nights, usually) and I saw Erin post these questions for herself. So I'm linking up and answering them, too!

If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?

Sometimes, I'd like to take back the decisions I made my Freshman year of college. But, when I really sit down and consider it, I don't. I learned so much about who I don't want to be and what I don't want from a relationship and a guy, that I try to think of it as a learning experience. I try to see most situations this way, so there's not much I would do differently myself. There are, though, plenty of things I wish had gone differently that weren't in my control. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Honestly, I want to be married. I would be happy being married in the next 1-2 years. I mean we've got about 2 and a half years into this beautiful relationship and we're moving in together this Fall so I know it will happen, it's just a matter of when. I also want to be pregnant or at least considering having children. My parents were relatively young when they had me (23 and 26), and I love how young they are in relation to most of my friends' parents. I know they'll be around for my kids and I want to be around for my grandkids as well. 

Although, we still like acting like children.

Do you honestly want kids?

Yes. I sometimes finding myself having baby fever even now. BUT I know that I don't want kids right now and that's it's not really baby fever as much as it is "life fever". I say "life fever" to mean I'm just ready to move on from this stage and enter the next! But, I definitely want kids - 3 of them to be precise. Although, Christian comes from a family of 3 and he'd be content with one child. We'll just cross that bridge when we come to it, I guess! ;)

What has been the best moment of your life so far?

This is an extremely difficult question for me. I have many moments that stand out in my life: the first time I won at a cheerleading competition, getting 3rd place and getting to compete at Nationals in DECA, graduating from high school with my best friend, meeting Christian, when we started dating, my dad coming home last October, and I know there are quite a few coming up pretty soon that will stand out. I try to enjoy every day, but I'm definitely one who lives for big events so there are many moments that stand out to me.

My best friend!

What is your life theme song?

This could change depending on the day, week, month, year, etc., but for now I would say it's "Every Storm Runs out of Rain" by Gary Allen. 

What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die?

In reference to the "moment" question, I want to learn to enjoy every day and stop always counting down to the next exciting thing. There are wonderful things that happen every single day and I need to learn to stop and enjoy them before my life goes flashing by (like college has!). I also have quite a lot of traveling I want to do, as well as going sky diving!

If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be?

Being a good friend. I try really hard to always be there for my friends whenever they need me. They know they can call me any time of day and I will be there. I try to listen and give the best advice I can. Even if I don't agree with their decisions, I never want my friends to feel judged by me.

Friends :)

If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc), what would it be?

Travel. Anywhere and everywhere. I only have about two weeks between graduation and starting my job but I wish it was a few months so I could just travel and experience the world. I feel like, as Americans, we kind of get stuck in our little bubble. There are so many things out there to explore and experience, and I want the chance to do so!

What has been the most challenging moment in your life?

The most challenging moment in my life would by a few years long. I'm not ready to fully go into the details - and I'm not sure if I ever will in such a public forum - but my family experienced some terrible things (which I've referenced before). The worst of it began on January 21, 2011 and ended October 2012. I don't know how we did it or why we were forced to go through it, but it was definitely the hardest thing we've all ever been through. As I mentioned Tuesday, I never would have made it through without Christian here to stand by me. 

Summarize yourself in one word.

Work-in-progress. I cheated by making it hyphenated, sue me. 

I'll be back next week to link up with Stephanie for the "The Party Don't Start til I Walk In" link up again! I just didn't have any fun party ideas today! But go check out her yummy recipe today!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Only 17 days...Really?!

I feel like many of my posts recently have had a similar title. College is just flying by and I'm starting to get nervous for it to leave. Yes, this year has been extremely stressful with my insane amount of schoolwork and  30 hours a week of work up until the end of March, but college is a blast. I'm going to miss being able to sleep in and skip class for no reason (this is what I did Monday, oops!). I'm going to miss 3 day weekends (thank you, Walker College of Business). I'm going to miss only 3 hours of class a day versus 8 hours of work a day. I'm going to miss day-drinking being an acceptable past time when the weather is warm.I'm really excited about this next adventure but I'm really starting to miss college and I haven't left.

BUT. I do have quite a lot to look forward to these next 17 days, so I'm focusing on that!

This weekend:
  • Headed down to Charlotte Friday and I get to play with wittle Emmy all weekend!
  • Saturday we're walking in the Walk to Defeat ALS for this man and his family:

  • Sunday I'm off to Carowinds with Christian, Sam and her husband. I haven't been since I was 8!
~~ 4 days of class ~~

Next weekend:
  • TIM MCGRAW for an early birthday celebration.
  • Saturday is my BIRTHDAY! I love birthdays. Seriously. I love a whole day dedicated to me. And I usually make it last an entire weekend. See: last year
  • Sunday I'll probably be recovering. Oops. 
And then it's finals week. I've got two presentations on Monday (5/6) and one final on Tuesday (5/7) and that's IT. I am done with college and schooling forever. I'm currently in denial that one day I'll be going back for a Master's.

I also ordered these gorgeous announcements from Shutterfly to let extended family and friends know about my graduation even though they're not technically invited. 

I'm spending the rest of the week drinking my face off and packing up most of my apartment. I have a feeling there will be a lot of drunk crying in my floor.. After all those shenanigans, my family will appear Friday with my best friend and I will be taking them on a tour of Boone. 

Then I graduate. From college. What. How. When. Oh. yes, I'm super excited but also in a lot of denial in case you can't tell. 

Linking up with Sara and Chloe for the GFC Lovin' Blog Hop! So stop over and link up, too!

GFC Lovin

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Songs about life.

I saw this on Pinterest the other day, and I love it. 

I have songs that every single time I listen to them, I cry. And songs that make me smile from ear to ear every time they play. So for today, I thought I would "dedicate" some of my favorite songs to the people that cause these emotions. 


I don't know where I'd be
Without you here with me
Life with you makes perfect sense
You're my best friend

As cheesy as it sounds, he really is my best friend. I talk to him every day without fail and I tell him everything. He may not always have the best advice on girly matters, but he's there to listen. 

You are my heart, every breath I breathe
I'm safe in your arms, you rescue me.
When I'm weak, you're strong
If you were gone I don't know where I'd be
You were made for me

And again, cheesy, but this is completely true. We started dating during the hardest year of my life. Any sane person would have run as fast as he could in the other direction once he figured out what was going on in my life/with my family. But he didn't. And I will be forever grateful because I never would have made it. 

Mom and Dad

You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'cause you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

This will play during my father-daughter dance at my wedding.


I’ve cussed, I’ve prayed, I’ve said goodbye
Shook my fist and asked God why
These days when I’m missing you this much
I drive your truck
I roll every window down
And I burn up
Every back road in this town

The first time I heard this, I was driving back to Young Harris to visit my best friend. I cried so hard I almost drove off the road a few times. This is my brother. He will never talk about his feelings but if you pay close enough attention, he'll show you how he feels. And this video is exactly what he did to deal with certain things in our lives.

Kristin, Sam, Alyssa

So let’s raise a toast
‘Cause I found someone to carry me home
We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun

Weird video.. But this was our theme song to life last year. There have been many a Voxer sent between us screeching this song and it was played before every single outing.

Here's to last call when we didn't care, holding' our shots up in the air
A bunch of reckless boys, man I swear, it's a wonder we survived
To the trucks that drove us home, the secrets we never told
And all the talks on old dirt roads that somehow changed our lives
Here's to the nights we don't remember
Here's to the nights we don't remember and the friends we won't forget

Obviously, we are girls. But the idea is still the same. There are many a night that we're a little hazy on the details and have to fill each other in but that's what friends are for, right??


We bout to throw dem bows
We bout to swang dem thangs
There's about to be a what? Girlfight!

This may seem reallllyyyy weird. Senior year we made a CD for the summer and it was all "girl power" type songs because we were both anti-boys at that point. This was one of the songs on there and we never knew all of the words so we awkwardly mumbled half of it.

After of all of the darkness and sadness
Soon comes happiness
If I surround my self with positive things
I'll gain prosperity

Again with that whole "girl power" theme. We also had the whole part where they harmonize a bunch of "ohhhh's" down perfectly. We played it every time we got into the car. Sorry we're so cool. 


It sure left it's mark on us, we sure left our mark on it
We let the world know we were here, with everything we did
We laid a lot of memories down, like tattoos on this town
Like tattoos on this town
Everywhere, it's where we are
It gets me right, in my heart

Not much explanation needed. I love this town and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Headed down south to the land of the pines
I'm thumbin' my way into North Caroline
Starin' up the road
And pray to God I see headlights

Basically the Boone theme song. You will hear this at every single bar. And every single person will be singing along. And every single person will shout  "JOHNSON CITY TENNESEEEEEEEEE".

So there you have it. Some of my favorite songs and why they're my favorite songs. I'm sure you all have some songs that make you think of someone or something. 

I'd love to hear about them!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Little Emmy Lou {Weekend Recap}

This weekend was pretty wonderful and pretty lame all at the same time.

The wonderful began on Thursday night when Christian arrived and took me to dinner. We had a fun night discussing my move to Charlotte and our eventual apartment some time in the Fall! I've already got it pretty much decorated and he thinks I'm a weird-o.

Friday, he worked from my apartment while I  made breakfast and then fell back asleep with the Zukes. Zuko also has a pretty funny habit of taking Christian's chair at my desk every time he stands up. He could be dead asleep, but if Christian stands up he immediately gets in the chair.

After lunch at Bojangle's (we're classy, I know), it was off to the Humane Society to pick up the puppy for his family!

Meet Emmy Lou

The most precious pup in the world. She was pretty nervous in the car, but after I got back from my eye doctor appointment, she was asleep on the floor at Christian's feet. She's already following him around every time he moves. She loves to give kisses and she's afraid of porches. We also left her alone in the apartment for about 4.25 minutes and she had a little accident and was so excited to see us when we walked back in you would have thought we'd been gone for 3 days.

After they left for Charlotte (with Emmy riding in his lap even though we put her in the passenger seat), I had dinner at my friends' house and we watched Star Wars Episodes I and II. As of next week, I can say I've seen them all.

Saturday, I finally got to sleep in for real: 11am! Can you believe it? 11! Then I got dressed and tried to find motivation to do school work. After a late lunch and kitty snuggles, I headed to the library. After a few hours of work, the library closed and I headed home. I was already on a productive kick, so I came home and switched over my closet from winter to spring with some help from Zuko. After that I decided the best thing to do with my Saturday night would be watch ABC Family (Enchanted, Tangled and Prince Diaries. Yes, please), try on dresses I've yet to wear, paint my nails and use some self-tanner. Successful evening if you ask me.

Sunday was super lame. Completely dedicated to schoolwork. Thank you, senior year. Although, I did go to an awesome yoga class in between study sessions to break up my day and get the blood flowing again. And I also found out that my best friend gets to come to my graduation!!! I thought she couldn't come and now she's coming with my family!

I hope your weekend was a blast!

Friday, April 19, 2013

My biggest dream in life.

There are probably a lot of things you're expecting me to say: a big house, successful career, loving husband, tons of kids, etc., etc. All of those would be wrong. 

My biggest dream in life... drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeee... 

Is to be able to wake up in the morning, open my eyes and be able to see the room around me. Confused?

I'm blind as a bat. Like... super de duper blind. I've been wearing glasses since I was about 5 years old. Back then, they were gold round lenses with Bugs Bunny feet on the ends and a little carrot on the sides beside my eyes. Man did I love those things. I really wish I could track down a picture for y'all. Super cute.

Later on in elementary school, I got purple glasses. I thought I was THE coolest kid on the block. I mean who else gets to have awesome purple shiny glasses? Ha. 

Finally, my parents caved and said I could have contacts. I first tried CRT lenses. They were brand new and my doctor was one of the doctors piloting them. Basically, I wore them at night and they were supposed to re-shape my eyes so I could see during the day sans any lenses. You were supposed to start out wearing them every night and slowly it would get down to once or twice a week. Never happened for me. 

Off I went into traditional contacts and I loved every minute of it to begin with. Then I just couldn't see anymore and he had to put me in semi-hard lenses. Sounds comfy right? Nope. This was approximately 7th or 8th grade. Since then my eyes have changed every 6 months or less. I've changed eye doctors twice. I've worn every single brand of contacts they make. I've tried every solution to make them more comfortable. 

Yet, I still can't see. 

I can't even see the big E on the eye chart. And I haven't seen it for years. I've just been told it's still there. 

Yes, I can function but nothing is clear. There's always some sort of glare/haze/blurriness surrounding objects. Having me drive at night is like asking to be killed. When normal people look at red lights (so I hear), they see a small dot of red light. I see a giant red ball. It's huge. When cars come towards me, all I see is HUGE balls of light. If it's raining, everything is a giant blur. It's a blast. 

I'm finally in talks with my doctor to have LASIK surgery and I'm like a kid on Christmas. Unfortunately, my eyes are still changing and I am nowhere near affording it. But as soon as I start my new job, I will start saving for it. 

So there you have it, my biggest dream in life. If you've got great or even decent vision, I'm quite envious of you. Go out and stare at some pretty flowers for me ;) 

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The party don't start til I walk in...

I hope you're all singing Ke$ha right now. 

So as I mentioned yesterday, school is kicking my butt right now. As I'm writing this I should be studying and I just got home from the library. It's 1:17am. And I got there at 5pm. Senior year rocks.

Anyways, on to the fun stuff! I'm linking up with Stephanie and Chelsee for a fun new link up about partying/parties. Since my 1st anniversary of turning 21 is mere 16 days away, why not tell you about my absolutely wonderful, amazing, awesome, full of fun 21st birthday!! 

So here we go.. I should probably add that my birthday is May 4th which was the Friday before finals started and the final weekend of the semester. Cue the shenanigans :) 


Thursday, May 3

Headed to the bar for midnight shots!


First drink in my awesome SOLO

Friday, May 4

The day started with lunch with my current roomie followed by liquor store and beer runs. Then Chili's for dinner and margs. Pregaming at my friends' and out to the bars!


My friend's a creeper





I remember pretty much nothing from here...

Just so excited

No idea. This is middle of campus... We don't live on campus.

Saturday, May 5

Saturday was for recovery. Surprisingly, I wasn't even really hungover. But everyone else definitely was. So we ate a super late brunch. Basically lunch. And then went to see The Avengers before we napped and prepared for Cinco de Mayo!


I really don't think I could have had a better 21st birthday. All my friends worked so hard to make it so much fun and I was PUMPED to finally be able to go out and drink with them since they're all a year older than Baby Leslie. 

Now, 22 I am not very excited about. At All. It will never be as awesome as this one was. 

Link up and tell us about a fun night of partying or a classy party you're planning! :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

24 DAYS!

So I graduate in 24 days. Wow. Um. Yikes. 

As a result, I am swampeddddd with schoolwork. Absolutely drowning. But, unlike last semester, this is all my fault. With all the fun stuff, job hunting and interviewing and just plain senioritis, I slacked off a lot this semester. This is very unlike me and I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I'm trying to look at the bright side and tell myself I still have time to get it together and at least I've got a job I want. 

So since I'm off playing catch up in the library today, I thought I'd just post some of my favorite posts I've written or things that tell you more about me that you can read if you're completely bored out of your mind... 

My first post ever: a little long recap of 2012. 

I was kind of a mess/brat during my freshman year of college.

My experiences/advice on long distance relationships.

 Boonetown has insane weather.

I have a tattoo.

My tips on studying (that I'm currently following, I hope). 

Honestly, my cat is the cutest thing ever. 

I made fun of myself in high school. The pictures are pretty hysterical. 

And finally, I'm slowly telling mine and Christian's "story". Here's how we met and started hanging out. 

I'll be back tomorrow posting real things and linking up with Stephanie and Chelsee for a post about the best night weekend of my life!

Happy Wednesday!!