Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekends in Charlotte.

Surprise. I was in Charlotte AGAIN this weekend. After all the traveling this semester, I am very ready to be in Charlotte for good and stop all this traveling every single weekend. It's really wearing on me!

But, as always, this weekend was fun!


I had another eye doctor appointment to try to find out why I am so freaking blind. Hopefully, we've got some solutions being figured out right now! After meeting with my professor, I packed up and headed back to Charlotte. About 15 exits from Christian's house, we stopped. Now, it was Friday at 4:00pm so some traffic was expected. Once I checked Google Maps, I discovered that there was a huge accident with a fuel spill and I do not know my way around Charlotte. So Christian received a frantic "HELP I'M STUCK" phone call where he gave me lovely directions and I skipped the whole accident :)


We were up early for the Walk to Defeat ALS for my friend Sam's dad. Our team was the second biggest and they raised the most money! Over $19,000 for ALS!!

Not even all of us!

After lunch and wandering around Southpark Mall, we headed over to Bank of America Stadium for the Panthers Draft Party. I'll be honest, I don't pay attention to NFL at all, whatsoever, but, it was still pretty cool!


Once the rain made us leave, we all headed home to nap and get ready for the night. Christian and I had dinner with his parents, grandmother and sister before we headed back over to Sam's house for shenanigans.

Not the biggest fan of cider but LOVE this.

The goal for Sunday was to go to Carowinds but the lovely weather shot that idea for us. So we were lazy for the morning and grabbed bagels. Once Christian and I got back to his house, we played with Emmy for awhile before watching a movie. He had been trying to nap all weekend and I never let him because I'm a brat and said he was taking away from "our time", and then I fell asleep during the movie. I'm probably going to hear about that all week...

Play time!

Nap time. 

Unfortunately, then I had to come back to Boone in the nasty weather and fog. I spent the night catching up on all the work I should have done this weekend and preparing for my last week of college classes. I cannot believe it's here. I have FOUR days of class and only 7 actual classes to sit through. I keep wanting to cry and celebrate all at the same time.


So, wish me luck on making it through the last week of college ever, I guess.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends :)

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Bad Luck Jenn said...

cute pup! too funny you called yourself a brat! new follower, found you from sami's shenanigan's.