Friday, April 19, 2013

My biggest dream in life.

There are probably a lot of things you're expecting me to say: a big house, successful career, loving husband, tons of kids, etc., etc. All of those would be wrong. 

My biggest dream in life... drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeee... 

Is to be able to wake up in the morning, open my eyes and be able to see the room around me. Confused?

I'm blind as a bat. Like... super de duper blind. I've been wearing glasses since I was about 5 years old. Back then, they were gold round lenses with Bugs Bunny feet on the ends and a little carrot on the sides beside my eyes. Man did I love those things. I really wish I could track down a picture for y'all. Super cute.

Later on in elementary school, I got purple glasses. I thought I was THE coolest kid on the block. I mean who else gets to have awesome purple shiny glasses? Ha. 

Finally, my parents caved and said I could have contacts. I first tried CRT lenses. They were brand new and my doctor was one of the doctors piloting them. Basically, I wore them at night and they were supposed to re-shape my eyes so I could see during the day sans any lenses. You were supposed to start out wearing them every night and slowly it would get down to once or twice a week. Never happened for me. 

Off I went into traditional contacts and I loved every minute of it to begin with. Then I just couldn't see anymore and he had to put me in semi-hard lenses. Sounds comfy right? Nope. This was approximately 7th or 8th grade. Since then my eyes have changed every 6 months or less. I've changed eye doctors twice. I've worn every single brand of contacts they make. I've tried every solution to make them more comfortable. 

Yet, I still can't see. 

I can't even see the big E on the eye chart. And I haven't seen it for years. I've just been told it's still there. 

Yes, I can function but nothing is clear. There's always some sort of glare/haze/blurriness surrounding objects. Having me drive at night is like asking to be killed. When normal people look at red lights (so I hear), they see a small dot of red light. I see a giant red ball. It's huge. When cars come towards me, all I see is HUGE balls of light. If it's raining, everything is a giant blur. It's a blast. 

I'm finally in talks with my doctor to have LASIK surgery and I'm like a kid on Christmas. Unfortunately, my eyes are still changing and I am nowhere near affording it. But as soon as I start my new job, I will start saving for it. 

So there you have it, my biggest dream in life. If you've got great or even decent vision, I'm quite envious of you. Go out and stare at some pretty flowers for me ;) 

Happy Weekend, everyone! 


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to this. I wear contacts (glasses at night or on stay-at-home lazy days). I would love to be able to see without them, and no longer deal with ordering lenses, changing them, etc.
I hope your surgery goes well if you end up doing it!

Stephanie said...

Mine aren't as bad as yours since I can still do soft contacts, but I've had contacts since 5th grade. -7.5 in each eye. They've stopped changing, so as soon as I have money I am getting lasik for sure!!

Andiepants said...

Awww sweets! I can sorta relate to this! I wear the soft contact lenses. For a few years, my eyes did not change. And I had been looking into lasik since my hubby was blind as a bat and now has amazing vision....However, on my last of my eyes got worse and then bam, astigmatism. I was wearing these awesome hazel colored lenses and I had o give them up.
I really hope your eyes stop changing so that you can have the lasik surgery. You should try to go for a consultation to see what the ophtalmologist there says too!

Andie's Traveling Pants