Monday, April 22, 2013

Little Emmy Lou {Weekend Recap}

This weekend was pretty wonderful and pretty lame all at the same time.

The wonderful began on Thursday night when Christian arrived and took me to dinner. We had a fun night discussing my move to Charlotte and our eventual apartment some time in the Fall! I've already got it pretty much decorated and he thinks I'm a weird-o.

Friday, he worked from my apartment while I  made breakfast and then fell back asleep with the Zukes. Zuko also has a pretty funny habit of taking Christian's chair at my desk every time he stands up. He could be dead asleep, but if Christian stands up he immediately gets in the chair.

After lunch at Bojangle's (we're classy, I know), it was off to the Humane Society to pick up the puppy for his family!

Meet Emmy Lou

The most precious pup in the world. She was pretty nervous in the car, but after I got back from my eye doctor appointment, she was asleep on the floor at Christian's feet. She's already following him around every time he moves. She loves to give kisses and she's afraid of porches. We also left her alone in the apartment for about 4.25 minutes and she had a little accident and was so excited to see us when we walked back in you would have thought we'd been gone for 3 days.

After they left for Charlotte (with Emmy riding in his lap even though we put her in the passenger seat), I had dinner at my friends' house and we watched Star Wars Episodes I and II. As of next week, I can say I've seen them all.

Saturday, I finally got to sleep in for real: 11am! Can you believe it? 11! Then I got dressed and tried to find motivation to do school work. After a late lunch and kitty snuggles, I headed to the library. After a few hours of work, the library closed and I headed home. I was already on a productive kick, so I came home and switched over my closet from winter to spring with some help from Zuko. After that I decided the best thing to do with my Saturday night would be watch ABC Family (Enchanted, Tangled and Prince Diaries. Yes, please), try on dresses I've yet to wear, paint my nails and use some self-tanner. Successful evening if you ask me.

Sunday was super lame. Completely dedicated to schoolwork. Thank you, senior year. Although, I did go to an awesome yoga class in between study sessions to break up my day and get the blood flowing again. And I also found out that my best friend gets to come to my graduation!!! I thought she couldn't come and now she's coming with my family!

I hope your weekend was a blast!


Becky said...

The puppy is adorable!!! What kind is she?? I was watching all those ABC family movies on saturday night too! :P

Andy Gregory said...

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