Thursday, March 29, 2018

5 March Favorites

I realize most people like to post their favorite products or clothes for the month but I want to share some random things I've either learned or enjoyed this month!

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Monday, March 26, 2018

My Unfiltered Thoughts on BBG

In January, I started Kayla Itsine's BBG workouts. I feel like every one on social media has heard of these workouts or seen transformation pictures on Instagram at some point. I've always considered starting it but to be fully honest, I was afraid to because I always hear how hard it is and I didn't believe that I could do them and I didn't want to fail.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Another Exciting 5 on Friday!

We have made it to Friday again! I don't know why this week felt so long? Probably has something to do with the fact that a big work project I'm working on had its deadline moved up over a week and I'm scrambling! I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend (even if I'll probably have to do some work too... at least I can do it in my PJs!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

My 8 Current Favorite Podcasts

I mentioned in my self care post that I've really gotten into podcasts recently so I thought I would share a few of those. Full disclosure: I have really weird podcast tastes but maybe you're interested in some of my weird stuff, too?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

8 Little Ways to Take Care of Yourself

As I've mentioned a few times, my word for 2018 is Thrive. 2017 was a hard one for me. I mentioned this in my 2017 wrap up post back in January. It was a good year in terms of work, my relationship and trying a lot of new things, but there were a lot of personal issues where I ended up totally exhausted and unable to function outside of going to work and getting by.

As things in my personal life calmed down, I realized I needed to do a better job of putting myself first. You know how on a flight they say to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others? It's truly the same thing here. You have to take care of yourself so you can help others and thrive. Hence, my word ;)

This isn't going to be your typical roundup of bath bombs and face masks. Yes, those are great, and as much as I love a good bath, there are plenty of other ways I'd like to spend my time. These are some of the other things I like to do to prioritize my mental (and sometimes physical) health so I can be the best version of me every day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Reading is My Favorite

Another month, another link up with Steph and Jana! I have been SO motivated this year to read and I've found so many good books from the linkup so I am keeping my library hold list pretty full!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Looking Forward to March + Goals

Y'all. I don't like Summer and Charlotte starts Summer in March so I don't usually get excited for this month, but this March is going to be so fun (and so tiring) and I can't wait for it all! I already started the weekend off with a bang in Nashville this past weekend for Alyssa's Bachelorette party and it was such a fun weekend! Even if I did come home and get diagnosed with strep and now I'm writing this from the couch with all the lights off and curtains drawn.

Moving into the rest of the month, I have quite a few great things happening:

Friday, March 2, 2018

5 on Friday: Non Scale Victories

We made it to Friday! I'm headed to Nashville for Alyssa's Bachelorette this weekend and I'm so excited to spend a weekend with some of my best friends celebrating our girl! To kick off the weekend, I'm sharing some non scale victories I've had recently on this BBG/21 Day Fix/get it together life I'm living.