Monday, March 26, 2018

My Unfiltered Thoughts on BBG

In January, I started Kayla Itsine's BBG workouts. I feel like every one on social media has heard of these workouts or seen transformation pictures on Instagram at some point. I've always considered starting it but to be fully honest, I was afraid to because I always hear how hard it is and I didn't believe that I could do them and I didn't want to fail.

And in continuing my full transparency, the first few weeks were HARD. The first week, I was so sore after leg day that I wanted to cry every time I stood up out of a chair. I was convinced that it was the wrong kind of sore and I had injured myself. That week, I did a lot of foam rolling, stretching and baths trying to combat it.
The worst part? I couldn't even get through the full rounds and was still that sore.

Now, I did not say all that to deter you from starting the program - the exact opposite actually. If you're looking to truly push yourself and see what you're capable of, this is a wonderful starting point. I saw results pretty quickly after a couple of weeks of dedicated work and keeping my nutrition on track.

I made it 8 weeks into the 12 week program before I was knocked out with strep throat, a sinus infection and LASIK. Needless to say, I did not pick up on week 9 on time. I should be starting week 9 this week after 3 weeks off, but looking at the workouts, I'm not sure that I will.

My biggest issue with BBG has been all of the jumping that is involved. There are so many jump squats, jump lunges and burpees and I have relatively bad knees. When I was cheering competitively, I had to wear a knee brace and do physical therapy from all the jumping. As a result, I can't always do all the reps the circuit calls for or I modify to do standard squats  or push-ups instead of burpees.
I've been using the Sweat App to follow BBG and there are some other programs that are embedded in the app as well: BBG Stronger, Body and Mind (yoga), Post Pregnancy and PWR with Kelsey Wells. After seeing such great results with BBG, I'd love to challenge myself a little more and think I am going to try PWR for a few weeks and see the difference.

So, to sum up my brain dump on BBG -


  • 28 minutes 
  • Definite results in a short amount of time 
  • Easy to follow circuits
  • Can do anywhere with very minimal equipment 
  • Lots of jumping
  • Circuits can get a little boring/repetitive
Well there you have it: my unfiltered, rambly thought on BBG so far. If I do get to the gym this morning and decide to switch to PWR - I will definitely write up my thoughts on that program as well! 

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Unknown said...

I shelled out the cash for BBG back when it was just a PDF download and totally agree with you. It is HARD. I didn't last more than a week. Good for you for going a full 8 weeks. Good luck with the other programs! D