Friday, March 23, 2018

Another Exciting 5 on Friday!

We have made it to Friday again! I don't know why this week felt so long? Probably has something to do with the fact that a big work project I'm working on had its deadline moved up over a week and I'm scrambling! I'm looking forward to relaxing this weekend (even if I'll probably have to do some work too... at least I can do it in my PJs!)

one // My eyes! If you don't follow along on social media, you may have missed that I had LASIK eye surgery last Friday. I still can't believe technology and that I can see with no assistance now. I have a whole post planned on the procedure and my thoughts! But, to sum it up, best money I've ever spent in my entire life!
two // Baby birthday parties! I'm headed to my first baby birthday party this weekend! Yes, that's probably weird that I've never been to a first birthday before but all my friends just started having babies last year and we don't have any babies in the family! I can't wait to spoil little Bria and celebrate her parents successfully parenting for a whole year! 

three // Reading! I have really enjoyed being able to read so much this year. I've really started to prioritize my time a lot better in 2018 and spend time doing things I enjoy after work instead of just mindlessly staring that the TV. I've shared my recent reads here and here if you're interested in what I've been enjoying. 
four // Cord cutting! On that note, we are officially cord cutters! Our DirectTV bill was really getting out of hand. Last year, we called and negotiated another one year deal but when it went up this month, we decided to cancel and move to an online streaming system. We are currently trying out DirecTV Now. Weirdly enough, this has nothing to do with the dish on our roof and it's all streamed through the internet. 

five //  Travel! Over the next two months, I have quite a few trips planned that I'm super excited about. I'm headed to Chicago next weekend, Charleston in April and San Diego in May! I've been to Charleston once but never with Christian so we're looking forward to a little weekend away exploring some of the historical sites of Charleston and celebrating our friends' wedding. I've never been to San Diego and we're going for a work conference, but I'm excited because we're headed out a day early (on my birthday!) and exploring some - so if you have any ideas of what we should see or where we should eat - let me know! 
From my trip to Charleston last April! 
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