Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zuko's Adventures

Obviously, we moved that week. And even though Zuko seems to have settled in quite nicely, that poor guy did not handle moving day too well. 

Traditionally, cats become attacked to locations more than people. Zuko is a special case, I think, because I started traveling with him 2 weeks after he was adopted so he got used to it at a young age. I think this helped him attach to me instead of our apartment at the time. And since we've moved 3 times in a year, that's a good thing! 

He handled the move from Boone to Charlotte pretty well because he had a month of vacation in Georgia playing with my parents dog, Teddy. Then, I moved to Charlotte and my parents brought Zuko up. He did pretty well since we were all there, and my furniture arrived all at once with him. 

No mom, this is my box. 
This move, though, stressed him out a little bit more since he watched us slowly move out and I'm pretty sure he was convinced we weren't going to take him with us. While Christian and his dad moved furniture out of the apartment, I had to put him in the bathroom so he wouldn't run out the door and escape. He was so not happy with that arrangement. He spent the entire 20/30 minutes trying to escape and meowing like I was killing him. 

I think I'll just hide up here, they'll never find me.
Throughout the day, we came in and out and slowly took away more furniture. Every time he saw us, he meowed like crazy and tried to figure out what we were doing. Yet, when we came in to pick him up at the end of the day he was not having any of that. We had to corner and catch him to put him in the kennel and he was even more unhappy. 

This move is just too exhausting for me.
Once we got him to the new apartment, he ran around in circles, hunched really low and meowing. We had a couple things to get outside and you could hear his pitiful meows from the garage. I felt awful. Luckily, after an hour or so of checking it out and making sure it was all his furniture, he calmed down and let us go to sleep. I then woke up the next morning with him sitting on dresser near my side of the bed staring at me.. Probably plotting his revenge. 

MOM. This new place is okay.. I guess..
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Anonymous said...

Moving is always super hard on pets, my dog is always like now where are we going?

Becky said...

Whenever I used to pack up to go back to school, my dogs always tried to get into the car with me. Last year I was almost done and found them both in the backseat just ready to go haha. Glad he likes it now :)

Amanda said...

Poor guy! I hope he's adjusting quickly :)

Erin LFF said...

LOL- cats are so weird ;) But I can imagine its confusing to them for sure! Hopefully Zuko adjusts soon!