Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Uh. Hey?

I'm pretty sure I've forgotten how to blog. I mean.. so much has happened in the last week that I'm not even sure what to talk about. So let's just go with a weekend recap... starting with Thursday.


Christian's friends were here, like I mentioned Wednesday, and they went out after he got off work. I finally got off around midnight and headed out to meet them. It was a rough day and I made it up for it with some tequila and a Blue Moon. After hanging out til close, we made a McDonald's run and I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.


We had to run to Target for some things for the apartment and then we picked up their car from the night before and wolfed down some Waffle House. If you don't have Waffle House near you, my heart hurts for your taste buds.

Once we got back, I was waiting around for the AT&T installer to come get our U-Verse set up and the boys headed out for the weekend. Once everything was set up, the installer informs me that we have TWO DVR's and that we can record FOUR shows at one time and can access them from both rooms. This isn't what we ordered, but he was given the wrong equipment and so we get to keep it for the same price :)

I spent a few minutes tracking down all my favorites and setting recordings. Christian is going to be so upset when presses the DVR button and sees all the girly shows I recorded this weekend.. Poor guy.

I went out to Taco Mac with my friend Sam and her husband. They have the most to die for Mac and Cheese burger that makes my mouth water every time I think about it. After dinner, we dropped her husband off at their house (which I might add is seriously FOUR minutes from here) and we had a girls night where she made me start Orange is the New Black. Two episodes in and I'm hooked.

This is what our coffee table looks like right now...

Sam and I had a a girl's day planned so we headed off to an awesome store for decorating and I got so many ideas for mine and Christian's place. After that we did some clothes shopping and grabbed lunch before posting up beside the pool for a few hours. It was pure bliss.

Saturday night we watched the UGA vs Clemson game up on my big screen and the App vs. Montana game on my laptop while pigging out on Oreos and Froyo. Perfect evening in my opinion.


Work. 11 hours of work. Yay.


Monday is my normal day off so I didn't have to work (yes, my work is open and people did work). I made sure to sleep in, watch some trashy reality TV and then worked on getting the apartment in working order some more.

Once the boys got back, they all demanded showers and Christian and I did our first grocery run for the apartment. That was a hit to the wallet.. BUT now we can cook dinners and have lunches for work and snacks in the afternoons and I am ecstatic. It was hard living for a week with no groceries!

After I made burritos and taco dip for dinner, we headed over to the pool and hot tub in my complex and spent the rest of the evening hanging out with a couple beers. It was a wonderful weekend and boy am I glad Christian is back home!! I didn't realize how much I would miss him!

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Alex[andra] said...

There's no Waffle Houses here :( Too bad because that looks so good!

Jealous of your pool time!

Helene in Between said...

I think I need a waffle now, that thing looks soooo good!

Alyssa said...

hahaha, that's exactly what i did the SECOND the Dish people left... there are like fifty bravo shows recorded now. whoops?

Unknown said...

Waffle looks delicious. I've been craving for some waffles lately. Like homemade.