Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh, September.

Today, I was planning to write a post all about my obsession with Fall. Oh how original, you say, a blogger who loves fall. But, in my defense, it's been my favorite season my entire life, followed by winter and spring. Summer just isn't a favorite of mine. 

Pretending it's fall in my tank top and leopard flats.
But, instead, I decided to do something I've yet to do on this blog: monthly goals! So much is going on in my life right now, that I need to sit down and give myself some direction!

September Goals

one // Have our apartment completely finished. Or at least have it looking like someone lives here comfortably. We know what we want to do, we just need the time and money to do it! The bedroom is almost done and next we're tackling the living room. We also have to wait around for the furniture to actually be delivered which is what we're waiting on now!

two // Get my hair done. Okay, this is very superficial but my hair is a WRECK. Dead, split ends, roots, no shape, etc. I have got to schedule time to get myself looking human. 

three // Date night with my man. Since we've moved, life has been insane. We don't get to see each other Tuesday-Thursday thanks to my stupid work schedule. Plus, he was out of town last weekend/we had company here. This weekend we have plans and my parents will hopefully be here so we really just need a day/evening to ourselves with nothing else going on!

four // Exercise. I'm not trying to hold myself to a certain workout, a certain number of times, etc. But I'd just like to get my butt up and moving around some. Even if it's just a few laps in a pool or taking Christian's dog for a walk! 

five // Make some important changes. Okay, this is super vague, but I can't go into much detail at the moment. But, I've got something big on the horizon that I'm really hoping works out for me and I think it would make me happier, more sane and in return make Christian happier and more sane. I will update you guys as soon as I can!

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Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Good luck with your goals! I just posted mine yesterday too and am going to need some motivation to get thru them haha

Erin LFF said...

Yay! I love everyone posting goals for the upcoming month. I have high hopes for all of us! :) And you definitely just reminded me I need to schedule a hair appointment too hehe. Btw- you should link up your goals for the month w/ Erica here:

Anonymous said...

I feel like I need to make some goals, maybe I'll start thinking about October goals and by the time it gets here I'll have something!

Helene in Between said...

I need to post up some goals too! these sound great!

Katie said...

Number 5 is so mysterious....can't wait to find out what it is!!

Becky said...

I'm totally posting about goals tomorrow!! (I was lazy and didn't finish writing last night :P) Can't wait to hear about the thing that will make you happier - I hope it works out!!

Erica Ashley said...

Yayy! Great goals! Every girl needs her hair done every once and awhile :) I can't wait to see how they all turn out at the end of the month!