Monday, July 22, 2013

Lazy, Lazy Weekend

Well this weekend was pretty lame. And I really didn't hate it one bit. It may not make this post very entertaining for you, but I appreciated the rest.


After being stuck at work almost an hour later than I was supposed to be on Thursday, I didn't get home until after 11:30p and I was exhausted. I ate a snack and headed straight to bed. Friday morning, I slept in decently late and Christian woke me up with a phone call telling me he's on the way over.

Trying to help dad work
We headed over to Chipotle for lunch and walked around Southpark for a bit. After that, Christian had to finish up working so I walked across the street to get my nails done! The first place I tried in Charlotte was AWFUL. Four fell off in the first 5 days and another 5 fell off the day after they replaced the first 4. Never ever will I go back again! Luckily, I can literally walk across the street and into a fabulous nail salon, so I'm happy!!

New nails and my ring is back!
After being lazy for a couple hours, we headed to dinner with some friends and over to their apartment for drinks! We let the boys sit inside, watch baseball and talk sports while Sam and I had some girl talk outside. It was great since we're both with our boys most of the time, it was so nice to have some girl time.

The puppy dropped her penguin in her dad's beer...

Christian really likes to sleep on Saturdays. I don't wake up as early on the weekdays so I was ready to get up and get the day going but it took serious work to get him up and at 'em. I finally got him up and we ran a couple errands before posting up at the pool for a little while. I also did a TON of laundry. I don't have a washer/dryer in my apartment but the laundromat is right beside the pool so I kept running in to switch over laundry while laying out.

After the pool we grabbed dinner and tuned into an Adam Sandler marathon going on. Thanks to a special friend we girls like to call Aunt Flo, I forced Christian to take me to Harris Teeter so I could buy brownie mix. We spent the rest of the night fighting over brownie batter from the bowl until the brownies were cooked.


Sunday I had to work. My weekends end at 12:30p on Sunday afternoon and man, do I hate it. Yes, I work the same amount of hours as everyone else and I get the same length of weekend every one else does, I just so happen to hate Sunday afternoon when everyone else hates Monday morning.

Here's to another week! Happy Monday everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Your nails look beautiful, love the color. So lucky you can walk right across the street for your nail salon! :)

The Lady Okie said...

oooo! I love that ring!

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

glad to see someone else is from GA. but i see you moved to NC?

found you thru chelsee I'm now your newest follower. would love for you to come check me out and follow me back

Jessica said...
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Unknown said...

Fun weekend :) And your nails are gorgeous- I love the pink!