Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kids these days.. And a giveaway!

Last night, I was having trouble falling asleep and somehow started thinking about all the wonderful shows kids don't have access to these days. Back in the day, our cartoons were da bomb.com (as cool things were) and I'm just sad for what my kids will have to watch one day.

Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers

Does it really get better than some chipmunks, a couple of mice and a big fly fighting crime together? No, no it does not. And is there a catchier theme song around? Again, the answer is no.

Gullah, Gullah Island

In pre-school we had half days. We went to school in the morning and then my mom would pick me up at lunch time. I would come home and sprint straight to my parents room, turn on Gullah, Gullah Island and jump on her bed while singing the theme song. If she picked me up late, I was devastated because it meant I would miss part if not all of this show. 

The Big Comfy Couch

I don't even know what part of this show I loved more: the clock song thing, the dust bunnies under the couch, her awesome doll or the guy on a unicycle. Regardless, they just don't make quality TV like this anymore. Upon researching this show, I discovered this show ended in 1996 but they tried to revive it in 2005 and 2006. Oddly enough, it didn't take off the second time. Weird.

I'm participating in Chelsee's July giveaway! There's tons up for grabs so enter away! 

What's Up For Grabs:
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Rhyme & Ribbons(Amanda)- Ad Space
At Home with the Hinkleys(Natalie)- Cash
The Party Girl's Guide(Erin)-Ad Space
Hopelessly Ever After(Kristin)- Cash
He Calls Me Grace(Katie)-Cash & Large Ad Space
Sunny Tales & Happy Mail(Brittany)- Ad Space
With a Side of Chocolate(Leslie)- $15 Gift Card to the Store of your Choice
Wonder What's Next(Jessica)-2 months of Ad Space & $10 Target Gift Card
Believe in the Sparks(Morgan)-$10 Gift Card to Starbucks
Rachel's Country Roots(Rachel)- 2 months of Ad Space
Southern Beauty Guide (Chelsee)- In Post Ad Space
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~Anchored In Christ~ said...

wow. way to go old school. i Remember these shows and use to watch em back in the day LOL

Amanda said...

The Big Comfy Couch is my shit. But the dust bunnies were totally my favorite, no question. Clearly the children of 2005 had no idea what quality programming was.