Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh hayyyyy Fridayyyy!

OH hay friends! While you're reading this, I am (hopefully) sound asleep curled up in my cozy bed with Zuko the Great. And around the time I wake up, there will be a sweet Christian greeting me.

I love Fridays. 

And of course, I'm linking up with Lauren for High 5 for Friday!

one. Have you SEEN this beautiful new blog design I have courtesy of Erin?! I have been looking forward to having her make this lil ole blog pretty for a couple months now and I was finally able to do it and I'm obsessed with it. I stare at it more than I think you're supposed to stare at your own blog... But if you're looking for a new design, e-mail her NOW. I'll wait...

two. Okay, another blog win, sorry 'bout it! I've had more page views this week than I have so far since I started! And yesterday had my highest pageviews!! It's still a lot less than I know other bloggers get, but it made me so happy to know that you guys are actually liking what I'm writing about!! You guys rock :)

three. Tuesday, I had a pretty good day at work, only to be ruined by my last customer. He was just plain awful. (Rant. If you ever pick up your phone and call someone, you should probably be nice to them seeing as YOU called THEM. And you shouldn't scream at them and tell them they're lying to you. Trust me, I want you to buy what I'm selling so I'm going to make it as cheap as I can, but sometimes you actually DO have to pay for your shit. Rant over. ) The point here was that I treated myself to cupcakes and Luke Bryan so my day was instantly better.

four. I pretty much love having Friday and Saturdays as my weekend. And I kind of love going into work at 2p because the line for me to receive this doesn't exist.

five. My parents crack me up.

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Savannah said...

Congrats on your pageviews, that's so exciting!!
Also, Zuko is a great pet name! So glad I found your blog through the disaster date linkup, I'm now following!
Have a fab weekend!

Sam said...

Aah, pageviews! I just started my blog and I definitely think it'll be gratifying to see that others are reading and enjoying what they've found!

On another note - number three is basically the story of my life. I work at a bank and my day is a constant stream of angry customers. I've finally gotten to the point where I remind them that while they might be angry with the company, they have no reason to be angry with me, since all I'm doing is trying to help them out.