Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rain makes corn...

I know rain is good for us and all that jazz but this is slightly unbelievable... Take a look at Boone right now:

The main highway through town

Durham Park on campus

The mall. It's doubled since then and the cars are completely submersed.

My parking lot about an hour ago

How does the sky hold this much rain?? And to top it off, it's supposed to freeze tomorrow and then snow for 4 days. I love the town I live in, I love the town I live in, I love the town I live in... 

Is anyone else having some crazy weather right now?

Hump Day Happies!

This week really hasn't been so great so far. To start of the week, my poor boyfriend had to put his family dog down. She was pretty sick and it was her time but it's so heartbreaking. I've only known her a couple years and I'm sad but that's nothing compared to how he's feeling right now. The worst part is not being able to help him or even give him a hug. So although this week is pretty depressing there are some highlights (which is the whole reason I started these posts!):

  • I have moved on to the third round of interviews! As I mentioned before, I'm still unsure how I feel about this position and I have about 3 others that I want to consider/interview for but the fact that I most likely will have a job before graduation is so relieving! 
  • The weather today. I know most people had some pretty great weather today but nothing beats the sun shining across these mountain tops with a light breeze blowing. 
  • Best friend chats. My best friend goes to Purdue. So obviously, we don't get to see each other that much. We text pretty often and we've got a little phone date scheduled for this weekend! We also found out that we just might get to see each other in March instead of at my graduation like we thought. 
  • I get to work Thursday night with my favorite co-worker ever and my boss. This may seem weird but we always have so much fun working together and it makes the Barrel pretty bearable. 
How is your week going so far? 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Can we talk about group projects for a second?

This is literally my least favorite thing about college. Group projects are some awful form of torture concocted by the devil to teach us to "work well with others". Cool, I get what you're going for here but it just doesn't ever work out this way. Ever.

In a perfect world, groups would be 3-4 people with schedules that coincided perfectly with everyone else's schedules. The group would meet the week the project was assigned and set a game plan to get the work done. Everyone would pull the same amount of weight and get everything done on time. Everyone would come to every meeting and contribute their opinions. Everyone would be a great public speaker and present perfectly at the end of the semester. There would be no need for group evaluations because everyone is awesome.

HA. HA HA HA. I wish we lived in a perfect world.

What really happens (at least to me): Every single professors assigns a group project of at least 6 people (last semester, I had 6 groups projects and this semester it's 5!). No one can meet on the same day. Even when a meeting time and day is set people magically get sick or just don't show up. And when you text them 10 minutes into the meetings, they never respond and you and 1 other person do all the work (yes, this happened tonight). This goes on for a few weeks and you continually get angry. One person begs everyone to work and get things turned in early or even on time. Instead, everything ends up late or turned in at theverylastsecondpossible. Then everyone is scrambling to put together a presentation and it sucks and I get angry.

Maybe not everyone has this experience but out of the 6 projects I had last semester at least 4 were this way and that tells me that professors need to reevaluate their decision to assigns projects in every single freaking class.

Sorry about my rant, but I know there are plenty of people that share my pain!

What's your worst group project experience?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend recap!

Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing and recharge you for the weekend? No? Okay then, I guess I'll stop holding out for a relaxing weekend then.. My weekend was definitely fun but just really tiring.


Sitting on the couch, eating dinner and reading blogs, I get a call from the boyfriend. He informs me that due to the bad weather, his boss is going to let him work from "home" Friday and he will see me in about 3 hours. Talk about excitement!! So I spent the night cleaning and hanging out with him.


The butt head (that's our loving pet name for each other, by the way) had to be up and logged into his work system by 8am. So I laid in bed with the kitten whining about the light being on until we went to get Bojangles. Then we took a nap. Yes, at 10am we took a nap and it was glorious. Then the sweet boy drove me and picked me up from my shift at the Barrel and we went out to dinner before watching cheesy TV the rest of the night. Nights like that are perfect to me.


I had to work all day, but my friend Sam and her fiance Jeremy came up and went skiing/snowboarding with Christian for the day. When we all got home we had Los (yummy Mexican) for dinner and hit up the grocery and liquor store to prepare for the evening (whoops?). We then decided that the best way to pre-game was to watch Pitch Perfect. This is true and everyone should do it. Fabulous, fabulous movie. Then we headed to the bar and had an absolute blast. The only issue was that we got home WAY after my bed time. 


I swear I literally spent the entire day at the Barrel. We ate breakfast there before I went in to work the rest of the day. It was exhausting. After work it was off to the library for my first group meeting of the semester. Ugh. I hate group projects. Luckily, I was able to go to bed early since I was so sleepy from the weekend! 


Now, I add Monday because I had one class today and the rest was spent reading blogs, doing a teeny tiny bit of school work and taking a nap with this guy.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Distance is for the bold.

Long distance relationships are not fun. I've never met anyone who loves being in one. They're annoying, time consuming, sad and just all around terrible. My boyfriend and I dated almost 2 years while living in the same town before we were forced to be long distance after his graduation. At first, I thought he was moving to Cincinnati, OH but he ended up securing an awesome job in his hometown so he's currently living in Charlotte and saving up money for a car, apartment and I hope, a ring ;)

So yes, he's only about 2 and a half hours away but it's still not always easy and convenient to see each other. Over the past 7 months, I feel like we've learned a lot and in the end, we're coming out stronger than we were before. In order to help some other couples who may be experiencing long distance for the first time, I've compiled a couple tips that I've picked up to make it through!

Communication is key. 

Duh. It's a relationship. But communication is different when you're not seeing each other every day (or however often you're used to)! Before he moved away, I told my boyfriend he was going to have to learn to communicate through words now, since, like a typical guy, he wasn't the best at it. I honestly don't think he realized what I meant until a couple months in. 

In the beginning, we argued a lot. Nothing big or important, but just enough that I was mad a lot. I never wanted that kind of relationship and we had never really fought before that. Finally, after seeing each other a few weekends in a row, we realized the fighting wasn't worth it and we needed to find a style of communication that works for us.  

Every couple is different, so don't think our way is the only way, but you do have to find what works for you! We text once or twice a day but we are both very busy so we don't try to text 24/7 and update each other every minute of the day. If we see or think of something funny/sweet, then we'll text it but that's about it. Every night around 9:30/10, we talk on the phone. Even if it's just a quick "hey, I love you", we make the effort. 

Pick your battles. 

Some nights, one of us just isn't available to talk (finals week...). That's okay. It doesn't mean he hates me or he's mad at me. At first, I would get offended if he didn't have time to talk to me, but now I realize it's just not important enough to fight over. No one wants to spend their precious time fighting over something silly so if I start to feel upset, I stop and ask if it's really important enough. 

Trust him (or her!). 

To me, this is the biggest aspect of a relationship in general, but definitely in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend and I both have cheating in our past (by others!) so we both know how much it hurts. He's been very up front with me since the beginning that he would never cheat on me. And we both agree that the second it crosses our minds, it's time to end the relationship. Because of our history and many, many discussions, I know that I never have to worry. 

Again, communication plays a huge role here, because you need to constantly discuss how you're feeling and if something comes up that you're worried about. I also don't suggest getting into a long distance situation if you don't trust your significant other. It will lead to heartache and more trouble than it's worth. 

Fight Right.

Don't accuse. Don't yell. Don't pitch fits. Don't fight over text messages. 

Discuss calmly. Discuss why something hurt your feelings. Suggest alternatives/ways to solve the problem at hand. Listen. 

My best friend's soon-to-be fiance's mom (yes, that's a little obnoxious) told them the best advice I've heard in awhile: Once you learn how to fight with someone, you know you're meant to be. Fighting sucks. But, it's inevitable. He's going to make you mad or you're going to hurt his feelings. Learn how to discuss and talk it out without screaming and throwing things. 

Visit as much as you can!

Sometimes, a visit just isn't possible because of work, school, money, other obligations, etc. But make every effort you can to see your significant other. That time spent together will be needed and appreciated. But, make sure when these visits take place that you're spending time with your friends too. Include your guy in your life so that when you talk about people and places, he doesn't feel left out.  A lot of times, we'll spend one night of just us hanging out and another night we'll go out. Of course, some weekends it's nice to just hole up and forget the world and I definitely suggest visits like those too!

Also, by having planned visits, you have something to look forward to that helps you get through the sad and lonely days!

A weekend visit!

Finally, have fun. 

Don't get stuck sitting in your apartment or dorm waiting on his call. It's okay to forego one phone conversation in order to go out with friends. He will understand and he should be doing the same thing!

I know this got a little long winded but I definitely feel like these things are important! And of course, they can apply to all relationships, not just long distance ones!

 Does anyone have anything they would add?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hump Day Happies!

I really can't believe it's almost the weekend. With no class Monday because of MLK Day and no classes on Friday ever, it's been a short week! So without further ado, Hump Day Happies!

  • This really short/easy week
  • Last weekend was an absolute blast and I get to have another great one this weekend
  • My boyfriend is coming up Friday night!
  • My friend Sam and her fiancĂ© are coming up Saturday morning 
  • I received my e-mail informing me I can now apply for graduation in May!! 109 days!
  • I received the follow up call to set up the second phone interview I discussed yesterday
Not much has happened this week, so my list is a little boring today. But I have a lot to look forward to this weekend!

How's everyone else's week going so far?

The Job Hunt.

Job hunting is stressful in case I haven't mentioned it before... oh wait, I have

Anyways, I've interviewed with one logistics company for a selling position. I had one phone interview and I'm supposed to have another one this weekend. If that one goes well, I would move on to an in-person interview. If that went well, I would ideally be offered the job.

Cue the freak out.

Although I'm still two interviews and a few weeks away from being offered a job (if I even am) but I'm already freaking out. It scares me to think that I could be accepting a job for May soon after only interviewing with one company. Especially since this particular job really overwhelms me. I'm still posting resumes and keeping my eyes open for a position that requires a slightly smaller time commitment (this one requires 55-60 hour work weeks the first year).

I've talked to many people in my life (parents, boyfriend, boss, etc) and asked their opinions on if it's okay to take a position so soon and about my concerns regarding the hours and commitment and they all say the same thing: I can choose not to take the job at any point until the day I start. But for me, this feels wrong. I've always been such a loyal employee that goes over and beyond for my boss/company (to a fault sometimes) and the fact that I can just change my mind and do something else baffles me. I guess It's a good thing I've got a few months to decide and alter my feelings on the situation.

Is anyone else job hunting right now? How are you handling the stress?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap!

This weekend was a blast! I already mentioned the treacherous drive to Charlotte here. The craziest part was that the second I left the county I live in, the snow immediately turned to rain and stayed rain the rest of the drive.


  • Slept in foreverrrrrr. This was definitely a blessing after a crazy first week of school.
  • Went shopping and got my nails done with my friend Alyssa
  • Reunited for Mellow Mushroom dinner and drinks at Duckworth with my best friends 
Best friends reunited!

Beer flights at Duckworth's (stolen from Sam!)

  • Bridal Shower for Sam
  • Went out to dinner with my boyfriend
  • Saw Gangster Squad (really good, kind of gory)
The Bride and the Bridesmaids
  • Got to sleep in again!
  • Lunch at Qdoba (first time I've eaten there, and I wasn't impressed. sorry 'bout it)
  • Shopping and ice cream with the boyfriend and Kristin
  • Christian then fixed Kristin's car so she could drive home to GA. He's a lifesaver.
  • Watched a movie and then drove back to Boone :( 
Any time I get to spend with Christian and/or any of my best friends makes the weekend perfect in my eyes. And now, I'm hoping he, Sam and her fiancé will be coming up to Boone to play this weekend!

What did you guys do this weekend?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Exciting news in the life of Leslie!

Previously, I mentioned how swamped I was this semester with 20 hours of school and then working 20-30 hours a week on top of actually having to do schoolwork and projects outside of class. Well, two of these were freshman general education courses that hadn't transferred from my old school. This week was spend turning in forms, calling and going by the offices in the Biology and Philosophy department hoping to get credit so I could drop the freshman courses. Thankfully, I was APPROVED! For both classes! This means I get to drop all the freshman courses, I can work more and I will have more time to devote to my very important senior level classes! Hopefully, I can add some time for fun in there too :)

Anyone else have something exciting happen this week?

Cold, rainy and snowy

The town I live in has it's own personal climate that stays contained on top of our little mountain. Yes, I know a lot of my friends in different places had rain this week but we had full on monsoons and flooding. Then yesterday, around 4:10 pm, the rain just switched and turned to snow. Big, giant, ridiculous snowflakes. Within 10 minutes of snowing, there was over an inch of snow on the ground! And of course, I was trying to drive down the mountain to Charlotte for the weekend in my tiny Honda Civic. Needless to say, it was an adventure. And apparently, in the 2 and a half hours it took me to get to Charlotte, they got almost 5 inches and some places got up to 10in!

Anyways, my point here is that dressing for weather this weird and unpredictable is tricky. It also sucks that it was the first week of school when everyone likes to look cute (even though I try to look cute all semester). Personally, although I own two pairs, rain boots are not my favorite thing in the world. They're clunky and I don't like walking in them. So, I've got about 4 other pairs boots I wear in the winter that suffice as rain/snow boots. 

In order to dress for the freezing cold outside and the burning hot inside, I always dress in layers. My campus is also pretty large and requires a lot of walking so I pretty much am always wearing a scarf to keep my neck. ears and face warm while battling the wind. So without further ado, yesterday's windy, cold, rainy, snowy day outfit!

Boots - Christmas presents
Jeans - American Eagle
Sweatshirt - American Eagle
Scarf - Roomie knitted it!
Ring - Kay

Basically, I chose a light sweatshirt that wouldn't leave me sweating in class and topped it off with the adorable and warm scarf the roomie knitted for me! I chose skinny jeans and tucked them into my new combat boots that I absolutely adore: warm, comfortable, and rain resistant. I also just had to show off the Christmas present from the cutest guy ever that I wear everyday!

I went with simply makeup and of course waterproof mascara! You never know when you might get a giant splash in the face since rain in Boone falls sideways instead of straight down. I also used a pink chapstick to brighten up my face and the dreary day outside! 

I love this for a subtle pop of color!

How do you guys keep comfortable and cute when it's nasty outside?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hump Day Happies

I've seen a few bloggers do this in the past, and I was looking for something consistent each week and I think I like this idea. It gives me a point in the middle of the week to stop and think about the good in my life in the midst of all the craziness! So without further ado..

  1. I have TWO job interviews this week!
    • Phone interview tomorrow with a logistics company 
    • In person interview Friday morning with a marketing company
  2. I get to see my cute boyfriend this weekend. This long distance thing really takes its toll sometimes and we get a little testy with each other. So having some in-person time is wonderful! 
  3. My friend Sam's bridal shower is this Saturday and my 3 best friends and I will be reunited on Friday night! The last time all four of us were together was the beginning of October so it is long overdue. 

  1. My friend Katherine and I are planning to attend the Kenny Chesney concert in Charlotte, NC on May 23 and we are so ridiculously excited!
How's everyone else's week going so far?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Successful Spring Semester!

School is back. I start my final semester of college tomorrow morning at 11 am. Totally crazy! The past 7 semesters have taught me a thing or two about how important organization is, but last semester definitely taught me the most! As a result, I've compiled a little list of tips and other things that help me immensely (especially since I'm insanely busy!). 

 Plan ahead!
I've always used some sort of paper planner and I still swear by them. After I get all my syllabi, I write down all  major due dates (tests, papers, presentations, etc). I usually leave out anything that can change because I hate crossing things out!

I now swear by my Google calendar! Our school e-mails are Gmail accounts so I sync my mail and my calendar with my iPhone so I always know where I need to be. It's all colored coordinated and I can pull it up to edit at anytime or place. Here's what mine looks like for the first week of class:


For classes that rely heavily on PowerPoints, I print these out ahead of time in 3 slide per page handout format and keep them in a 3-ring binder. This way, I can take my notes right on the slides and highlight the most important things. This also means I spend less time writing and more time paying attention to the lecture. 

For classes that don't have PowerPoints or they're not posted before class, I use a 3 or 5 subject spiral notebook. I know some people like one for each class but I have way too many classes to tote that many every day!


Now, you  may think I'm crazy that I'm including pens in a post about having a successful semester. But for me, this definitely applies. I hate hate hate when my notes don't match. I've even been known to rewrite notes if my pen went missing in class. As a result, I always keep my favorite pens in every spot possible (purse, backpack, desk, kitchen, coffee table, apron for work, etc). Therefore, I buy a new pack for every semester. One semester, I used a different color for each class and that was fun too. The only issue was when it came time for studying and highlighting my notes. So, I suggest you find a pen or two that you love and use them for everything!

A charged laptop

Again, maybe a weird thing to talk about along with this one. But, I always have my laptop with me on campus. The first reason being my Google calendar that I mentioned before. It is always pulled up on a tab in my browser. Another being note taking, some classes are easier with typed notes (although I usually stick to notebooks). Also, you never know when a class will get cancelled or let out early. By having your laptop charged and ready, you're always prepared to do some extra studying (or go crazy on Pinterest for a bit...). 

Use your time wisely!

I mean, we've only been hearing this since middle school (or maybe sooner), but it is so important! Since I work at night during the semesters, I have to get everything done during the day or sacrifice my sleep. I love sleep way too much, so I get as much done in between classes as I can. This is also where that charged laptop helps. I always bring something to work on for another class in case something lets out early. 

Eat right.

Like I discussed here, I don't eat the best normally. As a matter of fact, last semester I was so busy I averaged one meal a day and it was usually take out/drive thru or something else not good for me. I would also end up starving while sitting in class and unable to pay attention. So I definitely learned how to solve this problem (which should be pretty obvious):  pack a lunch! And snacks. And 3 drinks. And a coffee. Basically, come prepared. 

Here's an example of how I'm solving this problem: 
  • Breakfast burritos: I'm pre-making and then freezing sausage, egg and cheese burritos that can be heated up and eaten on the way to campus. 
  • Large crock pot meals: I'm in the process of making chicken and rice that will last me a few days for dinner so I will be able to walk in the apartment and be eating within 5 minutes!
  • Fruit smoothies: fill you up, healthy and you can take them on the run. Bonus points if you pre-make and freeze the proper serving size and you can just throw it in the blender!
  • Apples, bananas, any easy to eat fruits as snacks throughout the day. 

Do you guys have any good tips on how you survive the semester? 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trying to get motivated!

Doesn't everyone have the same resolution each year? To get in shape. To eat healthier. To lose 10 pounds...

I attempt to set this resolution each year and I inevitably fail within the first month. So this year, I've decided to change it up a bit. Eating healthier and being active are my main goals right now. But before I try to set a plan, I have to point out some things about myself (and I'm sure you can relate to these characteristics as well!).

  1. I love sweets: candy, cookies, brownies, milkshakes, ice cream. 
  2. I am ridiculously busy: 21 hours of class, clubs, group projects, 20-30 hours of work a week and a boyfriend 2 hours away. 
  3. I'm not the biggest fan of vegetables. 
  4. Ever since I quit cheering in high school, the motivation to work out is gone. I just don't want to. 
  5. Also, cheerleading instilled a hatred of running into my mind and also killed my knees making running quite painful.
These may seem obvious or trivial, but they greatly affect the plan I have set for myself. So if anyone else is looking for a plan or some motivation to set a plan, here's mine! 

  1. Plan out my weekly meals on Saturday or Sunday. 
    • Grocery shop on Sunday nights and pre-make anything and everything I can! Also, by planning ahead and actually cooking, I will eat healthier and definitely cheaper. And of course, this helps me always have food when I'm running in between classes, meetings and work. 
  2. Keep only one sweet item in the apartment and hide it from myself. 
    • I've been doing this for awhile. I'll buy a bag of candy or a giant candy bar and hide it in the pantry so I forget about it. This way, I only eat it when I'm absolutely dying from a chocolate craving!
  3. Trick myself into eating veggies. 
    • I make meals and sneak in broccoli or something else into something that tastes great. A good one is crockpot chicken and rice with broccoli! 
  4. Fitness classes. 
    • My school offers group fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba, spinning, etc for free. I know that going to gym to run on a treadmill isn't going to happen so I plan out what classes I want to attend over the weekend and write it in my planner and Google calendar so I will force myself to go. It also helps to have a friend that will go with you and help keep you accountable. 
By setting smaller, more attainable goals, it's easier for me to grow into loving working out again, eating healthier and eventually losing the couple extra pounds hanging around and tone up. 

How are you guys getting and staying motivated?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

And so it begins...

Job Hunt 2013. 

Last night, I officially began pressing "apply" on jobs I have been looking at all winter break. I think I had a mild panic attack with each one, but I woke up a bit ago to two responses on my resume wanting to set up initial interviews! 

I was so overwhelmed last night that I couldn't even sleep. This process is so extremely stressful to me because come May I want to know that I am moving to Charlotte with a purpose and stability. I want to move into an apartment and I want to start the next adventure in my life. I do not want to be stuck at Cracker Barrel forever. I want to leave that job when I leave school. 

By not moving home after graduation, I'm not moving back into a safe and comforting environment. Yes, my grandparents are wonderful but I don't want to live with them indefinitely like every single other member of my family has. I feel this need to prove myself and succeed quickly. I'm ready to stand completely on my own two feet. 

I think if I could relax and lessen the pressure I'm putting on myself to succeed quickly, this job hunt process might be a little easier and maybe a little bit fun. But, I know myself and I know that I am too much of a planner to relax. So wish me luck and let's hope I don't overwhelm myself too much!

Is anyone else job hunting right now? How are you handling the pressure?

Monday, January 7, 2013

College Adventures

In 7 days, I will start my final semester of college. College has been an absolute roller coaster for me: wonderful and awful all at the same time. I started off my college career at Young Harris College in the tiny mountain town of Young Harris, GA. I was far enough away from home to make up excuses that I couldn't make it home that weekend and close enough that I could meet my parents halfway to eat dinner on a Tuesday night when I was homesick or mad at a boy. 

Freshman year was a mess. I was an 18 year old, slightly sheltered girl who wanted to have the perfect college experience and things didn't always go as planned. I lived with my best friend and our suite mate was one of the greatest girls I've ever known. The three of us are still ridiculously close even though I'm in Boone, Katherine is at Purdue and Bekah stayed at Young Harris. When the three of us were (and are) together it's an absolute blast. 

First night in the dorm

We met a group of guys that we were with all the time. Those guys are some of the best guys in the world and I still think highly of all of them even though we didn't keep in touch too well. 


Most of them played tennis and we had a tendency to act like groupies sometimes. But they loved it and it was a blast. For example, we once drove down to Milledgeville, GA about 3 hours away wearing matching outfits and cheered them on in a tournament. 

Then came the boy. Isn't that always the way? Everything is great and then a boy comes along. In short, I acted a fool. I thought he was the greatest guy in the world and for a couple months he acted that way. Turned out, he wasn't such a great guy. And it led to lots of drama and my best friend moving out spring semester (no worries, we're obviously still best friends!). I definitely did not act like myself and I regret the way I treated people but at the same time I learned so much about who I am and what I want from life and a relationship. 

Once I transferred to App State in the fall of 2010, I was ready for a brand new start with new people, places and experiences. I only knew one person, my other best friend Kristin, upon moving to App and she was gracious enough to include me with her friends and through her I met my wonderful boyfriend. As much as I swore that I wanted to "swear off boys" and all that nonsense. I met him and that was that. (Maybe one day I'll venture into our full story...) 

Sometimes I wish I had made a decisions to go somewhere else my freshman year so I could've saved some heartbreak and then sometimes I wish I had stayed there because it was comfortable. But, looking back on my time in college and knowing how much I have grown and all the amazing experiences I have had, I wouldn't take a single thing back. College is for learning and growing and I did just that. And had I made different decisions, I could have missed out on some great friendships and the best guy in the entire world. 

App State best friends!

Friday, January 4, 2013

My Beauty Obsessions!

As a poor college student, I only buy drug store products. As a result, I sometimes struggle to find exactly what I'm looking for. But when I do find something I love, I make sure everyone knows about it! So here are some of my favorite drugstore purchases!

Organix Shampoo & Conditioner

I have oily hair. But, I also perm, dye, highlight, etc.; so, my hair is a very strange texture. I've always used things to dry up my hair but as I've gotten older and done more damage, my hair was showing it. Over the summer, I decided to try this one. I also bought the oil that matches it. In less than a week of using all 3 together, my split ends were much better and my hair was shiny again. Organix has many different types and I definitely recommend checking out the one that would fit your hair type the best, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Clearasil Ultra Overnight Scrub 

I never broke out in high school. Seriously, never. But Freshman year of college rolled around and my face thought it was 14 years old and broke out like crazy. I've tried everything: ProActive, SkinID, and every possible drug store brand. Finally, this one has worked. There is an overnight cream that goes with it as well and after one use, I can see the difference the next day. I use the wash every night but only the cream for a bad breakout. 

Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller
I've used the traditional roller that's supposed to de-puff and all that, but I have dark under eye circles so I like this one a lot better because it has a tint in it to help lighten under the eye. I like to put about 2 coats on my eyes and blend it in well so you don't have lighter raccoon eyes!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

When BB Creams first came out, I was pretty excited. Granted, our BB creams here in the US aren't "real" BB creams but they are still a great thing to have in your make up bag. I actually bought this one first because it was cheaper than some of the others, but I've tried a couple more since then and this one is still my favorite by far. Ever since my face started breaking out, I've been a little self conscious. But, with this, I will leave the house without foundation on. It's great for mornings when you're running late to your morning class and don't want to scare all your classmates! 

NYC Showtime Glitter Eyeliner 

I'm not really one for eyeliner. I know, people think I'm crazy. But I have big eyes so I don't feel like I need it on a day to day basis. So, when I do wear it, I want it to stand out. Enter: glittery eyeliner. This stuff is awesome and it's also extremely long-wearing (my New Years eve, day and the day after can attest to that fact). 

Honorable mention: Strawberry and Cherry Chapstick. I never go anywhere without Chapstick. There's one in my purse, my book bag, make up bag. 

Anyone else have some drug store finds they swear by?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2013 has arrived. And it brought with it an awful sickness for me. As much as being sick stinks, I'm very glad it didn't happened a month ago or even a week ago. I finally have time to lay in bed and be sick and that's exactly what Zuko and I are doing today: Netflix, soup, blogging and Pinterest. Now, I have some time to look forward to 2013 and what is in store for me and set some goals for myself.

So, what's coming up for me?

A stressful semester. I'm taking 21 hours for my last semester. (I thought the last semester of college was supposed to be easy?!) I would really like to make Dean's List this semester since I was .03 away from it last semester. I'm hoping to work a lot in order to save money for The Big Move. My job also relates to my future a career so I'm hoping to work more in order to gain another promotion that will look even better on my resume.

Graduation. May 11, 2013. 4pm. The day I'm no longer a college student and am forced to join the real world. I am extremely nervous yet ridiculously excited. The job hunt is officially underway and if I can have a job lined up by this day, I'm pretty sure the nervousness will subside somewhat.

The Big Move. The week after graduation, as long as I have a job lined up, I will be moving to Charlotte, NC. When I transferred to Appalachian State, my goal was to go to law school before moving to Charlotte. Although the law school dream changed, the move did not. And as luck would have it, my boyfriend is also from Charlotte and knowing we'll be in the same town again in approximately 5 months, makes the move even more exciting. Most of my friends moved back home and in with their parents after graduation, so I'm a little nervous about not moving home but I'm way more excited than nervous.

My first grown up apartment. Yes, I've been in an apartment for 3 years now, but the next one is going to be nice. I have a couple of non-negotiables going into the search: pet friendly, a walk in closet and a decent sized kitchen. Apartments in Boone aren't the greatest in the world so I'm ready for a nicer place that I don't have to worry about things falling apart and I can have central heat and air instead of baseboards.

The first job. As of now, I obviously have no idea what that will be yet. But I'm sure you guys will get plenty of updates as I struggle through the job hunt.

Now, I have some goals I'm setting for myself. 

  • Eat breakfast. Drink water. Bring healthy-ish lunches to campus. Try to curb my caffeine/Coke addiction.
  • Try to go out every other week.
  • Dean's list.
  • Join a gym or move into a complex with a gym.
  • Move into my new apartment by October.
  • Read some real books. Not textbooks. 
  • Actually use the recipes, apartment ideas, work out tips, etc. that I pin on Pinterest.
  • Eat out less. 
For now, though, I'll be spending time in my bed with the kitten, watching How I Met Your Mother and eating chicken soup. Happy New Year :)