Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Job Hunt.

Job hunting is stressful in case I haven't mentioned it before... oh wait, I have

Anyways, I've interviewed with one logistics company for a selling position. I had one phone interview and I'm supposed to have another one this weekend. If that one goes well, I would move on to an in-person interview. If that went well, I would ideally be offered the job.

Cue the freak out.

Although I'm still two interviews and a few weeks away from being offered a job (if I even am) but I'm already freaking out. It scares me to think that I could be accepting a job for May soon after only interviewing with one company. Especially since this particular job really overwhelms me. I'm still posting resumes and keeping my eyes open for a position that requires a slightly smaller time commitment (this one requires 55-60 hour work weeks the first year).

I've talked to many people in my life (parents, boyfriend, boss, etc) and asked their opinions on if it's okay to take a position so soon and about my concerns regarding the hours and commitment and they all say the same thing: I can choose not to take the job at any point until the day I start. But for me, this feels wrong. I've always been such a loyal employee that goes over and beyond for my boss/company (to a fault sometimes) and the fact that I can just change my mind and do something else baffles me. I guess It's a good thing I've got a few months to decide and alter my feelings on the situation.

Is anyone else job hunting right now? How are you handling the stress?

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