Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend recap!

Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing and recharge you for the weekend? No? Okay then, I guess I'll stop holding out for a relaxing weekend then.. My weekend was definitely fun but just really tiring.


Sitting on the couch, eating dinner and reading blogs, I get a call from the boyfriend. He informs me that due to the bad weather, his boss is going to let him work from "home" Friday and he will see me in about 3 hours. Talk about excitement!! So I spent the night cleaning and hanging out with him.


The butt head (that's our loving pet name for each other, by the way) had to be up and logged into his work system by 8am. So I laid in bed with the kitten whining about the light being on until we went to get Bojangles. Then we took a nap. Yes, at 10am we took a nap and it was glorious. Then the sweet boy drove me and picked me up from my shift at the Barrel and we went out to dinner before watching cheesy TV the rest of the night. Nights like that are perfect to me.


I had to work all day, but my friend Sam and her fiance Jeremy came up and went skiing/snowboarding with Christian for the day. When we all got home we had Los (yummy Mexican) for dinner and hit up the grocery and liquor store to prepare for the evening (whoops?). We then decided that the best way to pre-game was to watch Pitch Perfect. This is true and everyone should do it. Fabulous, fabulous movie. Then we headed to the bar and had an absolute blast. The only issue was that we got home WAY after my bed time. 


I swear I literally spent the entire day at the Barrel. We ate breakfast there before I went in to work the rest of the day. It was exhausting. After work it was off to the library for my first group meeting of the semester. Ugh. I hate group projects. Luckily, I was able to go to bed early since I was so sleepy from the weekend! 


Now, I add Monday because I had one class today and the rest was spent reading blogs, doing a teeny tiny bit of school work and taking a nap with this guy.

How was your weekend?

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