Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2013 has arrived. And it brought with it an awful sickness for me. As much as being sick stinks, I'm very glad it didn't happened a month ago or even a week ago. I finally have time to lay in bed and be sick and that's exactly what Zuko and I are doing today: Netflix, soup, blogging and Pinterest. Now, I have some time to look forward to 2013 and what is in store for me and set some goals for myself.

So, what's coming up for me?

A stressful semester. I'm taking 21 hours for my last semester. (I thought the last semester of college was supposed to be easy?!) I would really like to make Dean's List this semester since I was .03 away from it last semester. I'm hoping to work a lot in order to save money for The Big Move. My job also relates to my future a career so I'm hoping to work more in order to gain another promotion that will look even better on my resume.

Graduation. May 11, 2013. 4pm. The day I'm no longer a college student and am forced to join the real world. I am extremely nervous yet ridiculously excited. The job hunt is officially underway and if I can have a job lined up by this day, I'm pretty sure the nervousness will subside somewhat.

The Big Move. The week after graduation, as long as I have a job lined up, I will be moving to Charlotte, NC. When I transferred to Appalachian State, my goal was to go to law school before moving to Charlotte. Although the law school dream changed, the move did not. And as luck would have it, my boyfriend is also from Charlotte and knowing we'll be in the same town again in approximately 5 months, makes the move even more exciting. Most of my friends moved back home and in with their parents after graduation, so I'm a little nervous about not moving home but I'm way more excited than nervous.

My first grown up apartment. Yes, I've been in an apartment for 3 years now, but the next one is going to be nice. I have a couple of non-negotiables going into the search: pet friendly, a walk in closet and a decent sized kitchen. Apartments in Boone aren't the greatest in the world so I'm ready for a nicer place that I don't have to worry about things falling apart and I can have central heat and air instead of baseboards.

The first job. As of now, I obviously have no idea what that will be yet. But I'm sure you guys will get plenty of updates as I struggle through the job hunt.

Now, I have some goals I'm setting for myself. 

  • Eat breakfast. Drink water. Bring healthy-ish lunches to campus. Try to curb my caffeine/Coke addiction.
  • Try to go out every other week.
  • Dean's list.
  • Join a gym or move into a complex with a gym.
  • Move into my new apartment by October.
  • Read some real books. Not textbooks. 
  • Actually use the recipes, apartment ideas, work out tips, etc. that I pin on Pinterest.
  • Eat out less. 
For now, though, I'll be spending time in my bed with the kitten, watching How I Met Your Mother and eating chicken soup. Happy New Year :) 

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