Friday, April 10, 2020

The Realistic Spring Trends Post

Last week, while reading blogs, I was seeing a lot of posts about "spring trends" and I know bloggers plan out their posts in advance and also make money from links. I'm not hating on that at all. I also am so glad that everyone is still posting because it's definitely a welcome distraction. I also like reading about how others are coping and throughout this pandemic - I've found a lot of great ideas to keep myself busy or to share with friends.

But, with all that being said, let's be real about what "spring fashion" looks like in 2020. It is NOT cute floral dresses and sandals as much as we wish it was. Since we'll be spending all of Spring 2020 in our houses (at least here in Virginia we will - we are on stay at home orders until June 10!), we may as well be comfortable.

As a fitness instructor, I have A LOT of leggings, sports bras and tank tops. But, let's be real, my barre leggings aren't the same as the really comfy, soft joggers and sweats that we all want to live in. So, I went down the internet rabbit hole and asking my PE teacher friend who lives in joggers for her recommendations and landed on these three pairs and I LOVE them!
top right // top left // bottom left // bottom right 
The joggers from Target on the top right are my current favorite thing to wear. They are SO SOFT. I can't explain how soft they are. AND they're only $19.99. A total steal. I have another, more structured pair, also from Target that I bought a few months ago. I couldn't find the exact pair that I have, but I did find a similar pair here.

On the top left is my favorite Athleta sweatshirt. I've been wearing it since the Fall and a couple instructors at the studio have it as well and we all live in it. It's got thumb holes which I always love when I'm wanting to be cozy.

The black joggers are from Fabletics (if you're not a member, you can become one and get two pants for $24 which is what I did!) I love that they're cozy but also have structure and pockets. I love pockets. It makes taking all my junk up and down the stairs so much easier.

I know I said I don't want to live in all the leggings I have for barre, but these are the exception. I LOVE Athleta leggings and these are my favorites. I love the pockets when I'm teaching but also for lounging around and having my phone with me around the house.

Some other things I've bought in the last few weeks that are really getting me through: this four pack of bralettes (come on, no one wants to wear a real bra all day and a sports bra is too constricting), this two pack of blue light blocking glasses, and this SO COZY pullover from Old Navy (wait and snag it on sale, they're always having a new sale). I have two other sweatshirts that are in my rotation from Chalkfull of Love - a Stars Hollow Winter Festival and Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins. Y'all know I love fall/winter/Christmas and these make me so happy.

One last thing I'd like to say about all these comfy clothes - you should still change every day! I am still changing 3 times a day!

My Outfit "Schedule" 

I start out in my workout clothes to either teach or take a barre class at 7 AM (occasionally, I do spin at lunch in which case I still start out in my workout clothes so I don't lose motivation). Once I'm ready to start the workday, I switch into one of the comfy outfits I talked about above.

Once I'm ready to move from my workday to home life ( I plan to share more about more about my current schedule/how I'm staying sane soon!), I sometimes go ahead and put my PJs on unless we' re going to walk the dog. If we are, I walk her THEN change into pajamas.

So there you have it: workout clothes, "work" clothes and pajamas. We are living through the weirdest times and changing like this really helps me switch from work to home to barre throughout the day since we don't have the change of scenery like we're used to.

Tell me, what are your comfiest clothes and should I also buy them? Ha!

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Audrey Louise said...

Yes, girl. I am all about the loungewear. And if I have to go out, it's leggings and a sweatshirt all the way. No shame. Checking out those target joggers now. I love athleta, too!