Tuesday, April 7, 2020

March Favorites

Back in January, I complained a lot about how long the month felt. If only past me knew what March would bring... I'm also not planning to make this post a total social distancing/COVID-19 post. I think my first post back should be some updates and things I enjoyed over the last, longest month of my life.

  • My Papa turned 80 in Mid March *right* before the country started shutting down. I almost didn't go down to Charlotte because I was so worried about taking something to him. But, I tried everything in my power to keep a distance and keep them safe. At the time, they weren't taking it seriously and I spent the whole three days trying to explain how serious it really was. My grandmother continued to go to work for 3 more days after that but thankfully she is home now! 
  • This is not important in the grand scheme and I KNOW THAT but I'm still a little sad about everything I cancelled: a hair appointment, my best friend coming from Chicago, my next tattoo appointment (it's tentatively rescheduled to mid-June as of right now), a trip to Boone to see Luke Combs on my birthday weekend and a trip to Denver partially for work, partially for play. But, this is for the best interest of the country and everyone's safety so it is okay. 
  • We moved all our classes online three weeks ago and it's been a wild ride. From some days when the internet doesn't want to connect to my computer or my headphones microphone don't pick up my voice, we've managed and our clients have been so understanding and supportive! We've even had people who don't live in Charlottesville join to barre from home! (Shameless plug, if you want to barre with me, let me know and I can send you a link!) 
Random Things: 
  • I've been enjoying wearing leggings/joggers on the bottom and "business" on the top. Some days, if I don't have any external calls, I also stay in cute sweatshirts. 
  • Current favorite recipe I've made the last few weeks: Fit Foodie Finds Healthy Banana Bread
  • Am I the only one feeling like you run the dishwasher every day?! We're only two people - how is this possible?! 
  • I've been burning candles in my office that have helped set a little ambiance that I can't have when working in the office! (I've even burned fall candles because there are no rules now apparently)
  • At home manicures are hard. 
So yeah, this was just a random assortment of nonsense but while we're at home at least, I plan to be showing back up in the dusted off blog. Shout out to Whitney for helping me pick a new design! 

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Audrey Louise said...

I've been burning candles like crazy and I SWEAR I run the washer and dish washer every single day. And our house is a wreck. Lol. Send me the link for the barre classes! I don't have a ton of time right now but I'd love to take one of your classes!! I've been doing yoga ones at my studio from my spare bedroom :)