Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What happened to May?

I think I wrote two posts in May? And when I started this post, I actually forgot about that and had to go back and look... May was possibly one of the craziest months I've had in recent memory. I thought I would do a little recap of the month because there were a few fun things that happened!

My Birthday! 

I flew out for a work trip on my actual birthday so the night before, my husband took me out for dinner and ice cream. Ice cream is my love language so this was a big win in my book.
At work, my co-workers decorated my desk, brought my cupcakes and bought my chicken nuggets from Chickfila before we headed to the airport for San Diego!

Thankfully, we had a direct flight to San Diego in which I made it through multiple podcasts, a book and a little nap before we got there. I love time change sometimes, but after waking up early to workout, working most of the day, and flying almost six hours, I was exhausted! But, my boss had made dinner reservations for my birthday and dinner was AMAZING. I had crab legs and lobster :)

San Diego. 

We were out in California for a work conference with the Association for Training and Development and it was one of the most exhausting things I've done but I was nerding out so hard over all the training/employee engagement/development stuff! We also had some time at the zoo, in Old Town San Diego, walking around and eating in Little Italy with plenty of ice cream throughout the week.

BUT, the best hour and a half, BY FAR, was being in the same room as the best key note speaker that has ever happened at a conference... BARACK OBAMA. President Barack Obama. We were outside the conference center at 6 AM and he didn't start speaking until 8:30... thankfully, we did get relatively close - as in I could see him with my own two eye balls without looking at the screens. Truly a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience. To read a little about his speech, click here.

Mother's Day. 

We got home just in time for Mother's Day, my father in law's birthday, and my uncle's visit from Maui. We had our annual Mother's Day/ father in law's birthday cookout with my in law's neighbors - which turned into their impromptu vow renewal! It marked their 20 year anniversary and Vickie surprised Susan with a minister who (re)married them by their pool!

For actual Mother's Day, we spent the day with my entire family: grandparents, mom, brother/his girlfriend and all four of my uncles. It was so fun to have the entire family together and thankfully we were able to get together a few other times before he left.

Wedding fun! 

The next weekend - we had a wedding to attend! And not the Royal Wedding - even better - our friends Alyssa and Kevin finally tied the knot! We have a group of 4 best friends from college and Alyssa was the last of the four to get married and we all had so much fun celebrating them. It was also supposed to rain the entire day and it barely sprinkled around 9:30 pm that night and by that point, it was refreshing because it was so hot and humid!


Towards the end of May, I was out in Dallas for a few days to do some training for our new employees out there. Let me tell you... being someone that hates summer, Texas is not a place for me in May. That is a different kind of heat. I swear that the sun was laying directly on top of me. It wasn't as humid in Charlotte, in my opinion, it was just WAY hotter somehow.

Memorial Day. 

Sadly, I had to work Memorial Day #transportationproblems but we did have a good weekend relaxing, being productive and catching up on life after an entire month of being busy or away from home. I think that was the first grocery store trip I had made since the end of April... I'm pretty embarrassed but there was literally no time to cook or shop.

So there we have it - one of the busiest months of my life... and June is shaping up to be pretty crazy too. help.


Joey Hodges said...

Goodness gracious--you had a jam-packed month. If I did one of these recaps it would say "I woke up, I worked, I went to yoga, I went to bed." I'm boring. I need to get more excitement into my life 😂

Audrey Louise said...

I looove ice cream, too!!
So sweet that your co-workers and boss took such good care of you on your birthday! We're sending an employee on a trip over his b-day and I'm trying to figure out how to surprise him at the hotel. (He's traveling with my husband so it shouldn't be too tough.)
San Diego sounds awesome! I've never been there. And to have President Obama speak at the conference??? DANG!!
The surprise vow renewal sounds so sweet and special! And I LOVE going to weddings of college friends. It's like a reunion with all the best people!!
I hate summer, too, and I'm headed to Dallas in July for an outdoor work event. LORD HELP ME.

Your May was nuts!