Tuesday, May 22, 2018

5 Travel Must Haves

This year has involved quite a few trips already. Starting with Orlando in February, Chicago and Nashville in March, and I've already been to San Diego this month and am headed to Dallas today. For the rest of the year I've got a trip to Indianapolis, Arkansas, Nashville and Chicago again on the docket (so far). Needless to say, I'm racking up the American Airlines miles and I hope they work for me next year with a free vacation flight!

I've become pretty comfortable with my "must haves" on a flight and thought I would share those with you today! I'm sure most people already bring these or at least think about bringing them, but I love reading what other people bring on flights so here we go:

one // Entertainment. I love to read. Already this year, I've read 21 books... I always bring at least two books with me: a novel/thriller and a development book. I just never know what I'm going to be in the mood for. For longer trips, I may even bring more.

On top of books, I like to have a couple of shows downloaded through Netflix - um, yeah did you know you could do that?! - and some podcasts queued up. I like to be able to switch through a few different mediums of entertainment to make the ride go faster.

For San Diego, I brought 4 books, 4 shows and way too many podcasts. I was able to read one and a half books and listen to 3 podcasts on the way there and didn't feel AS stir crazy as I have in previous flights because I was able to switch back and forth between different topics and mediums.

two // A water bottle and snacks. Surprise, you can bring an empty water bottle through security! I find that somehow a lot of people didn't know this. I work for Coca Cola, so the idea of paying $5 for a Dasani bottle when I get them for free kind of hurts my soul. I like to have a little something to nibble on, too. Whether its a Clif bar or some almonds - I just need something to munch on.

For San Diego, though, work paid so I DID get that overpriced SmartWater and a chocolate bar ;)

three // Wireless headphones. I LOVE my BeatsX that I got for Christmas. They do a great job of drowning out the airplane noises and give me great sound clarity. They also connect to my tablet, computer and phone so no matter what I'm listening to, I can be connected easily.

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four // Socks. Overall, I'm not one of those people that gets cold on a plane so I don't typically bring an extra sweater or anything. But, I have aggressively cold feet all day, every day. If I'm not already wearing socks (and sometimes even if I am), I will bring my thick wool socks and swap out my shoes as soon as I get to my seat. I can be comfortable with no shoes but its not as gross as bare feet on an airplane (nooooo way).

five // Small toiletries. There are a few things I always make sure to put in my carry on that will be under my seat: hand sanitizer, gum, eye drops (before, I had contacts and now I have post LASIK dry eye so maybe one day I won't bring this but that day is not today), all my makeup and a toothbrush. You can get away with everything else in a checked bag if you have to, but these are my non negotiable items.

Is there anything you absolutely HAVE to have on a flight? What should I add to my list?

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Audrey Louise said...

I always have a book and music. I also have a fill-in-the-word puzzle book, too. I have flight anxiety so I try to bring stuff to engage my brain and keep me from noticing my environment.
I bring a water bottle and snack, hand sanitizer and tissues, and a hat. I don't know why, but I like flying with a hat.