Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Goals: A Recap

So today, we're all starting posts by saying "wow, guys, can you believe it's already March?!" right? Because, seriously. We had either the hottest or second hottest February on record in Charlotte this year. Beating the record that was set in 1927... NINETEEN TWENY SEVEN. If you've hung around here long enough, you know that I'm a cold weather person and therefore very upset with this turn of events. Luckily, 1927 was also the year for record snowfall in Charlotte in March. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Today is the day to talk about February goals. Overall, I did pretty well with completing 4/6! One of which was unfortunately out of my control so it'll be on the list for another month. So without further ado...

one // Read a new book. 

Well, I completely failed on this one. I checked out quite a few from the library and they have yet to leave my car. I will have to try this one again next month because I really miss reading.

two // Try at least 4 new recipes. 

I don't believe I tried four news ones. If I did, I've completely forgotten so they must not have been that good. Christian had a stomach bug the week of Valentine's Day and wasn't eating real food for awhile so that put a damper on me cooking as much.

I did make these Baked Lime Dijon chicken legs, though. This was seriously one of the easiest recipes: dijon, lime, garlic, a teeny bit of light mayo and pepper! I'm going to attempt it in the crock pot soon and see how that goes.
I also made a new Balsamic chicken recipe and was not a fan. I don't think it was the fault of the recipe - it's my crockpot. It's a cheap one that I got in college and it has a tendency to dry things out so we are looking at getting a newer one with timed settings soon!

I slid the final new recipe in last night: Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps. Except, I didn't have lettuce on hand so I turned it into a stir fry type deal by adding carrots and broccoli and pouring it over quinoa. In case you haven't picked up on it, I love quinoa with everything.

three // Try a cupcake decorating class. 

We had this scheduled for last night, but sadly we couldn't go last minute! But, there are some more offered so we'll be signing up again, soon.

four // Finish my office. 

Well, I screeched in right on February 26 getting this (mostly) done. But, there are still a few things that I'd like to do: add some curtains, add pillows on the couch, organize the bookshelf and either paint the chair that is here or get a new one! But, here's a peak of the desk and gallery wall!
I found this desk/chair on one of the Facebook yard sale pages and Christian sanded it and repainted it for me. We also found a cute new knob at World Market and I spray painted the silver accents to gold to match my decor! I will be posting a full office tour ASAP!

five // Pamper myself. 

I had two massages, one hair appointment and one really good sleep in on a Sunday morning so I'd say I accomplished this goal. I'm still feeling pretty busy and overwhelmed, but I'm chugging along and trying to keep myself as a priority!

six // Plan our spring trip! 

Whoo! So excited about this. We settled on an April March trip to DC to see the cherry blossoms, Christian's sister and our best friends! The actual weekend is still being determined because it depends on when the blossoms want to bloom and right now they want to bloom mid-March but we had the trip planned for April 1.

Our NYC trip is still being planned but most likely will be in the summer since I'm going out of town twice in April and running a 5K. A possibility of a May trip to New Orleans is being discussed right now so hopefully that works out!


Miranda said...

Oooh, your gallery wall looks adorable! And how exciting to go see the cherry blossoms...I'm sure it will be beautiful! It was a warmer winter than usual...we only had 3 days of "cold" here in Florida instead of our usual 5, ha ha.

Audrey Louise said...

Great job with your goals!! I set quarterly goals and I just checked some off yesterday- it felt great :)
We want to go to DC soon. Maybe in 4 years, though. I kind of don't want to go right now....... But it looks gorgeous and you guys will have a great time!
I'm always fighting my way out of reading slumps. There are so many great readers in the blog world so I often feel out of the loop and behind. I'm glad when other people admit that real life keeps them from reading as often as they'd like (although I hope that turns around really soon for you!).