Monday, March 6, 2017

Hanging Around Like A Bat

Another weekend has come to a close. We really need to adopt a 4 week work schedule in this country. It just seems better for the soul. Where do we start this petition?

This weekend was just another great weekend. I had myself pretty busy, but I got to see so many of my favorite humans, workout, treat myself, clean the house, eat good food and get some good relaxing time in with Christian. I actually am shocked that I was able to fit so much in. 


We had a girls night Friday night with wine and pizza and it was so good for the soul. Just sitting around, no men, and getting to just talk about anything and everything we wanted. There were venting sessions, killer laughing spells and lots of puppy play time.


Last week,  I shared that I went to an Air Fitness class and I decided to punish treat myself again this Saturday! The class was totally different than the week before (which I LOVE) and I even did this:
Like, holy wow. I can't believe I didn't fall on my head and I kind of felt like a bat. I'm pretty sure I'll be heading back again pretty soon.. Too fun. 

In this particular Air studio, there's also Mud Facial Bar. While I was in class, my friend was getting a facial and I had a facial right after and we were able to chat while I was getting it. It was actually my first facial ever (oh hey, there, #trymore2017) and I totally noticed a difference by the end of the day in my complexion! If you're local to Charlotte, go try Mud ASAP! 

Once our faces were all taken care of, we headed off to Yafo Kitchen. Lisa has been wanting to go for months and we finally made it there since it's literally 50 feet from Air. Talk about convenient. The line was pretty insane, but it gave us a lot of time to decide because the menu is a little bit overwhelming.
I decided on a wrap and Lisa got a hummus bowl - both were insanely good and we will definitely be back. 

Once I got home from lunch, we finished cleaning up and vacuuming because Kristin and Jacob were coming over! Once they got here, we chatted for a little while before headed out to Southend for dinner and drinks. Both places we went had THE best music selection and we didn't stop dancing all night.
If you're Snapchat friends with me, I'm so sorry because there was a lot of singing happening and I know it wasn't any good. 


Once in college, Kristin and I drove down to Charlotte for a day trip and stumbled upon a Charlotte gem: The Flying Biscuit. We had no idea we had stumbled into one of the most popular restaurants in Charlotte but we've never stopped talking about it. It's usually so busy that Christian and I don't want to wait in line, but we decided to risk it for Kristin and Jacob. 

We elected to sit outside and were sat immediately. We had the best brunch with amazing service and Jacob has already requested to go back. 

After brunch, we picked Ellie up and we headed out on the Greenway. We had discussed a hike, but it had been cold in the morning so we skipped it, so this was a great compromise. We got about 3 miles in before the had to leave us :( 

We've already got plans in the works for our next get together. It seriously sucks having your best friends live so far away! 

After the headed out, Christian and I watched a couple movies and had a lovely lazy night since all the cleaning was already done! 

I hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend as well! 

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Miranda said...

Air fitness classes look like so much fun! We have a Flying Biscuit here in Gainesville and I LOVE IT. Did you try the apple butter on the biscuits? So insanely yummy!

Audrey Louise said...

My husband and I visited Charlotte last fall for just a few hours on our way through to Myrtle Beach. We actually stopped just to take in the NASCAR HoF and then got dinner at Carolina Ale House. We LOVED Charlotte, though, and we're already planning to come back and make it the finally destination (vs. just a pit stop).
The aerial class and mud facial sounds awesome! We have a yoga studio that offers aerial work, but not mud masks. Haha!

Brianne said...

Air Fitness sounds so interesting! That burrito looks so good.

Erica Ashley said...

That class looks so fun!!! I would love to try it sometime! Im going to look in my area! Also, girls nights are the best!!

ShesLeaningIn01 said...

Life goals! Air fitness! That looks like a great time and let me know when you start that petition, I'm totally on board.