Friday, January 27, 2017

5 on Friday!

The last few weeks have been tough, as I mentioned earlier this week, but hopefully I will be back on the blogging train this week. My 5 on Friday this week is going to be short and sweet but I wanted to put something out there and get the blogging juices flowing! 

one // Date night tonight! 

We are going out for Queen's Feast tonight at Napa on Providence and I'm pumped. We haven't had a really nice date night in awhile and we're going to a new restaurant. I'm also ready to cheat SO hard on my meal plan.

two // This week's workouts. 

I saw an ad on Facebook for 70% off one month of Class Pass and I jumped on it. It was $15 for 5 classes! A couple work friends do Class Pass so I went to spin and a yoga class a few weeks ago but this week we did a spin/barre class and last night we did Jazzercise. Yes, Jazzercise still exists. It was quite the interesting experience - much older crowd and lots of interesting dance moves. BUT I definitely felt like I got a workout and did some good cardio. 

three // I'm meeting Whitney this weekend! 

We are having brunch tomorrow morning and I'm pumped! It's always fun when internet friends turn into real life friends 😃 

four // Anna Kendrick's book. 

I finished Scrappy Little Nobody last weekend and it was such a nice read. I love Anna Kendrick and she's so down to earth and weird. I love it. Her book made me like her even more and it was fun getting a glimpse behind the scenes of some of her movies. 

five // My office. 

We finally got Christian's office fixed so I've been working on mine for a couple of weeks. I'm almost done with my gallery wall and Christian is finishing my desk this week. Hopefully there will be a post up soon with the finished project! 

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Laura Darling said...

I am excited to read Anna Kendrick's book, I heard such great things about it! Have a wonderful weekend!