Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Things I Can Live Without (But Don't Want To)

We can all agree that overall 2016 hasn't been that great of a year for the country as a whole, right? While most of my personal life has been pretty phenomenal, the crazy natural disasters, all the deaths, the nasty election and just general nastiness of the year hasn't made 2016 the most pleasant ever. But, that doesn't mean there aren't some really good things that I love this year. I'll preface this by saying most of these are pretty surface level so I hope you weren't looking for something deep and meaningful on this hump day ;)

one // Order ahead apps. Seriously, the Starbucks app is amazing. Let me tell you a story: last Saturday, Christian and I stopped by the mall to buy some candles and I wanted a caramel apple spice from Starbucks. Seeing as it was Saturday night during the Christmas season, it was packed. So I pulled out my handy dandy app and ordered us up some cider. We did a lap through the store next door and then our drinks were ready and we headed back home to the couch. 

Did I have anywhere important to be that waiting in that line was so unbearable? Absolutely not. But did I want to wait in that line for 20 minutes? Also, no. So yeah, I love the app and you should all use it. You should also see the looks I get during the week when I stop in before work and walk in, grab my drink and walk right back out. 

two // Doggie daycare. I've talked about this before when I talked about how our life changed since getting Ellie. But that little rascal is so full of energy that we need to let her run around and play with other pups all day long so she is tired! 
Truly, she has more energy than any dog I know. All of our friends' dogs pass out hours before Ellie does when they play together. It's ridiculous. 

three // Smartphones. Obviously, we've had these awhile now but just take a second to stop and think that if you have a question at any moment, you can type it in Google on that tiny computer attached to your hand and you've got an answer. 

How did people drive without Google Maps? How did people figure out what they were cooking for dinner? What did we do without checking in on what your friends are doing every second of the day?

four // DVR. Hulu. Netflix. I hate commercials and thanks to these three, I very rarely have to watch them. Although, I really do miss Blockbuster. It's so hard to find old classics in a Redbox or on Netflix. But other than that, totally on board with all the streaming developments. 
five // Tracking packages. Is this necessary? Nope. Do I love to stalk the tracking pages until my packages are delivered at my doorstep? Absolutely. Although, I will say that this sometimes gives me more "anxiety" when a a package says it's in Charlotte but it's not at my doorstep. WHERE is it? WHY isn't it here? There's no need to freak out, but I do. 

Do you have anything like this that you totally don't need but totally want to have?


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Our dogs don't go to doggy daycare but other than that, yes a million times to all of these! (And yes to doggy daycare for people with hyper dogs, because I can see how much that would help!) Ordering ahead is awesome. I also love ordering stuff for store pickup at Target or whatever, so I can have it that day but also not have to find it in the store.

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