Monday, December 5, 2016

Our 2016 Christmas Cards

Since getting married, there aren't that many things that changed in our lives. I changed my last name, we bought a house and got a puppy, but hey, other than those things - not terribly much. Another thing that did change, though, is that I'm now sending out Christmas cards!

I wanted to save Christmas cards to be one of our married traditions and I'm glad we did! It feels so special getting to take a few special pictures of us and Ellie every year. Yes, I left out Zuko because he's not a fan of Ellie and we could never get them both to sit still in the same spot... ever. Plus, Zuko doesn't like the outdoors and Christmas card pictures just look so much better outside! But, he still gets included as you can see from our 2015 card!

I start looking for Christmas cards pretty early in November so I that I make sure I really love what I pick! This year, I found Tiny Prints Christmas Cards and had so much trouble narrowing it down to my favorite! I made at LEAST 6 different mock ups and then sent pictures to Kristin for her opinion and had Christian narrow down his favorites, too. 

We didn't take specific pictures for the card this year since we ordered our cards so early and we've been crazy busy, so I used some from our trip to Boone and a couple from throughout the year that I love of us. I wasn't going to include a picture of just Zuko again because #crazycatlady but Christian wouldn't let me order them without it! 
I love that Tiny Prints lets you upload pictures before searching through cards so you can see how your pictures will look in the cards! Once you've selected a card, you  have the option for colored envelopes as well as custom envelopes. The custom envelopes include an adorable design that you choose from their offerings and free envelop addressing! This is awesome for making the holidays easier! 

Without further ado, here is the one we chose! 

Do you normally do Christmas cards? Do you take specific pictures or just highlight the year you've had?

I received these cards in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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