Monday, December 12, 2016

8 Ideas for a White Elephant Exchange

It's that time of year again: holiday parties and gift exchanges. AKA, the time when you try to find a good gift for the White Elephant exchange but can't figure out what to get and it's the night before and you're scrounging around Target for literally anything that might work. Oh no? Just me then?

Well, if you're anything like me, I'm here to solve that problem for you. This list is also going to be full of "real gifts". As much as I love the gag gift white elephant exchange,  I love "real" gifts more and that's what my team at work did. Everything on this list is around $20 or less!

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Volcano Candle: I actually received this during my work exchange and I've never had one before. I am already obsessed! You can get these from Anthropologie, Amazon or other local shops!

Holiday pillow: This is so hard to go wrong with - everyone has a spot to throw a new, cute pillow!

Christmas Ornaments: This year, my team is decorating our cubicles in a Polar Express/North Pole theme (I will show pictures later this week when it's done!) so our boss brought "Believe" themed ornaments to fit our theme which was so adorable. If you guys have something like that, try to find an ornament that fits, if not, try some of these!

Also, a pickle is an awesome idea, too. Not everyone has one, but it's such a fun tradition to gift to someone! The quick story: one person hides the pickle in the tree and on Christmas morning, the first person to find it, gets either an extra gift or to open their gift first!

Gift Cards: I'm not one to gift a gift card (except to my little brother sometimes) but someone did this year at work and it was to all of our favorite restaurant near the office and we actually all fought over it! (If you're local to Charlotte, it was a Sabor gift card - who wouldn't want that?) So if there's a spot that your team loves to eat at, try a gift card there and I bet it will be a hit! Who doesn't want a week of free lunch?


Beer mugs: Depending on your work environment, these could go for work, too - I actually bought the white ones for mine! But, if not, I LOVE these for a friend gift exchange. All four of these are from Target, so if you don't have time for shipping - you can order online and pick them up in store!

Wine Glasses:  Can you ever go wrong with festive wine glasses for the friends in your life? I'm going to say no. 

Festive drinks: This was also another one given at my work gift exchange (from my boss - the director of HR, totally normal, I swear). She gave Gingerbread liquor that she suggest just putting over ice ;) but I said maybe hot chocolate. Another option would be giving hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps or Bailey's! If you'e local to Charlotte, I suggest King of Pop's Salted Hot Chocolate for this - I just got some Saturday and it's ahhhhmazing.  

A big, comfy blanket scarf. Aren't we all obsessed with these? This weekend, at the Pink Social Girl Tribe pop up, I found an awesome one at CLT Boutique and my friend got one from Ivy and Leo. If you're not local to Charlotte, here are some options! 

Did I miss any good White Elephant gift ideas? Any really great ones you've gotten or given before?


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Target is killing it with the beer mugs this season!

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