Friday, December 2, 2016

Five on Friday!

I've been a little slow in Blogland this week - my apologies! I've been trying to get everything organized so I can really enjoy the season! Thankfully, I did a lot in October and November to prepare : ) But, check out the wreath I made last weekend - so easy and affordable! Today I  wanted to pop back in for 5 on Friday!

My boss' desk.
My desk!
The fireplace.
four// I'm considering leaving the iPhone family. This is random, but I just have THE worst experiences with iPhones even though I'm so nice to mine. I got this one on Cyber Monday last year and it shuts down at 30-40% battery almost every day. I took it to the Genius Bar the day before Thanksgiving and he told me he couldn't give me a new battery/phone because it was "testing fine" but to make a report with Apple and then come back.

one // Ellie knocked down the Christmas tree at 5:45 Monday morning. I can't believe I haven't shared this on the blog yet.Let me set this up for you: we have a HUGE tree this year. It was kind of an accident but it was SO pretty, so we got it. It's 9.5 feet tall (our ceilings are 10') and crazy full. I had to move the couch so far to the other side of the room to make it fit and Christian had to trim some branches so it wasn't constantly catching on the curtains. 
My alarm was set for 6:15 and I heard a very weird swish, boom, and then a leaking noise. Obviously, I thought I was dreaming because I have super weird dreams and Christian didn't move. After about 5 minutes, Christian gets up and goes downstairs. Then he comes running back upstairs, shakes me and says "she knocked over the tree". 

Needless to say, when he said she knocked it down, my stomach dropped. It was hard for us to set up due to its size and of course, I was thinking of our special ornaments and the presents already under it. Thankfully, only one ornament broke and it wasn't an important one. A gift under the tree broke, but we believe it's fixable. 

The worst part was, though, we couldn't get it back up. Once Christian was awake and could focus on it, he realized the tree stand broke. The brand new one we had bought the day before... We left the tree laying on it's side and hoped it wouldn't shrivel up in the time we needed to buy a new stand, remove all the lights/ornaments and set it up again. Luckily, the tree survived, it has a fancy new swivel stand and Ellie is back to sleeping in her crate at night. 

two// I have approximately 3 gifts left to buy. Ohhhh yeahhhh. I have never been "done" this early in December before. Obviously, all my planning is the cause of this and I love it. I had a list for every person and I used Ebates a lot to scope out the sales, too! Not only did I save a lot of money with Cyber Weekend, I made almost $60 in cash back from Ebates and made $45 in Kohl's cash and $40 in Old Navy Super Cash. I am officially an Ebates convert (and no, that's not sponsored, I'm just so pumped about it). 

The gifts I have left to buy need to be bought here in Charlotte and I feel silly paying for shipping when I can just run across town and get it! So I should be done this weekend!

three// We have a desk decorating contest at work and my team is already killing it. Our theme is The North Pole and Polar Express. It gets pretty cutthroat around here for the contest so we're rolling it out in stages before the judging on 12/12! So far, we each have our desks decorated in the North Pole/ Winter Wonderland theme and we've got a fireplace up. Yes, a fireplace. 

I chatted with an Apple rep on Monday and he was so useless... Just constantly asking me the same questions over and over and then after 45 minutes of nothing, he makes me another appointment at the Apple Store. Cool, thanks. 

five// I have a lot of thought about the Gilmore Girls Revival. I plan on sharing them but I'll wait just a little bit longer for anyone who didn't watch it in one sitting last Friday like me... 

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have a magical, Christmas filled weekend. 


Jillian said...

wow! i cant believe you are almost done shopping! i still have quite a few to buy but i started wrapping some of our gifts! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Laura Darling said...

Oh no, I can't believe the tree fell over! Thank goodness there was minimal damage! Office decorating contests are so much fun! I hope you win. I left the iphone family last year. I got an Android and I haven't looked back once.