Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How To: DIY Christmas Wreath

Hi friends! Long time, no see! I took a little blog hiatus to truly enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. I did a guest post on Grace, Love Life last week, though, if you'd like to check it out! I got off work early Wednesday and Christian and I were able to go out for dinner and spend some time together. We spend Thursday with his family and even started off the Christmas season by watching Christmas Vacation!

Friday, all I did was watch Gilmore Girls. I have zero shame in that and I'm ready to watch it again. Saturday we got our Christmas tree from a great nursery here in Charlotte and they have AMAZING trees and prices. Our tree was chopped down Friday night and we picked it up Saturday morning - and it is HUGE. That night, we went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden with our friends and spent all day Sunday decorating. It was an amazing long weekend.

Today, I'm sharing the wreath that I whipped up on Sunday! This was seriously so easy and affordable.

The rest of this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I could receive compensation but your price does not change at all. 

- Grapevine wreath
- Christmas tree trimmings (you can get these from your own tree or most little farms/stores will let you snag some of theirs!)
- Extra trimmings of your choice
- Assorted ornaments
- Hot glue gun
- A dog to get in your way the whole time. Actually skip this one ;)

Alright, here we go. First up, gather all the supplies and heat up that hot glue gun while shooing the dog away constantly and making sure she doesn't eat the tree trimmings.

Next, arrange the tree trimmings however you like. I did mine aaaalmost halfway at the top and bottom. Glue those babies on.

Tip: Put the glue on the tree branch, not the wreath. Also, if you can tuck the trimmings into the wreath at all for extra security - do it. 

Once your tree trimmings are on, add your "flair" as I'd like to call it since I'm being super technical over here today. I had these left over from At Home last year but here are some similar options: here, here and here.

Mine had little stems, so I just tucked them in and didn't worry about glue. It all depends on what you choose!

For the final, and slightly more tedious step, glue on the ornaments. Way back when, I bought a set like this from Target and I use extras for all sorts of decorations around the house - centerpieces, hanging from a chandelier (I'll do a house tour soon!) and more. I have large, medium and small sizes that I used to create dimension and make sure all holes were covered.

Some will easily glue to the wreath, but many will need to be glued to each other. Make sure you're gluing in all the nooks and crannies so it'll stand up to all the crazy winter weather. Which for the South is 75 degrees and sunny on Christmas... ha.

And ta-da! Here you go!
We don't use a wreath holder because my husband is convinced they ruin doors. So we'll be attaching ours to the door with a command hook like this:
Have you done anything crafty yet for Christmas this year?? Do you have any ideas for my next project?

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