Friday, October 23, 2015

The best moment.

Well.. I said I would be back yesterday with the ceremony but I was a little under the weather Wednesday night and didn't get around to it! So we're doing this today! There are so many that I am absolutely IN LOVE with so narrowing it down is already proving to be quite difficult. So let me apologize in advance for the photo dump that is going to take place (and honestly, for the two that already happened this week... :)

Just a little back story on this adorable duo here. Miley was our flower girl and I was a junior bridesmaid in her mom Stacy's wedding. Stacy was a junior bridesmaid in my mom's wedding and my mom was a flower girl in Stacy's mom's wedding. I know that's a little convoluted when I type it all out, but basically it's a long standing family tradition! And we have no intentions of stopping it either. We also were able to get a great picture of all of us together :) And our ring bearer, Brody is Miley's brother and her older brother was an usher!

My mom was against Christian and I doing a first look because she said I wouldn't get the same effect walking down the aisle as I would if it was the first time he was saying me. Clearly, he was still happy to see me when I came down the aisle. AND I got those awesome pictures I shared Tuesday. 

THIS was quite the surprise. This is my friend Maggie - we cheered together in early high school and were in show choir together in late high school. She was basically in the wedding, but she just didn't have to buy the dress... she attended every wedding event (even my Bachelorette party)!

A few months before the wedding, I had mentioned to my mom and Maid of Honor that I wish I had thought to have Maggie sing at the wedding because she has the voice of an angel. It's basically a mix between Fergie and Jesus (name that movie!). Unbeknownst to me, that had already been planned...

The original plan was for her to sing during the reception, but the sound system was on the struggle and so last minute (as in while Christian and I were doing our first look) they decided it would happen during the ceremony. I was SHOCKED. As you can see from the face I give my dad. 

Now let's take a second to talk about my husband's vows. This guy right here protested for the entire YEAR we were planning our wedding about writing our own vows and I fought hard on this. I wanted to write our own. 

Well we both procrastinated the entire thing. I wrote mine the MORNING of the wedding... there are pictures of that moment...  Christian did a little bit better. He wrote his around 2am the night before. 

That guy blew us all away. He topped mine by 150%. He's not really one to share his emotions so we all expected a little "Hey, you're great. I love you. Let's be married forever" type thing. But noooo he went so far past that and I was shocked and extremely emotional as you'll see from these pictures. And yes I just published my ugly cry face on my blog.. YIKES.

Look at that! Even our minister teared up! 

And I literally started my vows with "well, after that I feel like I need a second to retwrite mine". Luckily, I still got a sniffle out of him ;) 

Instead of a unity candle or anything like that (which my mom was pushing for), we decided to write each other letters, lock them in a box and open them on our first anniversary. 

PS. We just read them on Sunday and I cried over his letter, too. Thankfully, it wasn't quite as emotional as his vows and he did predict a fluffy puppy!

I love the look we gave each other here. It's like "Whoa! We just got married! This is awesome!"

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, we got married at the beautiful and wonderful and amazing Alexander Homestead in Charlotte. It's literally an oasis in the middle of Charlotte.

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Amanda said...

Alexander Homestead is so beautiful! I went to a wedding there a few years ago and I loved it. And you looked so beautiful! Congratulations on one year of marriage :)