Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Getting Ready

Well I thought it was time (after yesterday's post) that I just dive right back into this thing. It also helps that my friend Alyssa just started a blog (go say hi!) and she's motivating me to give this another try!

We're taking baby steps this week, though, and I'm sharing all the details from our wedding. I've wanted to do this for, oh, you know, a whole year but here we are just getting around to it. Life is crazy!

Hopefully you guys love wedding pictures as much as I do and I already have some post ideas rattling around in my brain for next week!

Today, you get some pre-Ceremony and pre-first look shots!

These first shots are from getting our hair and makeup done. We got ready at mine and Christian's apartment and I'm so happy it worked out that way. I love having these pictures to look back on and see our first little home together. And I was so comfortable being in my own home. I was a nervous wreck all day (as I mentioned yesterday, it was all about everyone staring at us, not the actual marriage part!) so it was nice to have that little comforting factor!

Of course we popped some champagne when we got over to the venue to put on our dresses. Contrary to the photographic evidence below - everyone had some, not just me and Katherine! ;) 

I was trying to see Christian and Katherine (my maid of honor) was trying to forbid it! 

Then I did a first look with my bridesmaids :) 

These shots are me talking to Katherine. If she cries, I cry and vice versa. I saw her tearing up and I didn't want to cry, too, so I tried to forbid it. We see that didn't happen! 

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing the actual ceremony so please stop back by! 

Pictures: Garrett Price at Carolina Portrait Designs
Make Up for myself, Katherine and my mom: Teri-lyn Hiroshage
Hair: A wonderful friend :) 

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