Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Happy November, friends!

We are moving right along through my favorite time of the year! From about October 1st until January 2nd, I'm the happiest person on the planet. I love Fall and I love the holidays :)

Which brings us directly to this weekend....

On Friday, I worked from home and it was a glorious day spent in my PJ's, working on a new training module and playing with baby Ellie.

Friday night, a bunch of us went out to Bakersfield for drinks, queso and tacos for my friend Sam's birthday which was last Tuesday! We had some sangria pitchers, queso with chorizo and chicken tacos and I was in HEAVEN. I definitely suggest in if you're ever in Charlotte but I do suggest picking a weeknight instead of a weekend - it gets crazy!

Saturday was the day we had been preparing for... for a day or two. We were all a little lazy on getting our costumes together but they looked AWESOME. I was really proud of our DIY costumes.

But first, Kristin, Alyssa and I went to a pop up Pure Barre class with the new Pure Barre Southpark that's being opened this month by one of my favorite barre teachers at my studio (Pure Barre Ballantyne)! It was held at Southpark mall in the Athleta store. So not only did I get to lift.tone.burn before drinking our way through Charlotte, but I also got to drool over all the gorgeous workout clothes.

Pictures courtesy of Pure Barre SouthPark's Facebook page
After Pure Barre, we headed to brunch at Another Broken Egg before getting ready for the bar crawl in Uptown Charlotte.

And now, the costumes. After weeks of batting ideas around ranging from the Spice Girls, Mario Kart, a six pack of beer.... we ended on The Four Seasons. The husbands were supposed to be what Sam and I were (Fall and Winter), but sadly Christian ended up having to work. But you will see Jeremy as winter. He also won the "most comfortable costume" award since he was literally just wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. #winner

You have Winter, Spring, Summer and FALL! 

The other great part about this costume other than the fact that most of them were pretty cheap to make but we never saw a single other group dressed up in these costumes. I saw a few "basic white girl during Fall" costumes but no one else with a group and no other seasons! We were pretty proud of ourselves by the end of the night!

Oh and here's a little cameo by Boone, Alyssa's 110 pound horse dog. He's the biggest cuddle bug you have ever seen! 

We ended the night at Rooftop 210 with some pretty great views of the city!

Sunday we were all pretty thankful that time change happened Saturday night so we could all recoup some of that sleep we lost! Once we all gathered ourselves, we spent the entire day gorging ourselves on delicious food: a delightful brunch and tons of football snacks courtesy of Alyssa! 

I stole this from Alyssa 
I may or may not have ended the night snuggling with Ellie (Christian was at work, again #hospitallife), burning Fall candles and possibly watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

I hope you all had glorious weekends and you're settling into this time change and holiday season quite nicely. Go get yourself a red cup!
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Amanda said...

I so wish I would have known about that pure barre class! I live really close to South Park. I've been dying to try Pure Barre but I haven't taken the plunge yet. And your costumes are super cute!